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  1. Tacoma TRD Sport Guild JS-II Guild S-100
  2. She always said it in Motherese while sweetly smiling and kvelling over me. She adopted me at three months old so she’s allowed.
  3. I’ll have to ask. My Mom called me the former. Dad the latter.
  4. Schmendrick Michel Pichel
  5. According to this: https://loviesguitars.com/gibson-serial-number-identification-dating/ your first one is a 1968
  6. If you can see one of the pot codes, that will help narrow it down. 1376942 (example), 137=CTS, 69=year pot manufactured & 42=week of year manufactured.
  7. No, but this is interesting: https://www.flyguitars.com/gibson/bass/1969gibsonEB0.php My simple home setup that may be of help if you can't find intended factory specs. Do in this order: 1. Rough set intonation by measuring from inside of nut (inside edge that faces fingerboard) to center of 12th fret wire. Multiply this by 2. That is the scale length. Next, measure from inside of nut to g string bridge and set the bridge where the string will contact it at that scale length distance. Set the other bridges the same for the rough setup (they will be moved later for final intonation se
  8. Paint job thick...no holly/crown....paint thick...hmmmm...neck break repair?
  9. Last, you could call Gibson and ask.
  10. Gibson site says: "Custom Shop regular production modelsCSYRRRRCS stands for "Custom Shop"Y indicates the production yearRRRR indicates the guitar's place in the sequence of production Example: CS10845 is the 845th reg. production CS model produced in 2001.". Looks like a real number but no way to nkow if the guitar is fake or real. Look at the pots and see if there are Gibson pots inside maybe?
  11. Chuck Levin's in Wheaton, MD. Ask for "Carlos" in guitars. Usually sells 200$ cheaper than anyone else.
  12. Will You Be Staying After Sunday-Peppermint Rainbow..,
  13. I’d like to own Jack Casady’s ‘67 Starfire Sunburst bass (not the alembicized one) but have neither the ducats nor contacts to acquire it.
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