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  1. I can see why you're disappointed. Obviously I don't know what you paid or who did the work but that's not what I'd expect from a professional luthier. Sorry this went the way it did for you.
  2. Hmmm. Need to give the Sunbeams a try. I've bounced back and forth between lights and mediums and am now using Martin light-mediums as a compromise. I like the easier string bends of lighter strings but the thump of heavier ones. Sounds like the DR's may come close to the best of both.
  3. Excellent point. As another non-singer, that's something I look for, as well.
  4. Yup, that's the one. It was a great event.
  5. Yeah, I'm another fan of RGD. I had the good fortune to attend a seminar and concert a couple of months ago that focused on the Reverend's music and featured Elijah Wald, Stefan Grossman, Ernie Hawkins, and Jorma Kaukanen. It was a great evening. Ernie, as it turns out, has a Ph.D. in philosophy. Elijah talked about the background of Davis's music and played a bit. The others talked a bit and played a whole bunch. I also took part in a workshop a few months ago that Roy Book Binder -- another Gary Davis deciple -- offered. Roy taught us a lot of Davis's "bag of tricks" for playing in
  6. Thanks for the compliment, jchabalk. If EuroAussie or anyone else wants to use it for a poster, they have my blessing.
  7. (continued) That argument falls flat when you consider the numbers and quality of Taylor and Martin (which are basically machined and assembled and not "luthiered" as Gibsons are, but still....I think people who buy Gibsons are looking for a sound and accept the imperfections as the "character" of a gibson, how else to explain it?

  8. Devellis....I really appreciated you post about QC at Gibson..... I agree with you totally....When a Gibson costs as much as a Collings, Bourgeois, Huss & Dalton (and to some extent Santa Cruz) who consistantly put out virtually flawless guitars, THAT is the big question. Let's say it's impossible to put out flawless guitars with thwe numbers tha Gibson produces???

  9. Interesting discussion. As an owner of several brands of guitar, I have a slightly different take. I agree that the Gibson tone isn't for everyone and that some people just hear a different sound in their heads and unless a guitar produces that sound exactly, it's considered a dud. I also agree that some dealerships don't represent Gibson guitars at their best for a variety of reasons that have been mentioned here, including old strings and hoards of passers-through pawing instruments that they have no intention of buying. I love my SJ-200. It took me a while to get one I liked but I d
  10. Outstanding playing! I really enjoyed listening to it.
  11. Very well said and I agree. The one thing I would add is that a tortoise shell pick is very easy to hold and control. Some picks have a tendency to rotate ot shift position in your hand. Tortoise isn't sticky or anything, but it has a way of sort of adhering to your fingers that no other material quite matches. I think they're definitely better than synthetic picks but not enough better to offset the down-sides of their use. I still have one around somewhere but I have other picks that are synthetic and nearly as good -- good enough not to worry about rummaging around to find the tortoise
  12. Fuller's in Houston and Dave's in LaCrosse, WI are great dealers with large inventories who are willing to offer good, competitive prices. There are fewer Gibson than Martin dealers, so I suspect there may be more room for haggling with Martins but the two I mentioned will sell Gibsons for fair prices appreciably below MAP and in the neighborhood of 60% of MSRP.
  13. So the real question is, will some rocket scientist look at the picture, not read the article, and end up putting 5 strap buttons on a guitar? If you think no one could do something that dumb, here's a story. My niece is a physician and one of the nurses she works with was planning a trip and asked my niece if there was anything she should do to stay healthy and comfortable during the long flight involved. My niece has often bought Ocean, which is a brand of saline nose spray and used it on long flights to keep the inside of her nose from getting all dried out and she passed on the sugge
  14. I did this on a 1945 Martin 0-17T. Nice guitar and the button position works well on it. No relevance to your situation, unfortunately.
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