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  1. Very nice! Looks like a different guitar in every pic.
  2. NEARLY HUMAN is my all time fav Todd album and Parallel Lines one of his best songs ever. Saw him a few years ago when he toured with a DJ and 2 female backup singers / dancers. Every song was done in dance techno style. Now i'm a huge Todd fan but it's the only show I ever walked out on and I had front row seats. Awful.
  3. He's a guitar geek like me.......I love him!
  4. Wow, I'm speechless. T-man and I always wished each other Happy Birthdays since we were born a week apart back in 1960. My prayers go out to him and his family. I'm sure when the times right we can come together and help him financially or in what ever way possible.
  5. Spent most of my life playing in "cover bands" and by that I mean we covered a certain genre. Whether it was Rock, Pop, R&B or Funk styles we often tried to take the well known version of the song and change it up a bit, make it our own. One of our fav things to do was take Motown hits and rock them up a bit more. Over the years we wrote a number of our own songs we mixed in but people usually wanted to hear stuff they new. You could make some good money playing weekends doing just that.
  6. Kinda miss the old west atmosphere that permeated that lounge. Sometimes cruel , sometimes funny as hell, always interesting and entertaining.
  7. I joined this forum in 2008 and there were some real knockdown drag out battles going on then. Members getting suspended and even banned for their inability to follow the rules. At times it was all in fun but it could often get personal. ahhh those were the days!
  8. Pics were taken as soon as I got it home and yes since then the neck pup has been adjusted for a more balanced attack.
  9. I'm really impressed with everything about this guitar. If all the 2018 are this well made then Gibson is on the right track. I had really shied away from getting a newer Les Paul with all the failed changes being pushed on consumers. This Traditional seems like a back to basics model that feels perfect. Good for them and great for us!
  10. Not so long ago this forum and especially the lounge was a free for all. Political rants and religious put downs were common. Ya gots your popcorn and hunkered down for a lively night of accusations and innuendo. Some real characters frequented these halls. Some are gone and some are living , in my life I’ve loved them all. Apologies to John Lennon. Much more civil these days, for the most part. Mods did a great job cleaning it up.
  11. Decided to do my part and help GIBSON get back on their feet. Here's my 2018 Traditional tobacco burst.
  12. Nothing I can say will make you feel any better Rev. Life can kick you in the gut sometimes. You know what's important. Your loved ones are safe you had insurance to help with material loss. You're still blessed.
  13. I had the same casino. The pickups were the only thing I left stock. Changed the wiring, pentometers, tuners, toggle switch and nut. Eventually sold it to fund another guitar but the mods made it a much better axe.
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