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  1. Hi, I'm considering buying a KRAMER Striker 211 through internet shopping (unfortunately, no reseller nearby). As I won't be able to try the guitar before I buy it, could anyone tell me a bit more about the neck? What's its shape and thickness (and radius) like? I used to use Ibanez and feel confortable using thin, flat necks. Thanks, Larry
  2. Thanks to all of you for your answers. Will definitely have to have a try next time I visit a music store. Larry
  3. Hi, sorry to ask such a newbie's question, but I haven't had the opportunity to try a SG yet: does the strap button hurt the belly when playing a SG? I'm used to play strat-like guitars, with strap button on the horn. I've never played any guitar with strap button located on the back of the instrument. I'm wondering if it induces any pain or discomfort. Thanks Larry
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