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  1. Isn’t it the pots’ taper not the k that makes a pot do that? I heard linear taper pots go smoothly o-10 and back. Audo taper has the big jumps. Like 0-4 is barely anything then 5-8 is like full volume then 8-10 is no change?
  2. At this point I think only the top 10% of earners worldwide can afford pro level guitars and basses. Or someone with serious guitar priorities. If guit prices continue to rise , at some point I would expect new sales to crash. I mean, the average earner is basically priced outta the market at this point.
  3. I feel like Gibson just slaps everyone in the face with those prices.
  4. Sounds ludicrous and insulting. Even more so than the marketing of relic-ed models.
  5. Along time ago I asked a salesman about the price of a custom shop model. It was either Fender Gibson. He stood up out of his chair extended his hands towards me and said “Back awaaaaaaaay from the counter.”! 🤣😀
  6. Once you get famous then YOU will have the artist model everyone wants.
  7. Good ideas so far. I’ll add: Idea 1-Break angle to shallow/deep? Try adjusting stop bar 1/4 to 1/2 turn either way. Idea 2- Try a Deusenburg Les Trem and see if that changes things.
  8. Actually gold matches the paint better. I’d do gold tuners and stop bar and bridge and call it complete!!
  9. Love those deep bevels!!!
  10. D hi e and the b tuners looks like they have pinholes drilled next to them. Maybe from etuners? wierd lotsa finish checking on headstock for such a young Gibson.
  11. Have you checked the relief yet? See how much relief it has if any. Also, copper shielding the entire electronics cavity and back of the pickguard got rid of the static on my 2019 Gibson bass. I have seen bridges that high before.
  12. I had an Sg standard that came in that case. The quality of the Sg was not so good. Case was really nice!!. had a couple Sg standards since. Not great quality. then I got a ‘61 reissue…very nice!!
  13. The authentic chainsaw case of the 1980’s has a handle bar. Not a handle.
  14. Haven’t been to O’s stadium since the 90’s. Seems like now all the stadiums are named after banks. What happened that they weren’t named after banks pre-1995? I used to go to Memorial Stadium with my Dad when I was a kid. Those were the days!!!
  15. I agree that all gibsons should not have the problem. In fact I think all electrics should come completely shielded and grounded from factory. Especially for the price! I don’t know why most electric guitar makers put a ungrounded small strip of shielding buy the parts under the pick guard or spray the cavity with Shielding paint and then they don’t bother to ground it and they don’t even bother to completely shield the instrument. All this partial shielding they do doesn’t help anything at all.
  16. Like I said, copper shielding 100% cure on my 2019 LPDC Tribute bass. No more static noise. The static noise was extremely loud crackling and pops when I touched the neck or while walking on carpeted floor, etc.. Now it is all gone. If you can hear it in your speakers then it is an electrical problem and the noise should be able to be sent to ground with proper shielding. Yes it is good practice to run a jumper wire from the closest location of copper shielding to the ground lug on your output Jack, or to one of the pot casings. You can strip one end of the shielding on the jumper wire and copper seal tape it to the copper shielding. But you will have to Solder the other end to the ground lug of your Output Jack. Oddly it made no difference if I did it with a jumper or not ( I experimented) I still got the same results with 100% removal of static noise. This may be because The pick guard shielding touches the lock washers of the pot casings when installed and the pots are wired to ground from factory. First step in shielding is to shield the entire cavity and pick guard, making sure you have connectivity between all the pieces of tape you used. Be sure to overlap the ends of the tape onto the top lip of the cavities so the pick guard shielding tape will contact the cavity tape when the pick guard is reinstalled. Reinstall pick guard. This makes a "box" of shielding around the electronics. See if that helps without the jumper to ground first. No need to solder between pieces of tape if you used copper shielding tape with conductive backing like stewmac sells. Get the widest roll they sell. Also, when you first get the guitar, you should touch one probe of your multimeter to one of the strings and then touch to the OutputJack casing to make sure that you’re grounding in your entire instrument has connectivity then you know at least that much is correct from factory. If you loved the guitar that much you could always buy another one and then do the copper shielding if you feel up to it. I have copper shielded RF and static away on three of my basses successfully (even a semi-hollowbody bass). Add a hum bucker to get rid of the AC hum. If you want I will be glad to send pics so you can see what I did.
  17. Welcome from Haert Cowny , Murlin. I see yer in Balmer.
  18. 1. electricity 2. Cuz Gibson for some reason won’t fully shield their instruments at factory I guess. 3. Easy DIY copper shielding entire cavity with slight overlay and copper shielding entire back of pick guard created a copper box of sorts when guard installed. It 100% fixed this problem on my 2019 LPDCTribute bass, silenced my 4003, too. Explorer a little diff but same principle. Pm me and I’ll send pics if needed. It is so easy to do it yourself. No need to unsolder anything. Just apply tape and check connectivity with a multimeter . Done. Where are you? In DMV? If so I could do it for you for fun.
  19. You could call Gibson and ask if it is normal? Or the dealer. On my Les Paul DCTribute bass I see what it looks like that piece of wood sticking out of mine too but it’s all covered up with globular paint so I can’t see what condition that piece of wood is in.
  20. I use Fender custom shop fingerboard stuff. But any rosewood fingerboard stuff should work fine. But just be sure no silicone in it. I have a lacquered maple board on my blue flower strat. Sometimes I want to scallop it. If so I would Probly oil it sometimes with something for maple just to help seal it a little. If it started getting all relic looking I would not put anything on it. I guess the grunge would be sealing it at that point.
  21. They land on me when I am outside. You can see their dead carcasses stuck in peoples’ car grills. No point in a car wash until they go away. All said I am enjoying them a lot and they are fun to watch. They kinda fly clumsy like bumble bees. When they land on the water the turtles come runnin to snarf them up!!
  22. Maestro vibrolas looks cool but not so much travel, in my experience. Also, on my ‘61 reissue, arm rode so low it scraped v and t knobs. Also it was pretty much all or nothing on the arm bolt. Free swing or locked tight. No stiff but adjustable setting. Also, arm must be removed or swung back towards strap button to shut case. There are way better functioning vibratos out there. Even a vintage style strat vibrola works way better, just for reference. I would not get one again. For my next SG I would try the Dusenburg Les Trem.
  23. But what is that cracked piece above the trod and under the nut?
  24. All over the place in HoCo and PG Co, MD And loouuuddd!!! Kids are loving catching them and throwing them into flight!!
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