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  1. Haven;t been here in a while. I guess they restructured the forum and dropped the specific model pages?
  2. Haven;t been here in a while. I guess they restructured the forum and dropped the specific model pages?
  3. It was a long wait to get one. One of the first after the flood, I think. Then I spent alot of time and effort modding it to get it to sound good. It played great and looked real nice, but still sounded not good at all. In the end I was convinced it wasnt for me. I really enjoyed the shortscale comfort though. And only weighed 7 lbs.!!!!
  4. Bass is sold! Just my Pbass and Starfire now, which I love.
  5. I might try this on mine if it doesn't sell on CL anytime soon. I have done everything except swap out the wood on it to try to get it to sound good and it still sounds bad after all these years. Plays great and looks fantastic though! I will say Gibson can make a great playing and looking bass! But still sounds like it has a chorus pedal on it. Always been that way regardless of pickup, bridge, strings, electronics swaps...not enough fundamental...just vague tone and the strings don't all sound with uniform timbre.
  6. This sounds like a nice solution. I need more brightness, clarity, and punch out of my SG Bass. So the neck volume becomes the master volume. The bridge volume becomes the selector knob. And the tone becomes a master tone. Sounds great but I don't know what all those wires are and would need a step by step YouTube tutorial.
  7. So update us? Did he get a bass yet.
  8. I am looking to sell it and was wondering what a fair asking price would be. 2001 model. All stock, excellent condition. Very little playing time on it. Any info is appreciated.
  9. Yes, they just sold the last one. I prepaid so I have first dibbs on the next batch they get. They will send me pics and I can tell them the one to ship.
  10. I ordered it through Sweetwater. I poked around online and seems some other vendors are backordered too. I like that you can at least see them before buying on Sweetwater's site. No local shoppes sell the Starfire where I live.
  11. gsgbass: Remember the wait I had for my SG Bass? 9 months I think. I just ordered a Guild Starfire Bass back in November...still waiting...
  12. Gettin' the Hipshot through my repair guy to save a few bucks. Hope it helps. Been a while since I tried to resolve the probs I have with this bass and figured I would try something again this winter. If I could just get it to sound clear instead of muffled...
  13. Anyone know? If not, is there anyone who does?
  14. I use .110 LaBella Flats. Even without an amp, you can hear the overtones, and all the bridge pieces are well into the speaking length of the strings. Tuners have a hard time detecting the low E string. Sounds like I have a chorus pedal on the bass.
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