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  1. I got a natural ES-335 last week. Like many of you have said, I can't put it down. I also have a natural 339 and regardless that it's supposedly got the same pickups, it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the 335. My 339 is for sale. I just bought some GFS Retrotron pickups for my Dot Deluxe, (Flame maple with brown sunburst) and a cherry Noah James I have is going to get humbucker size P90s. The new ES-335 is definitely my #1 now.
  2. Mine came with the letters AJ on it, not the Logo E.
  3. I just restrung it. I had put a bone saddle in mine and the note to note clarity is really good. I think I've pretty much decided to sell the EJ200 instead. True story - I bought both those guitars on a deal Guitar Center had around Christmas. It was a 20% off thing I got by email. I decided to order the J200 and got it for $159.99, but when the emailed confirmation came, it listed the AJ instead. I called them back and straightened out the problem, but a couple days later, I got shipping confirmations for both guitars. I called again and they said they had left and couldn't be stopped, but what I should do is just keep the one I wanted and call for a return label to return the one I didn't want. When I got both boxes a few days later, the first one I opened was the AJ. I liked it immediately. I liked the J too, so I called GC and said I would be happy to keep both if they would keep the 20% off price for both instead of the way it was advertised as being for just one item. They agreed, so I paid $159.99 for each guitar.
  4. I was talking to a friend this morning. He asked me how the sales of all the guitars I decided to get rid of was going. I told him about my second thought about this Epi. He said something very interesting, maybe even profound. He said he wondered if why I liked this guitar so much is because it doesn't have a very distinct personality. The Martins are boomy. The Taylors are brighter and balanced. The Epi is neither. Call it generic if you like, but it's in the middle and seems to satisfy pretty much no matter what. It's an interesting idea. I also have a J200 model and it's more boomy with the bigger body. Since it leans towards the Martin side of things, maybe I'll sell that one instead and keep the AJ.
  5. It's pretty funny how close your example is to my serial number. It's 12042306314, so it was made in 2012, April, in Indonesia and was the 6314th made. A potential buyer asked where it was made and when I speculated China, he refused to buy a Chinese product. I'll email him now to say Indonesia and see what he says. On the other hand, I'm having second thoughts. I played it a while last night and I just don't know whether I really want to sell it. I have Martins and Taylors, but for some reason, this guitar still sounds and feels good to me.
  6. This is weird... I have my Epi AJ220 for sale on Craigslist and soneone asked me where it was made. I presume it's from China, but it actually doesn't say, neither on the interior label nor on any sticker on the back of the headstock. I also have an EJ200 and it doesn't say either. Can anyone tell me for certain where these guitars were made?
  7. My design would be a 345 with wider spacing between the pickups. A honeyburst finish like my Les Paul would be perfect. Plain dot inlays. Coil split on the bridge. A Fishman power bridge for acoustic tones would be a nice touch.
  8. Try Terrapin Island. I got a truss rod cover with my name on it for my Epi AJ220 and it fit perfectly. Terrapin Island
  9. I tried some of his Strat pickups many years ago in his early days. They were OK, but I don't remember being thrilled by them. And I totally agree that better pickups deserve good quality pots, switches and wiring. It's a total waste to put good pickups in a guitar and leave in cheap foreign electronics.
  10. No, I haven't tried any Seth Lover pickups. I've been a fan of Bill Lawrence pickups and I didn't like some Lindy Fralin pickups I once tried in a Telecaster. Other than that, I haven't experienced too much in the way of boutique pickups. At my age, I don't invest much at all in electric guitars. My guitar interests lie 90% in acoustic, so my electrics are just toys. I have 2 Gibsons, 1 Fender which is for sale, but everything else is less expensive, like Epiphones or SX guitars from Rondo. I'm happy enough with what I have and when I feel like messing around with my electrics, stuff like GFS pickups is about as far as I'm likely to go these days.
  11. I was thinking about this thread a little while ago while I paid some bills and sort of stared at my 2 ES335 looking guitars. I had the pickups juggled into very different positions to make the guitars sound differently from one another, so I did a little experiment. I tried my best to set the pickups to as identical heights as I could make them and then played a little through a Fender Pro Junior. The GFS pickups in the SX guitar were still more clear note to note. The original Epi pickups in the Dot Deluxe were a bit muddy until I raised the bridge and lowered the neck back where I had them before. They regained the warmth on the neck and the piercing tone on the bridge, but I guess I realize I still prefer the GFS pups. Part of this also might have to do with volume. The Epi pups aren't as hot as the GFS pups and for my needs, (just playing at home), the GFS work better at lower volumes than the Epi pups do. I don't know if they would reverse my opinion at high volumes, but I've seen single coils I liked one way and not the other, so I guess anything is possible. The best at low volume, in my opinion, is the Gibson 490 set in my Gibson SG Faded. I wonder what they would be like in a hollow guitar?
  12. You upgraded to very good pickups of a very consistent and known quality. The results you are enjoying are certainly worth what you paid for. In the case of less expensive pickups, there are a lot of useless cheap pieces of equipment out there, but there are a few places that sell well made, inexpensive pickups with sound very similar to the high quality factory originals. Those places, like GFS, (otherwise known as Guitar Fetish), get known by word of mouth among the guitar playing community. Via internet forums, they get known pretty quickly too. As for my original question, I don't believe the Epiphone pickups going back about 3 years ago were anywhere near as good as the Gibson pickups, but I've gotten the impression that Epiphone has upped their game a whole lot in the past couple years. My original Dot was OK, but the GFS pickups I put in it were better. I sold that guitar and recently bought a Dot Deluxe from a friend in another forum. It's not just gold hardware and a flame maple top that makes the difference. This guitar feels and sounds very differently. I'm convinced the pickups are closer to 57 Classics than anything Epi has made before. I also have a very inexpensive Rondo Music SX hollow body the same ES335 shape. When I first got it, I messed with pickup heights looking for 3 distinct tones by just flipping the switch. I didn't feel I was getting it, so I pulled out the old GFS pickups and put them in it. Honestly, in this case, it must be something to do with the structure of the guitar or the other electronics because they didn't improve it. In fact, I'm not totally sure I didn't prefer the original pickups regardless of the lack of difference between the neck and both setting tones. I'm trying to get in touch with a local luthier who I'd like to rebuild it with American made guts, but using whichever pickups he and I can decide upon, maybe a combination of one from one set and one from the other.
  13. I don't know if my Dot Deluxe has new or old pickups, but I love it the way it is too. I have another 335 looking guitar, an inexpensive DX model from Rondo. This thread has been pretty helpful in deciding what to upgrade on that guitar too.
  14. Mine is identical. Obviously, you can take from that statement that I bought it. (I'm sooooooo weak!) Like ricoblues said, it's a great blues guitar, but there's a difference here between the P90s on my LP and the dog ear P90s on my Epi Wildkat. They compliment each other in an unusual way. Set high to low, the pickups in the LP are never as raw and mean as the dog ears. While they have a definite edge, they still have a dignified smoothness to them. Down a bit and they are absolutely creamy for blues more like a humbucker tone. Low, they take on a jangle like a Strat single coil. Then, take all that and compliment it with the various amp models through my Vox DA5 and as a buddy of mine would say, "You got a ton o'tones there." I'll say something no guitar player wants to hear, but as crazy as I am, loving that I have a selection of things to play, this is one guitar you could use for almost everything. The main accessory would just be a small screwdriver.
  15. In Florida, if you trade in a guitar and don't have the original receipt to prove you bought it, (or if you don't trade it back to the same store where you bought it so they have it in the computer), the store in Florida is required to hold it for 30 days in case the police come looking for stolen merchandise. I don't know if they are required to send anything like a description or serial number to the police and I don't know if the police circulate anything to the stores, but I've bought three used guitars I had to wait for while they cleared police hold. I've never heard of a guitar being caught on the police lists of stolen merchandise, but I'm sure it must happen.
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