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  1. Cheers Matiac, I remember your interesting music............I check in here every so often. .
  2. Yeah, go with Jonsey. Very reasonable and he'll build you a harness any way you need it built. .
  3. Dirt pedals? Yeah, I have 100 or so of them. .
  4. Buy and use an Xotic boost pedal. Get a new harness from Jonseyblues.com. Replace the wiring as well. .
  5. Rewind pickups, OX4 pickups, and WIZZ pickups............And Throbaks.........And I have these winders wind custom pickups for me. No other PUs really matter........Rewind Electrics are the best though........Another good option are Electric City Pickups. .
  6. Beautiful picture Duane......Wishing you and your family well. .
  7. ThroBaks are good. If you want a '57 Classic type PU that has more of everything that '57 Classics don't quite have, go with a set of Rewind Creme Brulee pickups.
  8. Interesting thread. I love my Gibby Les Pauls; They get upgraded. I also love my Epi Les Pauls, and they also get upgraded the same as my GLPs do. My MIA Strats are good. My MIM Strat hasn't been touched since I bought it. My Teles are Fender and other brands. I also have many other guitars made where ever. The latest is an Epi Wildkat. Once it's upgraded I'll play it as often as my Gibson guitars. None of my guitars are "fakes", and I don't really care who made them. Either they work or they don't. My gigging/traveling guitar is a Gibson LPDC.
  9. For a year or so they were all $299.00.......M.F. recently sold me a new one for less than $299.00......They're nice at any reasonable price.
  10. The build quality on mine is superb. The finish is great. Plays comfy, and it has a nice unplugged volume. The frets are a bit thin though. .
  11. I have the black sparkle version. Great guitar. .
  12. It's a corporate owned forum. Personally when I study amps I'm on amp forums, for pedals I'm on pedal forums, for pickups I'm on PU forums, for law I'm on law forums (that's what I do), and for everything else I'm well known on the MLP forums. My friends know where to find me. For my "Gibson Forum" friends, they know where to find me, and for the members here whom have tried to contact me I have made space on my PM system. I have been extremely ill and no longer have time for this particular forum, although it is quite nice and the mod Duane is a heck of a great man and guitar player. .
  13. I use working guitars, and I find them all beautiful.......Here's seven of around 50 left........I recently gave 8 away as gifts.... .
  14. The top is going to be stripped and redone to match the LP. .
  15. damian

    Fake SG?

    That SG is not a Gibson. .
  16. damian

    SG bias or what?

    I find most SGs to be very stable in their ability to stay in tune. My gigging SG is very stable, and the Bigsby resolved the neck dive issues. .
  17. 2009 Trad on the right. .
  18. Wishing you well gsgbass, and everyone else here. Cheers. .
  19. Ramble On and What Is and What Shouldn't Be.
  20. damian

    Happy Happy

    Glad you're still here rct.........Wishing you all well.
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