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  1. Agree - the 160 gets very little attention these days - maybe it’s because it’s been out of regular production for a while. I have a 2008 solid top versh and it is well loved as an electric guitar played through a Vox. Being a Fabs/Lennon nut it sits alongside my Ric 325 Miami and gives me loads of fun thrashing through those early songs! 


  2. I just took delivery a few weeks ago of the new Masterbilt version released at the same time. I have the Peter Frampton one and had the I.B. 1964 one too - the Masterbilt is far superior to both of those - I can’t justify the USA one as my J45 TV is the best acoustic I’ve ever played. 

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  3. I took delivery of a new Masterbilt Texan last Friday. I also have the Peter Frampton one and have had 3 IB 1964 versions over the years. I always wanted one with more solid wood and bought the Frampton model but I can honestly say all these pale in comparison to this new Masterbilt version. The build quality is flawless and the main thing noticeable is the quality of sound - improved bass, ringing mids and trebles are amazing. I also have a J45Tv and 2 Martins and this new Masterbilt is getting near that quality. I will try the USA version when I get a chance but doubt it will replace my J45. Anyway - don’t scrimp - the Masterbilt is miles ahead worth the extra cost

  4. Thanks Forty ears - yes its a 2014 J45 TV. I am UK based and its not often these come up in mint and unaltered condition. My J160 will need to go soon and my current J45 is the standard. This may go next year as I trim the herd. I can hardly wait to get the TV and just play the hell out of it.

  5. That's the song that got Crosby kicked out The Byrds. He wanted that on Notorious Byrd Brothers - they went with Goin'Back and he bolted. Check out The Byrds version - sublime 👍🏻

  6. Thanks guys. Guitar is exactly as ThemisSal has just described. Still nice shiny surface - seems to be in the wood. I'm leaving it as is - too busy playing it - it's not really bad - top will colour up in time. I've had X series Martins, D28's, road series, 16's and more. This HD28 and my new D18 standard from last year are the best Martins I've ever played. Next up is to get the J45 Standard upgraded with bone nut n saddle. Thanks to all who replied.

  7. Got myself a fab HD-28 a few weeks back. It's a 2014 in the natural colour. Only defect on this is the previous owner must have had 'alien' sweat or something as there is a very light blue haze on the upper bout where his arm has leaned over and sweated through his shirt (i'm assuming). I'm used to this on guitars and can normally buff this off with the usual stuff - but not this time.


    Over the past few weeks, in small amounts, i've tried Virtuoso polish, naptha, Martin polish, T Cut etc to no avail.


    Any other trade secrets?...or do I just 'sweat it out' so to speak and it'll fade as the top matures?


    Other than that she's a beaut and perfect in every way. Cheers in advance.

  8. Out On The Weekend, Harvest, Heart Of Gold, Needle and the damage done, old man, old laughing lady, harvest moon, from hank to hendrix....and on and on....all get a regular blast from my D18, J45 or D35. He truly is a trailblazer who does things his way. Anyone interested should check out the biography Shakey..its fantastic

  9. Just noticed another price increase on new Martins at my local authorised dealer in Glasgow, Scotland. That's 2 increases in the last 3 months. My new D35 was £1899 when i bought it in August last year (I got discount off that price). Today the D35 new is £2445 ( a standard D28 is now £2299). That's a helluva increase. In comparison a new J45 is currently £1499 but if you want the 2017 standard pre-order is £1899. Is this across the board or is this Brexit/Dollar against the pound? Hmmm...At least my pride and joys are all up in value as well I suppose.

  10. I hate the Corporate side of them. They're like A trade mark and have been for years. The greed took over as the money rolled in. I listen to 'em every week bit it's always 63 to 72. They lost relevance for me after that. They"re releasing a new blues-based album soon so hopefully it will be a return to roots so to speak.

  11. Looking forward to it and love him. I noticed during the week he had another pop at the fabs saying they couldn't cut it as a live band. Always feel they were in awe of the Beatles success and it grates on them to this day. I hate way they've tried to write Brian Jones out of the story. If it wasn't for his passion at the start him n Mick would never have made it out of that Edith Grove flat they nearly rotted in.

  12. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=262277484081&globalID=EBAY-GB


    Above link shows one in very nice comdition for sale here in the UK at the moment with spec you are looking for.


    I had the x-braced solid top version 2012 for a few years before resorting back to a J45 Standard. The beefy neck was a negative for me due to small fingers.


    You will be better using a 62 spec as an electric with flatwound or nickel electric strings to get the Fabs sound. Be warned - it will not sound that fab played unplugged.


    Hope this helps.

  13. I have both these models (both 2014) and use custom light 11 guage Elixir Phosphor Bronze. I have small hands/fingers and recently switched from Elixir 12's to 11's. I found no compromise in tone, bass or volume on both of these. It's easier for me to now play barre chords and has more zing. Both play like butter. I went from 13's to 12's on my Martin D35 also with no problems. These strings suit me but you can enjoy experimenting and a lot will depend on hand size and type of play (finger-picking, chording etc). Enjoy.

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