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  1. Wish i hadn't read this post. Just took delivery of a brand new natural model made in indonesia. Had 2 previous models over the years but there definitely seems to be a rise in quality with this latest model. More sustain and the electrics are great thru my vox vt15 amp. This will be a nice backup to my j45. Recommended. Nice to see them on sale in the uk.
  2. Own 2 Martins (d28 & d18) and a gibson j45 and all 3 are different. The woods are different, the neck profiles and feel are all different. I use each 1 for different songs or you get in the mood to play one of 'em at any particular time. The build quality is masterful on all 3 - the 2012 spec d18 is the lightest weight. My fave?-- all 3 of 'em.
  3. I've only got 1 gibson - my j45 standard. I've ended up in the martin camp. Got a d28 and the new d18. The d18 is all i've looked for in an acoustic. My only electric is my ric 325/6 like lennon's. I'm thinking of swapping the j45 for a j160e to compliment the ric as the j45 spends most of it's time rattling out beatles acoustic tunes.
  4. I can identify with this. I have a j45 and just over a year ago i swapped my d28 for a swd. Couldn't bond with the songwriter and after 3 months traded in for a new d28 cause i needed it back. I've just splashed out on the 2012 spec d18 as well which is an unbelievable beast for the money. Think i'm satisfied now - j45, d28, d18 ( plus my ric 325). That is...until a j160 at the right spec comes along! I would have a serious think about getting rid of the martin. Hell...just get bird as well (and the new d18)!
  5. My j45 is sitting here with elixir 12's on with the exact same marks on the same strings. They've been on about 3 weeks. I always thought it was the coating shedding itself at the points most under pressure? Anyway - you're not alone. Strings still sound great but get a bit grubby.
  6. I'll stick up for guitarguitar glasgow. Just got an amazing 2012 spec d18 a week or so ago. All of my guitars hail from this store and i'm now on first name terms with several of them. A new exclusive acoustic store has just opened. If you are in the area a visit is recommended.
  7. I use these lifespans on my martins and they usually last me 6 to 8 weeks if played every day. I was using them on my j45 standard but found they lacked sustain after a few weeks and have now resorted back to elixirs which remain bright and suit this guitar better.
  8. U.K based and won a 2009 I.B. Texan locally from ebay last weekend for £160. What an example of an item that seems worth more than it's cost. I have a martin d28 and a gibby j45 and this texan is way up there. Antique natural with tusq pins - it's matured amazingly. The guy set it up hisself - i put a new set of 12 gauge d'addario's on and turned the truss to straighten the neck and bingo - heaven. The electrics are all even on every string and thru my vox amp it's heaven. Hard to come by in the UK - this is seriously good quality!
  9. We' ve got one for sale in the main gibby dealer in Glasgow, Scotland. http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/acoustic_guitars_detail.asp?stock=13062811304332
  10. Uncanny. I was listening to her last night. Those 50's Capitol recordings are somethin' else. 'Tongue Tied' is a particular fave. She's unhinged on those cuts.
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. I'm just glad I've got a nice 'sound' back. No doubt there are different quality 'bone' pins but each to his own I suppose. I've got a beauty of a 3 year old J45 that is better looked after than my family and is maturing very nicely. I also have a new Martin D28 to nurture and I'm in love with that also!
  12. Being influenced by the obsession on these forums about changing to bone pins etc i imported a set from the states a few years back. Got a 2010 j45 standard and was getting frustrated at the frequent need for string changes (d'addario exp 12's every 6 weeks). Had the current strings on for 6 weeks and the a d & g strings were dead. Bunged the original plastic pins back in tonite and my baby has her mojo back. Sustain, volume and clarity all returned. Beware of bone upgrades. I'm now of the opinion that's the reason why you get what you get from the factory. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  13. Nice one. I was laughing when I read the post title as I think the same way- it doesn't feel right on the J45. I do Out On The Weekend, Harvest, Hank To Hendrix, Heart Of Gold, Long May You Run and others - but usually reach for the D28 for these. J45 more suited for Beatles, rock, Byrds, Gram etc
  14. brixa

    J-45 love

    We have a lot in common! I also have a 2010 J45 Standard with Martin Lifespans. Nothing else comes close in the 'hog world for me. I usually change strings every 6 weeks and can get the Lifespans half price compared to D'Addario EXP's which last me about the same time! 2010 musta been a good year on the J45 front! On the rosewood front I couldn't bond with SWD and regret swapping my D28 to get it. Plan this year is to nurture a new D28 from birth. Over the moon with a new Martin D16RGT I got last October. It's a cannon for the money and the neck is to die for..but want my D28 back...please.
  15. I would also concur with the J45. I've had my Standard for 2 years now and after chopping and changing my other models this has been my mainstay. I played a brand new SWD in June and was awestruck. So much so I swapped my D28 for a 2008 model. The set-up was amazing and I liked the guitar but 4 months down the line it started to feel a bit heavy and 'lumpy'- similar to the D28 that I traded. I have small fingers and the J45 Standard suited me fine due to the neck profile and the fact that I wanted it for Beatles tunes etc. I have just traded in the SWD for a brand new Martin D16RGT which is an amazing guitar for the money and has a slim neck more suitable for my small paws! In the UK, where Gibson and Martin acoustics are concerned - we don't get a chance to try various items of the same model as there is usually only 1 of each in stock at any time. It's taken me a while to get what's comfortable - everything feels great and comfortable at the time but, with me, the excitement of a new guitar often rules my brain. But hell - it's great fun trying and owning these! Try what you can and make sure it's comfortable. Pay attention to the neck and widths etc and decide whether rosewood or mahogany sounds better. If you can't make that decision on the wood type - just buy one of each :-)
  16. Greetings from glasgow. I just bought a t shaped 8mm one from ebay and it turned the singwriter truss no probs. The absolute correct size is imperial 5/16". The 8mm key did the job no poroblems and cost me £3. Contact me thru the site if you wish and i'll send you the sellers i.d. On ebay.
  17. Can report in that i binned the exp's at the weekend and put the martin cleartone phb 12's on. It's been a revelation! It's never sounded this good! I know there was an earlier post on this but i am amazed at the difference. J45 has regained some serious mojo. May try the normal bronze ones next as a further experiment. I can get these strings cheaper than the exp's and reckon i'll be changing to these on my songwriter too! Try it you'll be amazed. Not sure how long they'll keep the zing though.
  18. Interesting to read this. I've been using the lifespan 12's on my martins i've had over the years and they sound and feel great. I've got a j45 standard which seems to have lost some of it's mojo at the moment. Been using d'addario exp's 80/20's on it. Gonna try the phb lifespans and c the difference. If it works out i'll try em on my songwriter. I just got a martin dx1ae and it booms out. Subtle as a brick. I think the problem is when i switch to the j45 it sounds weedy in comparison. Always felt a bit of a traitor puttin martins on a gib but hey - it's great fun trying all this out.
  19. Congrats on your new EJ160 - hope you enjoy. I started the post when I got it new in April. To be honest I haven't used it much as I have 2 Gibson acoustics that are amazing. I had to get the guitar a proper set up as it developed an annoying buzz when certain open strings were struck. They re-cut the nut, did work on the truss and the pins and it came back like a different beast. I currently use it at the weekend to play along with early Beatles numbers and work between the Epi and my Rickenbacker. I currently have Elixir Nano .12's on it but I'm not happy with these and can't find a set of .12 electric strings with a wound G that I like. I've adjusted the pots on the pick-up but no matter how I set up the B string loves to be heard above all the others ;-(. If you decide to put acoustic strings on I would go with Bronze and keep to 12 gauge. I hope you enjoy as it's a great guitar for the money - it's just I've too many others to compare it with.
  20. D'addario exp 11 bronze 12 - 53. Sound amazin, feel great and usually last me about 6 weeks. Slightly coated. Tried different gauges and makes but always return to these. 2010 gibson j45 standard is my hog.
  21. Just spoken to the guy who got the D28 and he is over the moon with it. He only got his this afternoon so I was being a bit presumptious with the earlier post - but was confident all would be well ;-). We've actually become friendly in the past week. Lots of pics, texts, emails and a pic at the end of him with the D28 and me with SW! Yes - it looks like this was mean't to be and it's great that something like this can be done on trust. I took a risk. Loved the D28 but made the mistake of trying SW in the local dealer and was hooked so chanced my arm on ebay etc. I put my fave EXP 12 gauges on and I can't believe how low the action is. It needs playing in but seems to give me a mix of the D28 with Gibson tone thrown in. It's a 2008 model like new - no fretware at all. I get to nurture it. I can't stop playing it - the neck and action are addictive. I reckon the clarity on the mids is much better than the D28. It's quite weird because my J45 is the best guitar I've ever played. The songwriter feels like playing my J45 but with a sorta D28 sound coming out. The only downside is I'm getting a slight buzz on the D and G when you hammer those strings open. The wound E was the same yesterday but it's cleared up. No buzzes on anything fretted and the capo works great everywhere. Hope it might be the EXP's breaking in or I may need a slight truss adjustment. This girl needs played. A crime to have such a nice instrument in it's case for the best part of 4 years. Will probably get it checked over and get a set-up done sometime down the line. Cheers for all the comments. Very pleased. I'll take any advice etc
  22. See pic of new arrival yesterday (the delivery guy had a good laugh at my excitement on arrival). 2008 Songwriter with very low mileage. Someone had listed on ebay so I asked if he'd like to swap for my 2004 Martin D28. Uncanny in that he's getting what he wants and I got what I wanted - all based on trust and the agreement that we would return if one or the other didn't like it. There are some decent folks out there and I've always believed in the fact that if you don't ask you won't get. This gives me a nice rosewood equiv to my J45. Plays like butter.
  23. The new EJ160 has developed a bit of a problem. Got a vibration 'buzz ' when playing the wound strings 'open'. It all goes away when you fret the strings. Adjusted the truss, made no difference,then changed it back again as the action was OK anyway. Changed the strings to 12's - didn't work - probably worse. Have stretched the strings over the nut and changed the pins (no difference). On listening closely reckon the nut needs adjusted or 'slotted' better. It's going into a local shop on Saturday. Any ideas? The guy thinks it could be the nut.
  24. Thanks to all for the string advice. Here's the 'fab' new arrival. 2012 Indonesian model. Set up from the box was perfect. Had to stretch the strings and re-plug the pegs and that was it. Good to have it back again!
  25. Thanks for the input guys. I'll take a note of all suggestions. I've got a set of rickenbacker 12 gauge nickel round wounds spare as ive changed string type on my ric. Will go with that on the first change and take it from there! Cheers!
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