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  1. Epiphone's own product page says to use their 940-E339 case (or EpiLite 940-E339HG hardwire gig bag). Anyone who says this won't fit in a 339-size case is wrong - like the Amazon customer answer that doesn't seem to know that Casino Coupe is a smaller model.
  2. Sharing photos would go a long way. A maple back with stripe should be a 1991. Does the USED stamp obscure a serial number, or is there none at all? There should be a label in the sound hole, also. A white label would cover the original serial number with a new serial number that may not follow the usual conventions to allow it to be dated.
  3. This is the first cell phone I've had with an actual phone-ringing sound, so I use that.
  4. I like those inlays... I can see myself getting one if they're in the $500-$800 range. I did see an original (90s) Epiphone today, coincidentally.
  5. For £400, you're not going to get many US guitars... the low-end full-sized Taylor is £440.
  6. I've always used Finale, though some people prefer Sibelius. Both sides claim they have features the other doesn't, but to me, they both work about the same.
  7. I saw Barenaked Ladies a few weeks ago, and the people behind me were loud, drunk, and clearly knew nothing about the band other than "If I Had $1,000,000." Kevin Hearn (the keyboard/accordion/guitar player) walked out with a guitar (he had been playing piano so far) to do a song that he wrote and sings. The people behind me seemed angry, shouting "Who are you?" I had a strong desire to tell them that he had been in the band for fifteen years, but didn't. At some point towards the end of the concert, I turned around, and they were gone.
  8. I've wanted to change my Casino over to black for quite a while now, but since I'm happy with the sound (other than one scratchy pot), I've always put my limited money into other more essential things. Soon it will happen.
  9. It's an Emperor thinline. Carl Perkins (of "Blue Suede Shoes" fame) took up the lead guitar spot with Johnny Cash when his original guitar player, Luther Perkins (no relation), died. I don't know what amp he used, but that guitar was loud and mean on the At San Quentin album.
  10. I saw someone on eBay selling carved Telecaster bodies for a very good price... I considered one then, but didn't buy any. I may in the future, if I see something I like.
  11. School always started on Thursday for me - generally the first one after Labor Day. Last year parents in one district were outraged that the school was starting on Monday, because it was interfering with their vacation plans.
  12. I believe Gibson. There aren't many available used - no matter how nice they are, people are still going to be selling them. At $1200, a lot of people would rather have a Les Paul Studio with a Gibson logo than a Les Paul Custom with an Epiphone logo. The Casino is still in production because it sells. The Casino is most likely one of Epiphone's top sellers. There are plenty of people who want a higher-end Casino, and would rather have an Epiphone than an ES-330 (which wasn't an option until recently).
  13. The problem with changing Casino pickups is that you're limited to what will fit in that space. There are a few dogear mini-humbuckers available, but I forget who makes them. I'll see if I can find the list I made. [EDIT] I did find it. These are all of the aftermarket pickups I found that you can install in an archtop guitar without doing anything irreversible. P-90s, hum-cancelling P-90s, and humbuckers are all included. Your choices are: Seymour Duncan Alnico Staple Pickup Dog-ear Mini Humbucker Stacked P-90 Antiquity P-90 Jason Lollar P-90 50s Wind P-90 Underwound P-90 Overwound P-90 Guitar Fetish Alnico Vintage P-90, Cream Alnico Vintage P-90, Black Gibson P-90 Lindy Fralin Hum-cancelling P-90 Rio Grande Bluesdawg, Black Bluesdawg, Creme Jazzdawg, Black Jazzdawg, Creme Baby Dawgbucker Teeny Dawgbucker
  14. That's the question - other companies have made tablets, and none have been successful. Is the iPad successful because it's Apple, or because of how Apple has designed it? I don't have one, but will probably get one eventually. Probably when the second generation model is released (which I assume will be spring), I'll get one. Money is preventing me from buying one now. It's small, it's light. I have a computer, and I have a smartphone, but I don't want to carry my computer around all the time, and when I do, I use it for the Internet. I have my phone, but it's small and uncomfortable for any extended use. The way I see it (and the way I practice, to an extent), the phone is for small things - looking up numbers and addresses, etc. The iPad is for light web browsing and games away from home. A notebook computer is for people who need a full computer, but in a portable package. A desktop is for those who need the extra power it can provide. If I had my way, I'd have a Mac Pro at home for daily work - from web browsing to music and film editing. I'd also have a MacBook Pro that would have a mirrored hard drive - so the same data is on both computers. There are times I need to do things outside of home, but want access to the same system. Below that, I'd have an iPad for entertainment when I'm not carrying the MacBook Pro (which is most days). I'd also have a smartphone (iPhone or not - I have a Palm Pre Plus that I love right now) for phone and light data. A lot of people I know are working the same way - a desktop at home, or a notebook they only bring out on occasion, a netbook, and a phone (smartphone or not). I'm not a netbook fan, so I won't go that route. If I could find the software that would mirror the hard drives on two Macs, I'd buy a MacBook for the radio station. There are a lot of times we want to do remote broadcasts (this is a college station), but we can't take the station computer out. I end up using my own computer, but we lose access to all of the music in the station. It doubles the number of people we need to run events.
  15. It's possible you just can't see the serial number. If the stamp only pressed lightly, and then it was finished in a dark colour, they aren't always easy to read. If it weren't for the label inside, I don't know if I could read the serial number on my J-45.
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