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  1. JT how is it going amigo. Saying hello from the border country here in Sonoita AZ. Hope to see you again soon. GT
  2. You know to see the excitement about the hog tops os cool. I have a 1943 J45 with a hog top and was concerned about sound. Until it was re-braced and set up right. All I can say hunting for the next Holy Grail has stopped for me.
  3. No, just a very blessed and fortunate man grateful for that "old" Gibson tone.
  4. ]It is time to say Adios to a good friend and fellow musician Jeremy Morton. Jeremy is off to a new adventure abroad and I can say he will be missed. Jeremy was the face of Gibson Acoustic for me and for many here on the forum. But he is also my friend and I have played many gigs with him. I will miss you amigo, you and your ever changing style. Will they accept those Birkenstocks where your headed? LOL. God bless brother! GT
  5. Sheriff, I use only Elixir 80/20 Nanowebs. Lights (12's) on my L-00 and mediums (13's) on the J 45 and my SJ. The best sound and playability I have found. I hope this helps. GT
  6. Dan, mine actually came with all bone pins, saddle and nut.
  7. Like I said, the in forums things can get so turned around. What is meant as light hearted is interpreted as snarkey. This was not my intention, share on Lars, share on. And I will keep my comments to myself. Best of luck my friend! Merry Christmas! GT
  8. I reluctantly reply to theses types of post as the emotional levels can be very high. As a songwriter I will tell you from my limited musical theory knowledge, the song is in the key of Dm. As kind and helpful as the advice to change things may be from others, take the advice with a smile and then go create an original artwork all alone. Picasso didn't use a co-painter. Just my .02 cents. :) Use your ear and make it yours and yours alone. Play on! GT
  9. Yeah cool photo huh? It is one of the cover art from my 2nd CD. The only photo I knew I had for sure of the SJ.
  10. Weepy, My SCSJ. I gig with it everywhere. Firestripe pick guard, no sticker, (I'm not really into signature guitars) and LRBaggs Anthem. Gibson really hit this one out of the park. Add top, all bone and advanced x bracing. It is one of the only guitars I have that I can honestly say "it's not for sale." I hope that helps. GT
  11. Curtis, I am very happy you found the guitar you were looking for. Thank you for the kind words. Play on my friend. GT
  12. Curt, I was in Music Villa yesterday and was pleased to hear that you purchased the Smeck. I understand the importance of carrying on the Providence of very special instruments. I have a 1937 L-00 that belonged to a friend of mine Dr.Ben Bullington before he succumbed th cancer. It has been redone and is a player I will not ever sell. RARs Smeck is a truly wonderful instrument. Enjoy! Play on brother. GT
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