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  1. I know the song is not a future Neil Young classic, but it touched me. I agree with Jinder, Neil sounds old and fragile and surely knows it. It reminded me of some of the American recordings with Johnny Cash. I hope Neil is well and taking care of himself. For you who prefer early Neil in exceptionally strong voice, this one was released in 2021 too and is something else. Lars
  2. I like this kind of music and recording because it's real and human. No click track, no autotune, never seeking ”perfection”. Lars P.S. I traveled to Gothenburg to see him in 2013. About 45 minutes before the show was planned to start, an announcement came across the speakers that the show was cancelled. Pancho Sampredo had injured his hand in a car door. The long ride home was tough. I got to see him and Crazy Horse a year later in Copenhagen. I loved it!
  3. As for vintage replica guards, these are the best I have found. http://www.firestripepickguards.com/customer-photos-2/ Lars
  4. I think one important aspect to take into consideration when picking an acoustic guitar is our playing style and actual skill level. A lot of players chose guitars based on what their favorite player use or what they want to be able to sound like, disregarding if that guitar is suitable for the skill set of the player. For example, one of my favorite models is the Gibson L-00. They are just small boxes of infinite coolness, but whenever I play one (or one like it) I sound like crap. I just can't play blues licks or much of any single note stuff. I strum 95% of the time and 00s are just not a good fit. So I have always left the L-00 behind in disappointment and with a slight knock to my confidence as a player… Lars
  5. Sal and MP, thanks for listening, and the comment on wordyness is noted! Lars
  6. Thanks a bunch! As for improvements, I am a firm believer in the saying ”the race is not to the swift, but to those who keep on running”, and I'm still out on the track… 😀 Dan suggested making the song flow smoother by cutting out some words. I tried it out yesterday, and I think I can sing it and the changes make the song better. I will just need to practice the changes some. Lars
  7. Ah, man what a beautiful guitar, JT. Things like that are not to be found here in Sweden. Do you know the back story so you can share it with us? What happened to the original owner, and why wasn't the guitar played more? Do you know? Also, I have never played an LG Gibson. In a couple of sentences, if you don't mind, how would you compare it to a Banner J-45? Strengths? Weaknesses? Lars
  8. Thanks Dan, for helping a stranger on the internet!! I received your suggestions back channel and will try to learn to sing them. The guitar here is a 2012 Gibson Sheryl Crow SJ, or at least I think it is 😳 It has been a few months since recording the main guitar track, but I'm pretty sure it was the SJ… Lars By the way, I would love trading songs (and bourbon) with you as well. I would learn a lot! Too bad there is an ocean of water in the way 😩
  9. Sorry for hi-jacking, but would you mind sharing the Soundcloud link (here or in private), Em7? What would be the defining age line between a true geezer and any plain old dude? Just wondering… 😄 Lars
  10. I wrote the song below a few months back and posted a one-take acoustic version at the time. I have since been working on and off to get a decent multi-track version. The song below is what I have at the moment. It's about the need to see new things and have fresh experiences. Being isolated, like under a pandemic, is not good for the health of the human soul. What do you think? Lars THESE FOUR WALLS If your todays are like tomorrows and just like yesterdays come meet me by the railroad tracks A new horizon is awaiting ways away These four walls that surround me I will fight them 'till the end These four walls that surround me they will never be my friend On a long train of longing let the rails sing us to sleep Passing towns, fields, and valleys with rivers running wide and so deep No more walls to surround me I will fight them 'till the end No more walls to surround me Come ride with me my friend Soon time's tide will wear us down and the tracks run to an end but come tomorrow, we'll wake as new to the mysteries lying round the bend One day walls may surround us as down old age we descend One day walls may surround us Please stay with me my friend
  11. Lars68


    Awesome, is all I can say!! Lars
  12. I’ve always had a soft spot for nostalgic songs, so that one was my cup of tea! Good to see you are posting songs again, Larry. Lars
  13. I put this on the back of my Tele. I love it!! Lars
  14. Oh, this is heartbreaking to read. Take care of yourselves over there. Lars
  15. You got it, Sal! Why not ask your friend for approval of a third song of your choice, one that you really want to do as your gift? Lars
  16. Difference in scale length and the inherit characterstics of a specific guitar are the only things I can think of. I hate metallic/trebly sounding strings/guitars. So in that sense I would probably leave the strings on a guitar longer if the guitar itself has a tendency towards the higher frequency range. I would then like it more and more as the strings age, but only to a certain point of course. On the other hand, if a guitar has a tendency towards the mellow side, the strings aging would make the guitar go “dead” faster to my ears, and the strings would come off sooner. Lars
  17. Really, really, really good!!! Keep them coming… Lars
  18. Congratulations on a wonderful guitar! Post some sound clips when you can, and please hang around the forum. It's a friendly place. Lars
  19. Congratulations on receiving what looks to be a wartime Gibson Banner J-45 with a mahohany top. Apart from the missing bridge, the pictures show no obvious damage. When looking the guitar over, do you see any cracks or breaks anywhere? Any loose braces inside rattling if you lightly tap the to and back? Do the tuners turn? The tailpiece is not original. My guess is your grandpa put it on when the bridge started coming unglued. Do you have the original bridge? Have you checked to see if there is an FON (Factory Order Number)? Some Banners have them, some don't. It's the closest Gibson had at the time to a serial number. It was printed on the neck block inside the guitar. It might be hard to see unless you use a very bright light. What you have is a potentially great sounding and valuable guitar. Have it checked by a competent luthier. It is going to be worth it. Lars
  20. I have a Hummingbird from 2016 with that color burst. Did Gibson really make Honey colored burst as late as 2020? The guitar looks legit, but I'm not so sure about the year… Lars
  21. Those two videos were great! Lars
  22. I like the idea of personalizing guitars. I put a pinup girl, sporting a cowboy hat holding an acoustic on the back of my tele. Hower, I think this particular decal looks a little too small on the guitar. It does not follow the edge of the lower bout. Lars
  23. The ”Banner” guitars did not have serial numbers in the traditional sense. They had FONs, Factory Order Numbers. You can learn more here: http://www.bannergibsons.com/registry.html It looks like a wonderful and potentially quite valuable guitar. Congratulations! Lars
  24. Good to hear from you, Buc! Hope all is well. Lars
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