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  1. Which models have the sticker, (signed by the luthier that built the guitar) in the treble tone hole? Thanks, El G
  2. Elmer, it is totally ruined. You had better send it to me. I will pay the shipping. :D El G
  3. Jab, how did you get your L4 CES with one pick up? Was that a custom order? El G
  4. Very nice. There was one in San Diego, for a good price. El G
  5. Jab, I agree. My interest is in the oddity. If it could be an "authentic" custom 165. That would be nice. I have invested too much energy, as it is. Besides, there is a L5 Signature on ebay. El G
  6. Thanks, but this guitar was built before the ES-165 Plus. The owner claims that the sticker says, "ES-165 Custom." The headstock does not say "Herb Ellis", or have a crown. I wasted yesterday, researching this guitar. El G
  7. I just spoke to the owner. The sale did not go through. It is a ES-165 Custom. Hard to judge the value. El G
  8. The guitar in question, is an authentic ES-165. Serial # 91472359 But, it was custom ordered with dual pick-ups. Did Gibson make a ES-165, that was not a Herb Ellis? If so, what are the exact specs for the 165? (woods) Thanks, El G
  9. There is a dealer in Santa Monica. Maybe, I will check it out. El G
  10. I will do the, A/B test tomorrow. Thanks, El G
  11. Yes, it closed last night. El G
  12. Jazz, I am both. Beyond that, my main instrument is sax. B flat El G
  13. No, I appreciate the reply. Now, I do not have to search for those beauties. El G
  14. Beautiful guitars... I saw your guitars, on a different forum. Thank you El G
  15. Beautiful guitar. I agree, hold on to it. If you can. If you must part with it. Which is a difficult decision. This is a soft market. I am not fond of ebay. Private sales (craigslist) can be scary. Considering the value of the item. Maybe consignment, with a reputable dealer/store. El G
  16. I am thinking about acquiring one of these beauties. Please share your input. El G
  17. Again, thanks for the compliments. The collection is growing. I think a L5 Signature, may be next. El G
  18. I am really digging it. Sounds and plays very well. Thanks, Gordon
  19. I want a nice, sunburst RD Artist guitar. Let me know. El G
  20. Thanks, that was my concern. What to do, with the third pick up? El G.
  21. Does anyone have experience with these models? El G
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