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  1. I'm glad the Riviera is actually a Riviera, instead of just a fancy ES-335. They have all the parts, let's get a proper Sheraton out again - maybe an early 60s version with the short headstock.
  2. Remember when I was asking about about cases that would fit my Gibson LG-0, and I was strangely-intent on buying an Epiphone-branded case? Here's the real reason. I've been looking for a Cortez since the spring, and after missing a few, I've watched the price continue to rise. One night in September, though, I found this 1964 example on Guitar Center's vintage section. It had one photo, condition listed as "good," and disclosure of a lifting bridge. Not a shock for any mid-60s Gibson with a plastic bridge. It was listed for about what they sold for in the spring. I had it shipped to my local store (where it came in a nice Martin case that I'll re-sell). When I got home, though, I had some questions. There was a potential headstock break in progress, a top crack coming off one of the bridge studs, another one coming off the fretboard extension, and some internal rattling. I took it to my local luthier for an inspection, and that revealed at least two loose braces. Guitar Center's tech offered to send it to their specialist (a luthier in a nearby city), but a couple hours later called again and said they couldn't do it. I went back in to pick it up, and then to return it, but after a few phone calls to various regional managers, the store refunded me enough that I could get it repaired on my own. 45 days later, I picked it up again, with the complete list of repairs: replaced bridge, replaced bridge pad (the original was de-laminating), all top braces re-glued, one back brace re-glued, top cracks repaired, and the potential headstock crack found to just be two poorly-placed scratches. It's now about as close to a brand new guitar as you can get with 56 years of scratches. I removed (most of) the logo from the Masterbilt Century Olympic case and stenciled on the 60s logo. "
  3. For future reference, so that no one stumbles upon this thread without a definitive answer in a decade like I often do... I ordered the Epiphone Masterbilt Century Olympic case. It's not quite as nice as I was hoping - it's a bit flimsier than the Canadian TKL cases and the fake leather feels faker. It's not a noticeable enough downgrade to return it, but I do occasionally wish I had just ordered the Gibson version for more money. The photos are often minimal on the different sites, so be aware that the interior lid has an Epiphone logo cut into the lining. My 1965 LG-0 fits. The upper bout is tight and the lower bout is loose, but with some time in the case the padding will compress and it will be a very secure fit. There are about three extra inches from the top of the Gibson headstock (unlike another case I have that fits the LG-0 perfectly, with no room for anything longer), so you could put whatever slightly-longer guitars you come across in it.
  4. Interesting. The Wilshire, Coronet, Crestwood, and Riviera - all of what might be an Epiphone Originals collection, except the USA Casino that had already been announced - were removed.
  5. I had just watched an older Riviera on an auction site a few days earlier. I'm almost definitely buying a Wilshire. I wish they did the white finish on it. The only way I'm not is if I can play a Crestwood and like it better. I wish I had a reason to buy one of the exclusive Casinos. I want that Worn Olive Drab version, but there's no reason to have that as well as my Korean Casino and the new USA version I'm buying as soon as it comes in.
  6. Interesting about the Hummingbird. That one isn't on the site yet.
  7. Double binding makes it definitely not an LG-0.
  8. American Musical has new Fall 2020 models available on their site: Emperor Swingster (Delta Blue Metallic, Forest Green Metallic) Wilshire (Cherry, Ebony) Coronet (Cherry, Ebony) Crestwood Custom (Cherry, Polaris White) Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty Les Paul Custom Riviera (Sparkling Burgundy, Royal Tan) 1959 Les Paul Standard (Aged Dark Burst, Aged Dark Cherry Burst) Exclusive 1959 Les Paul Standard (Aged Southern Fade) USA Casino (Royal Tan, Vintage Burst Nancy Wilson Fanatic Like the USA Texan and Casino, which have the 1963 and earlier headstock, the other historic models are using an early headstock which Gibson inherited from New York/Philadelphia Epiphone parts. At NAMM, some Casinos had chrome covers and some had black, leading to some questions - it turns out, the Royal Tan gets chrome, while Vintage Burst gets black. They also have some new exclusives: Casino (Worn Ebony, Worn Blue Denim, Worn Olive Drab) - at a shockingly-low $450. ES-335 (Iced Tea, Olive Drab Green)
  9. Where (and in which country) are you trying to buy it? In the US, Guitar Center and Musician's Friend have it in stock online and Sweetwater has a demo available at a discount with more on order. In the UK, Anderton's, Guitar Guitar, and Bonner's (the cheapest) all have it.
  10. That model was made between 1970 and 1979, and the label reduces it to 1971-1975. They initially used leftover labels from Kalamazoo, which read "Union Made" and had "Made in Japan" added to them. Once those ran out, they printed new labels in the same style, with "Made in Japan" included.
  11. Guitar Center only carries one I'm considering (and neither of the Epiphone models), or I'd do that. I currently have it in an inexpensive classical case that I think was sold as Musician's Gear (a decade ago). It did surprise me that Gibson markets their case as for the L-00 and LG-2, because the L-00 is bigger on the bottom and smaller at the top. It doesn't seem like one case would fit both comfortably. How long is the Olympic, compared to your LG-1 and Caballero? I know I'm overcomplicating this, but the case with my Texan is so much nicer than the cases I have other guitars in. I actually ordered the Gibson J-45 case (the same build, but different colors, as far as I can tell) to upgrade my J-45.
  12. I'm on an unusual quest for a hardshell case right now, and, of course, it's something uncommon that isn't in my multiple local stores to test. After buying my Texan, I've come to appreciate the quality of the case. I'm now trying to upgrade the very basic classical-sized case of my Gibson LG-0, which has the same body as the recent Epiphone Caballero reissue. Gibson offers a case they advertise for the L-00 and LG-2, but it's a bit expensive and not in stock anywhere That one is a dark brown with black interior. The case Epiphone advertises for the EL-00 appears to be the same quality, but has a black exterior with a brown accent and a grey interior. I've seen people selling Caballeros in this case, and Gibson offers one case for their equivalent models, so I'm confident it is a good-enough fit. I've also just seen the Masterbilt Century-branded case for the Olympic model. From the photo, it looks like the same case with nicer decoration, and I know the lower bout of the Olympic is the same size as an LG/Caballero. Does anyone own, or have access to, this case and some Gibson or Epiphone LG-sized guitar to confirm that it fits? I would just buy it from Guitar Center and return in store if it doesn't fit, but they don't even offer it.
  13. This is actually a 5102T, not an EA-250. The EA-250 has more traditiona, Gibson-style humbuckers, while the 5102T has these "double-coil" pickups. That said ,this one isn't actually an Epiphone. These were made by Matsumoku under a variety of brands, including Epiphone when Gibson first sent production to Japan. Epiphone models had a wider headstock, and the logo was screened on. I've seen Aria, Lyle, and Dio brands, but the only one with a screwed-on badge roughly the size I've seen is Aria Diamond.
  14. As others have said, it's a G-400 SG Standard Flame Maple. There are currently none for sale on Reverb, but recent sales have averaged about $300. There are no recent sales in the UK, so I don't know how that might impact the price.
  15. Are you sure we're talking about the same guitar? The listing I was watching (and still have saved) was 71/500 with an Epiphone Montana label, Gibson serial number, and Made In USA stamp. I have a 1965 Gibson LG-0, and an early 60s FT-45 Cortez is at the top of my acoustic wishlist right now.
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