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  1. lol, i have the same dream too. then i wake up
  2. most of worn or "relic" guitars i have seen. look more like they where shipped without a box. they cant reproduce the natural worn look.
  3. every time i record alone i talk to myself. i dont feel alone now, and a little less psycho.
  4. thank god for the bell to wake me up to know when to move on to the next desk.
  5. i think it gives it a more of a hand built guitar look, than the mass produced prefect poly finishes.
  6. i set mine where its comfortable for me. ive had people say its too low or too high. i usually tell them they dont have to play it. one friend has an ibanez sable he has the action so low i cant play it
  7. hp touch screen, i like the pc except when fly a landed on the screen the other day. and changed the web site i was reading.
  8. i hope everything is fine. my mom just went thu a urinary track infection. and the pain she went thru was bad
  9. first time ive seen one, id like to see a better pic of that weird neck joint.
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