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  1. Always good to see another old timer pop in from time to time. Hope you and those close to you are doing well.
  2. You guys throw some great choices out there but I'm just a simple kind a man. For years now I've used the Boss Blues Driver into a Boss Distortion pedal. On a good day, if the winds just right and the temperature outside reaches a balmy 77 degrees I can find my Santana tone on the neck pup.
  3. Yes, She looks at guitars as art and loves when I'm looking for a new one. She's also become my concert buddy since my brother got married 8 years ago. We've seen some great shows together, McCartney, Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon, The Who, Brian Setzer, The Police to name a few. For years she came out on weekends to hear me play in the clubs. She's my biggest fan and the love of my life.
  4. Hofner Violin Bass (just like that lefty from the Beatles)
  5. The difference was Brian Wilson had complete control in the studio from the start. Don Kirshner ran the show on the early Monkees records and had the music for the first album and TV season in the can waiting for the newly hired band to put the vocals on. Tork told the story of how he showed up with his guitar for the first session and Kirshner asked him what he was doing? Of course a line was eventually drawn with show execs Rafelson and Schneider siding with the band and giving them total control to make the music.
  6. I don't know. He's been an extremely successful producer of movies, music and videos along with his songwriting. I'm not buying the being a Monkee was a curse BS. Of course when your Mom invents White Out and becomes a millionaire it softens any career missteps you might have made
  7. Come on, I was 6 when they debut and I knew it was a TV show. They were ripped by the media for doing nothing worse than the Mamas and Papas, Beach Boys and Birds were already doing. They did eventually play all the instruments on their third album.
  8. They've been touring every couple of years for a long time. Since 86 and with a little help from MTV, its been Mickey ,Peter and Davey, with MIke joining in for the occasional one off. Seen them several times and had the honor of meeting them backstage after meeting Mr. Jones in our airport as he came into town for their show. He gave me and my family free tickets and backstage passes and couldn't have been nicer.
  9. Very nice! Looks like a different guitar in every pic.
  10. NEARLY HUMAN is my all time fav Todd album and Parallel Lines one of his best songs ever. Saw him a few years ago when he toured with a DJ and 2 female backup singers / dancers. Every song was done in dance techno style. Now i'm a huge Todd fan but it's the only show I ever walked out on and I had front row seats. Awful.
  11. He's a guitar geek like me.......I love him!
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