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  1. nice i make a comment on that stand and i get called names like that.
  2. looks like a fold up lawn chair that i have plans in a book. and the wood looks like pressure treated lumber from home depot. hope you didnt pay too much for it. i modified the plans i have and built a pa stand, that looked allot like that (i hope your joking about buying that)
  3. my epi trad pro weighs in at 8 lbs even. i thought the epis where not weight relieved. i have seen some weight relieved Gibsons weigh more
  4. thanks for accepting the friend request


  5. Thanks for the friend man. Nice to meet you. Andy

  6. Ive been trying to think of something positive to add to this but cant, a guitar gets it mojo over time. the whole new relic guitar looks like they just skimped on shipping materials.
  7. what do you guys think about the gotw and gotm series. investments or just players?
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