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  1. Tge explanation in the LA tymes explains it as more lax than that.
  2. What make and model is it? how much does it weigh? i need one oops i see the info above
  3. I also had a sg deluxe with bigsby. Bigsby way better than maestro. only good thing about the maestro is it looks cool.
  4. I had a 2000 ‘61 RI with maestro. maestro arm always in the way. Rides too low over face. An annoyance. Cheap phillips bolt attachment of arm made it impossible to get the arm tension just right to position conveniently. next time i will get a dusenberg les trem
  5. It may just be the way the bass sounds. Why do I say this? I had an SG Bass from 2011. Worst sounding bass I ever owned. Weak and chorusy sounding. No well defined fundamental. Muffled sounding, matter what I did or what mods I made to it, including replacing the neck pup with Novac Fattbucker, also replaced entire harness. Never sounded right. Hipshot bridge helped but not enough to keep it.
  6. A man asked his wife what she wanted for her birthday. She said “Something that goes from 0-200 in less than 10 seconds”. He got her a bathroom scale.
  7. Only way to shield that works for me: You have to fully copper shield all the cavities and the inside of their covers, being sure the copper in the cavities touches the copper on the covers when cover is installed, then jumper it all together in a single line and then to ground lug of output jack. If you have hum buckers with shielded wiring, you would not have to shield the pup cavities, just run the jumper wire from selector cavity, thru pup cavities, then into control cavity, then a jumper to ground lug of output jack. Check for shielding continuity before closing it all up. If you have continuity from selector cavity shielding thru output jack sleeve, then you are good to go. If you have connectivity from your strings to same, then your grounding system in the guitar wiring harness is good to go. The shielding basically absorbs all the interference and sends it to ground. Just overlap the edges a little on the top of the cavities so the cavity covers' shielding will contact it when cover installed. Then the cavities all have to be connected, in one line, to each other (by wire or a strip of copper shielding tape) and then run the last jumper wire from the control cavity copper shielding (can copper tape it down there) to the output jack ground lug (solder here). Then all the noise goes away except for AC hum, but you should have no AC hum with humbuckers. I have done this to my Guild bass and my Rickenbacker bass and, praise the Lord, those basses are noiseless now. They have humbuckers in them, too. I will try this next on my Gibson Les Paul DC Tribute Bass, though it is pretty quiet now. I still would like it noiseless.
  8. Do ES sound like Birdlands? Or are Birdlands another ball of wax altogether? Do ES models have nice controllable feedback or are they not prone to feedback? thanks for the info
  9. So, on a LP. Looks like three options : no relief, and a couple versions of routing for weight relief. What diffs have you found between these and how the effect playability, sound, neck dive, etc. Thanks for the info.
  10. I think it is worth keeping. If you return it, you risk never finding one that sounds and plays as nice again. The funny thing is: if you ever get famous, everyone will want to make their binding look just like yours. And they will be willing to pay 7000$US for the Custom Shop "Wildchild Les Paul" model with the scratchy looking binding. Gibson Custom Shop will ask you to surrender yours, on loan, so they can replicate it, and swooning fans will digitally enhance photos of you playing live to verify their model they paid top dollar for is an accurate copy of your original.😂
  11. I am a bassist and have been reading this forum for a little and am finding the LP guitar discussions interesting. But it seems there are so many LP variants, how do you pick?I guess takes a lotta research to find one with just the right features you could want. And colors? I saw one model that comes in like 15 different bursts?!?!?! How on earth do you decide? I guess I would start with neck profiles and see which worked best for my hands, then once I figured out that much find the model that has that neck profile and also pups I liked the sound of, then decide about color, and hope I didn't land on the model with the 15 burst options or I'd be in decision paralysis. Anyway, I am enjoying the convo and finding the insight into the LP players' world very interesting. My only LP stories: 1. When I was a kid I know a guy who had a gold top, iirc, with custom airbrushed paintings on the back. I wonder whatever happened to it. 2. Back in '88, the singer from Cinderella bought a bunch of speakers ( like 5k worth) from a mail order retailer I worked for and he tried them all out with the same gold top LP. I don't remember the model year. The finish was all cracked up and checked up. Interesting guitar to look at, though.
  12. Blue loctite those Gretsch strap buttons or they will auto unscrew and guitar crashes to floor. Ask me how I know. Duo- Jet crash. Better yet install a straplok.
  13. Stellartone Tonestyler tone pot.
  14. The reason I ask is cuz mine has both probs. Just wondering if a recent buyer has same. FWIW, try some Daddario Chromes short scales ECB81S on it. They fit and sound great.Comparable in string tension.
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