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  1. Cheers guys. Appreciate the information. I await the arrival of them into the U.K. again. My local dealer will advise when they are back in stock
  2. Hi folks. I fancy getting a new Epi IB 64 Texan as a backup acoustic for my Gibson J45. Can you advise please on 'fixed, compensated saddle' . Does this means it's glued-in and can't be removed for sanding down to lower action if required? What do i do if I need to lower action. Got small fingers and need low action and 11 or 12 guage strings How is the playability and the electrics on this? I've got a VOX VT15 and mostly play Beatles and 60's stuff on the Gibby and Ric 330. Am I better off just getting an Epi Dove or Hummingbird? Any advice appreciated.
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