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  1. They aren't based on a 1959. They have all the specs of a 1962, but with the headstock badge that was used until 1961. It's entirely possible that a few were made in a transitional period that match these exactly.
  2. If you're still deciding what to do with it and think that Bigsby has devalued it, I'll generously take it off your hands and cover what you put into it so you can put this whole experience behind you.
  3. That's not good, but it's also not bad enough yet. The solution is a neck reset, which is a very expensive repair. I wouldn't do anything until it impacts the playability of the guitar. If you bought it new, you could start a warranty claim right away.
  4. I've seen quite a few of these, but this is the first in sunburst. I'm surprised that it's a Gibson-style teardrop, rather than Epiphone's typical (at least in the Kalamazoo era that these were meant to replicate) edge burst
  5. For reference, my USA Texan has a date stamp of February 14, 2020, and was on the shelf at my local store around March 10. I assume that means the Casino is farther along the process than my Texan was at this stage, since the stamp happens before finishing.
  6. $2500 is more of a "mint condition" price, but a late 50s LG-1 in good condition is not an $800 guitar. $800 gets you one with no bridge or extra holes in the top. $1500 gets one with reasonable repairs.
  7. It's a 1957-1961. If it's an LG-1, it's about $2500. If it's an LG-2, about $3500. There's no way to tell from these photos.
  8. $500 is incredible for this. I've watched a few of them (for being very limited, I've seen a surprising number for sale recently), and they routinely sell for $2500-3000.
  9. That's a 1993 Nashville USA Collection Riviera. If you put the serial number into an Epiphone dating system, it will tell you 1991, but if you put it in a Gibson system, it will say 1993. These tools aren't referencing a database, they are deciphering a code. Any post-1970 USA-made Epiphone has to be treated as a Gibson. Gibson actually has a record of individual serial numbers and guitars, so they can likely confirm that this is a cherry Riviera shipped in 1993. If you bought it for the price of a 90s imported Riviera, I'm very jealous. I wish I could find sellers who don't believe
  10. That's not at all surprising. You'll find semi-hollows, especially from that era, with the serial number only on the headstock, only on the label, or on both.
  11. Epiphone recently made a 1966 Century and offered a vintage-style case for it. They are both discontinued, but neither are impossible to find. I believe the (original, non-cutaway) Granada will fit in that Century case, with the advantage of looking like it's from the 60s. (This is the grey case with blue lining, not the Masterbilt Century acoustic case). Otherwise, any arched-top ES-335-style case should fit - not a flat-top version like the Guardian you bought or the older Epiphone cases. I like the Gator Journeyman series.
  12. I think it's an Apollo. That was a model produced for export to Britain, so it is more likely to be found in Europe than other models. However, it is believed that they were actually produced by Regal (Lyon & Healy) in Chicago, not by Epiphone in New York.
  13. Hello pohatu771 have a EPIPHONE C40 acoustic guitar serial no 8807000036 someone told me it was a rare type i just wondered if was right thanks

    1. pohatu771


      It was made in Korea, probably in 1988 based on that serial number. It's definitely not common, but I don't think its rarity corresponds with desirability.  There was one sold on eBay for $155; the same seller is using the same photos to try and sell it for $650. I think $150 is probably a reasonable price.

  14. I've seen that one as well. I even talked to someone at Philadelphia Woodworks (just a couple blocks away), but they didn't know anything. I figured someone might know of some woodworking history in the neighborhood.
  15. My dealer showed me an email about a month ago with a March 30 official release date (in store slightly earlier, as was the case with the Adam Jones Les Paul), but said yesterday that it was mid-April.
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