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  1. Nice guitars. Would LOVE to post a pic of my 1975 white Flying V...but...oh WAIT..I was an *** 5 years ago and SOLD IT!!!! arrrgggghhhh!
  2. Really sorry about your loss. Sounds like Sassy had a great life and a comfortable passing. About all you can ask for. My own cat, Minnie, (if she makes it til March) will be 19 soon... so everyday with her now is a bonus. Losing these family members is really tough...something you don't think much about when you come home with that frisky kitten or playful puppy....sucks....
  3. My lefty 1980 wine red Les Paul Custom. My dad had to drive thru a snowstorm to pick it up at the UPS depot because it wasn't going to make it to the house for regular delivery before Christmas. I still have it. In fact, I'll have to be buried with it 'cause I'll never sell it....especially since dad passed away 6 years ago. Wish I had the $$$ to send it to Gibson Repair and Restoration because I've been playing it hard and putting it up wet for 32 years now!!! Maybe someday. Rich
  4. Wow! Thanks for the memories. I have that LP. Typical 80s hairband stuff but good. Sounds a lot like BonJovi.
  5. I love the Paul Stanley iceman too. Seriously thought about inquiring about a lefty version from Ed since Ibanez never made one. Never made the call though. Went more the Ace Frehley route and bought a Les Paul Traditional Plus Heritage Cherryburst instead. No regrets. RIP
  6. Les Paul Studio this year with some left over or wait and save it and add it to next years bonus... Les Paul Traditional Plus with some left over or wait and save it and add it to the following year's bonus... Les Paul Custom!
  7. Another vote for "space" Ace Frehley!!! He's the reason I play Les Pauls. Heck..He's the reason I play guitar...period. True for a lot of us 40 somethings I think.
  8. Les is in there--top 20 I think (can't pull up the list again to be sure without getting sick, sorry. One thing I think we can ALL agree on!
  9. Very strongly worded my friend. As soloists, you may be correct (may be), but if Richards did nothing more than write the "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" riff and Townshend quit playing right after windmill chording through "Won't Get Fooled Again", I would STILL put them in MY top 10. To each his own.
  10. Kind of a safe top 10. Hard to argue with Page, Hendrix, Clapton, Townshend, Beck, Richards, King, Berry etc, etc in any order depending on their influence on the individual reader. Most of the rest of the list is inspired by these guys anyway. Have to agree though, it doesn't say electric guitar or rock guitar and doesn't include folks like Segovia, Parkening, or John Williams?? At least on quick inspection, I didn't see them....also, though all may not agree, any electric player in his 40s who doesn't list Ace Frehley (an amalgam of all the 60s greats) as an influence is probably lying.
  11. She's a beauty. LOVE my Cherryburst Trad Plus!!! Always played a custom (which I still have) but always wanted a Standard. Then when they came up with that "revolutionary" asymetrical neck profile on the new Standards I got scared away. The TRAD is the ticket now! Love the beefy (symetrical) neck. Enjoy her.
  12. I admire anyone who can play a style I can't play well. That includes shredders as well as classical guitarists. In the late 70s and thru the 80s when VanHalen came out and then Randy Rhodes and all that two handed fretboard stuff and lots and lots of notes....well, I just could never do it justice and stuck to my blues box ala Page, Hendrix, Clapton, Townshend, Richards. Or worse yet, two note chord runs like Chuck Berry!! Felt out of place and left behind for a while but then everything came back around. I'm not saying that shredding can't impart feeling but BB King's one note "runs" ju
  13. I love this stuff. Thanks for introducing Andreas to me..hadn't heard him before. Technique, natural dexterity, and total knowledge of the notes and chords on the entire fretboard are the keys here. Would make me a bit "jumpy" to listen to everyday but definitely cool.
  14. I enjoyed the "somethin's happening" video a lot. Thanks for posting it.
  15. The world has changed I guess...for the better (at least the healthier). I must admit that I work out now too at least 4x a week. But I'm 46 years old. Back in the day, chicks who dug rockers were after the skinny, long haired, cigarette smoking types and I fit the bill perfectly. Ah, memories. LOL! Still like my booze though. Good for you guys who saw the light and started taking care of yourselves at a much younger age!
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