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  1. Love this new guitfiddle I bought. Would like to strip the satin poly to natural & then respray a proper nitro finish. Anyone here with experience removing Epi satin poly finishes? Would the heat gun technique work? Are their safe chemical poly strippers available? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I've seen on another forum a detailed list of changes made to the Les Paul R7-R9's. I was wondering if anybody here knows of any changes made to the SG Standard Reissues. Pup changes, Body carving changes, Nut material, Truss Rod - the list could go on. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!!
  3. The guy decided he wants to hold onto it... Kind of suspicious to me. I asked for more pics and he replied with "I don't want to sell it now"... Oh well. Thank you all for your input. If he changes his mind I'll open up this thread again.
  4. I'm going to post the photos he sent me. Please tell me what you think. Thanks
  5. Have you ever dealt with Gibson customer service as a second hand buyer hehe?
  6. Trying to get him to take a picture facing towards the neck block so I can see the bracing. If it's x bracing instead of ladder I'll know for sure..
  7. Orange sticker. Looks legit but I think the seller is pushing it as a Lennon, when I believe it to be a standard... Sticker says. Style: j-160e and the serial number is 01161049
  8. Got a chance to buy a Lennon J-160e. I'm a bit skeptical however of its authenticity due to the lack of COA, and the case that it comes in. The guy said it was made in 2001. Where there any Lennon J-160e's made that year? Also, the paper sticker in the sound hole doesn't say it's a Lennon. It simply has an 8 digit serial number w/the first 4 being 0116... What do you guys think?
  9. I've been trying to find dealers online, but cant find anyone who has them in stock. Is this model out of production?
  10. Is it possible to have Gibson build me a 62' spec J-160e (basically a Lennon acoustic) with the Made To Measure program?
  11. Anybody know detailed info on the pickups put in the Lucy replicas? I know they have A3 magnets, but I was wondering if anybody knew what the output & windings of the pickups were? Are they similar to Burstbucker 1's,2's,3's?
  12. Hey everybody. I have a chance to get a nice Gibson Custom SG Standard Historic Reissue w/Maestro, but I'm having trouble determining what year it was made. Gibson's SN# leads me to believe its an 02, but the gentleman selling it says it was made this year. Any help in determining the born on date would be awesome. Thanks SN# in question is 020392
  13. I cant find a wiring diagram for 2 P90's, 2 Vol, 2 Tone, 3-Way switch w/(one push pull DPDT for Phase)... Anybody have a diagram or know where I can find one? I've looked all over forums & websites like Seymour Duncan, LesPaul Forum, ect ect but w/no luck. Thank you to anybody who can help. Kris Miller
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