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  1. I got mine in January this year. I couldn't imagine wanting to have or play another.
  2. I looked at all the J's and liked them all. When I tried the j45 custom redwood, I knew right away that this wand had picked this wizard. I can't put mine down.
  3. I got my J45 custom rosewood n January and it came with a set of strings, a key ring pick thingy, and an owner' manual. On the back page is the check list signed by a Gibson employee. It has the 12th fret info hand written.
  4. Wow!! I'm glad I was able to get my J45 custom rosewood from MFG when the getting was good.
  5. It didn't seem that thinly veiled to me. Of course I'm eternally grateful that someone of his stature would actually give one lonely J45 his approval to actually play rather than just use them all for canoe oars. We have another thread about the J15. Several people said they liked every one they tried. My quest for a new guitar took me few years. I tried every "J" guitar that came in to my local GC. I thought every one was good. The wand finally picked this wizard when I tried my first J45 rosewood. My point is that I probably approved of a dozen guitars that should be spared the canoe; not 1
  6. I've got a 73 J45. It finally needed so much work that I broke down and got me a J45 custom rw. What I didn't know until recently is that my guitar has a long scale. This makes it almost like a D18. It still sounds good. The over built bracing probably got me through times of too many hot car trunks when I didn't know any better. I got it from the original owner in '75.
  7. Can you say what was done? I've got a new J45 custom that I'm waiting for a week or 2 for a set up. Although this seems to be already very playable and done to Gibson specs, I think I'll prefer my action a little higher.
  8. My '73 J45 was needing more repair than it was worth so I've been looking for over a year for a new guitar. I never really saw anything (with in reason) that I thought was enough upgrade over what I was playing. Then I tried a j45 custom redwood and I knew my search was over. I've had it for a week and it's every thing I need. I've bluegrass jammed it and it holds up fine. It's finger picker's dream IMHO.
  9. I don't believe the J45 custom rosewood is a "custom built" guitar and thus no custom sticker on back of headstock. The one I just got has no such sticker.
  10. soao


    I can't imagine any guitar every being prettier than that one. WOW!!
  11. I would think a new J45 is more than worth one tongue-lashing and a night in the doghouse; maybe even 2.
  12. The San Jose GC now finally has all three. I liked every one of them. If the cost is not an issue, it's still hard to pick one out of the 3. I'd say the 35 is the thinner one. The 29 is the fuller one and the 15 is right in the middle; just like I hoped it would be. I don't know if the 3 have the same neck profile or not. I think the 15 played better and easier. I think I could line up 3 guitars of the same model and have the same subtle differences I found with the 15, 29 and 35. They are all very nice guitars. I didn't use a capo on either guitar.
  13. For you poor folks that didn't grow in the Bay Area in the 60's, there is hope. There is a broadway play called "One Night With Janis" now playing in New York. We were lucky enough that it opened up in a small venue in San Jose before it took off in the Big Apple. I haven't seen anything I enjoyed more in a long long time. The gal that plays Janis is insanely talented; just like Janis was. She did every song you wanted to hear. If this tours by your town, see it.
  14. I used to tell my wife that I was going to go outside and jump on my jumbo. That was and still is refereed as "Bo" as in jumbo. It's a j45
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