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  2. Hi. Just so you know ... I have The riviera now. It's very happy. I'm very happy. It came from your nice family.

  3. Used.guitarcenter.com search "riviera" they have a nice natural one going for $750...good luck!
  4. They used to make a 12 string Riviera. I have the elitist version with minis and love it. They should really bring a 12 string Riviera back...
  5. They all came with a white truss rod cover.
  6. I almost got my hands on an Elitist 6 string Riviera (1st run) a few months back. I've been kicking myself since for not making the trip. I'd love to get the '66 Elitist to go along with my elitist 12 Riviera.
  7. The sunburst on the far left is a 2003 elitist 12 string. The sunburst next to it is a 1995 Peerless made Riviera.
  8. I'm looking for two black tulip vintage 3 x 3 style tuners. Anyone know of a place to get these or even just a replacement button? I particularly don't want to buy a new pack of 6 Thanks!
  9. I have an elitist 12 string Riviera. The guitar is amazing, I strongly recommend anything from the elite/elitist line.
  10. I've had quite a few of the peerless Rivieras. I have a cherry and a sunburst right now but I've owned pretty much every color-natural, metallic black, silver sparkle, turquoise, burgundy mist. This one is not the turquoise finish as mentioned before. I guess the Peerless factory just had a very small batch of some odd colors.
  11. I just came across this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epiphone-Riviera-Electric-Guitar-aquamarine-white-/161272368486?pt=Guitar&hash=item258c950d66 I've never seen or heard of a Riviera in that color. Actually, I don't think I've seen any Epiphone with that finish. Anyone ever see this finish before?
  12. Very nice! I had one of the TQ Sorrento's while back and I just sold my TQ Riviera. Now I only have my TQ Casino VT
  13. Yes, it is the same problem. I was thinking about trying a neck pickup in the bridge position, hopefully the angle does not alter the tone too much. I don't want to route the bridge position to lower the pickup into the guitar but I guess that would also be an option. I think I'll try the neck pickup idea and maybe create a shim to decrease the angle. I'm not in any rush because I really love the sound of the bridge pickup and the action really isn't too bad…I just wish I could lower a little more.
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