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  1. Sub par? Love progressive rock but just don't get Crimson? Fripp has no talent? Something doesn't compute here. They are the embodiment of prog rock. I don't know what you're into, but you definitely must I was a huge Crimson fan in the 80s, from COTKK thru the first Adrian Belew incarcation, but hadn't listened to them much since then until just recently. To me their work has stood the test of time much better than Yes, who I also loved back in the day. Yeah, some of their stuff can be a bit ponderous, but each album always has at least a couple tracks worth the price of admission. Particular favorites of mine are the albums Islands (Cat Food, Formentera Lady), Lark's Tongues in Aspic, and Absent Lovers (fantastic live recording). Much of the red, blue and yellow discs with Belew are also excellent. For starters you might want to get A Young Person's Guide to King Crimson--one of the best compilations I've ever heard. I really can't speak to their later stuff as I've had little exposure to it. Fripp may be an acquired taste but he is the guiding force of the band. Listen to Tony Levin and any of the KC drummers for some pretty mind blowing playing. If you're just trolling, toss out some of your faves so we can have some fun.
  2. Little Johnny, What kind of pickup is in your J45?
  3. I used Fender mediums for years, torts first, then white or yellow when available--the bright ones are easier to see. Then I switched to the Dunlop nylon grippy things in light and medium gray. Now I usually use those orange Dunlop tortex when I use picks at all. About a year ago I decided to stop using them as much as possible. Digging the bare fingers thing.
  4. Thanks for settling this debate for us.
  5. Thanks Dave. The pix really dont do it justice. In person there's less contrast in the burst. I'll have to try some shots outdoors sometime.
  6. '07 Custom, adirondack & mahogany, honey burst tom
  7. What's not to like about a strat? (Rhetorical question, don't answer) IMO, there's no cooler looking, sexier guitar than a strat. There's billions of em out there (a lot of them just so-so, but fixable), in every color and permutation imaginable. Find a light one, with a neck your comfortable with and a good setup and you're golden. Wouldn't want one as my only guitar, but it's certainly versatile. Give me a tele and an LP or 335ish first.
  8. That's ok. I dont like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  9. Very nice indeed. Is that Kate Bush and Julie Andrews on the wall behind you?
  10. My top 5 '07 J45 Custom, Adirondack and mahogany '69 mahogany Tele Thinline Reissue Epiphone Masterbilt DR500P--maple dread, bright loud, fantastic neck "pre-Tender Tericaster"--partscaster tele with AV52RI hardware, allparts fat maple neck, and super light USACG body with strat contours finished in banana pudding nitro Squier Bullet Strat--with a good setup and decent tuners these guys are a great value at $119 And this...not my favorite uke but it's always handy. Bonus points to whomever can identify the dam.
  11. euchre

    THE J45

    NOS 2007 from our local mom and pop. They had several different customs tucked away.
  12. euchre

    THE J45

    For me the J45 was an acquired taste. I did not at all like the first few I tried during my several months long search for finer acoustic--most likely due to their ancient strings. I was hell-bent on a Martin this time around but was disappointed in those in the J45 price range. All of the Taylors sounded pretty good but just weren't what I was looking for. Finally, I discovered a cache of several J45s, standards, customs, rosewood, mahogany...with fresh strings even. They sounded great! I would've been happy with either of them but I selected a custom with Adirondack and mahogany. Over a year later and I love it more each time I play it, except for that pickguard over the rosette. :)
  13. I too have been looking at hollowbodies that wont break the bank. The Swingster has all the goods I want. The Gretschs I checked out were underwhelming and Ibanez doesnt have the features, at least not in acceptable colors.
  14. I think you'll always have one eye on the J45 so I'd keep saving
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