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  1. Did you think we would stop just because you stopped showing your face around these parts? It's official bromance material you are missing out on. We could have our own sitcom... which would be a great idea

  2. Y'all are still having that? Man, I haven't been on here in forever.

  3. did you decide to leave mine and dub's little love fest?

  4. That reflection looks amazingly just like you! Amazing!! (redundancy is for cool people!)

  5. Thank you, good sir! :)

  6. Your sign... too funny!

  7. No problemo, senor! I don't intend to purposely ruin my life, unlike some people. Haha.

  8. yeah... drugs mess you up.

    so don't do drugs, kiddo

  9. The way Fred explains anything he doesn't know the answer to- heroin.

    Techinically cocain but...

  10. Mean Girls is awesome! back in the days when Lindsay Lohan was still hot... wtf happened to her?

  11. It's nothing against you! Wah wah wahwah wah wahh.

  12. ... that's uncalled for lol

    Yesterday, I walked by a classroom, and no joke, the professor sounded like all of the adults in Peanuts "wah wah wah, wah wah wah wah, wah wah wah"

    It was hilarious

    and cops are bad

  13. Your lesson went like: blah blah blah not fun blah blah cops are bad blah blah blah too much fun blah- oh and means girls are awesome!

  14. Yeah, that sucks. No death threats, some kid wanted to fight me once then flaked out when i actually called his bluff. Whenever cops get involved, it turns very un fun

    And Mean Girls is awesome!

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