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  1. After having my RD in the shop for a set-up and a month of going over the dummy coil problem, I happened on a Duncan APH-1 with a Gold cover and put a push-pull pot with it. Nice and Quiet! I think the 84T matches up well with it, so problem solved. We had a new dummy sent in from Gibson that helped almost none. The good thing I suppose is the guitar was $499 at American Musical and even though it was all new and unopened there must be a reason for the huge drop in price.
  2. As far as I could tell it was hooked up fine. It was just always noisy. That needed to be resolved, so that's the Only reason the P-94 was replaced. I was a bit bummed about it at first, but the Duncan APH-1 n hasn't let me down for a minute. Overall I think everything worked out, but still don't have any answer for the dummy coil dilemma.
  3. Les Paul Studio LT would be a good choice.
  4. I had to replace the P-94 in my RD recently, even after a new dummy coil sent from Gibson, it just didn't help much. I ended up putting an Alnico II Seymour Duncan pickup in, but was a bit bummed over tossing the P-94 to the curb.
  5. It's not uncommon to turn each saddle around, you'll just have to unscrew the culprit carefully and then turn it around and screw it back in. You'll notice it gives you a tiny bit more room to intonate/compensate. Try that before you buy a new bridge...or return the guitar.
  6. I might replace the tuners with Ping's p2650 $30 type but after uncovering the one's that are already on it they are quite nice aesthetically, but I'm not sure I trust them completely. I am getting a wiring kit for that vintage tone http://www.ebay.com/itm/Les-Paul-Jr-reproduction-bumble-bee-wiring-harness-/250848877605?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item3a67c21c25 that will be about all this street banger will get.
  7. That's awesome! It really is a cool little guitar
  8. Thanks! Man I cranked this on Line 6 'Blizzard' and it was whippin icicles all around me. What a wild sound it has but comes right down and cleans up nicely too Love The Pickups!
  9. Ok ok! Sorry they're not great photo's.
  10. I bought an Epiphone LP Special today TV Yellow with P-90 pickups I'm very pleased with it and can't stop playing it. Hope my hand doesn't bleed from the sharp frets this is the first Epiphone I've had with sharp frets. I'll just keep my band aids nearby. Hope I don't start to drink and get too loose and dam that stuff just let 'em bleed!! It's Saturday night so no telling what might transpire sorry no pictures yet. I haven't taken any
  11. I never did get much help regarding anything that wasn't stock on the Epiphone guitar when it came to Gibson. They were absolutely no help when it came to aftermarket upgrades. On the other hand Ari Lehtela of LA Guitars in Charlotte is the Authorized Gibson Repair center specialist here and he was very helpful in sourcing and replacing parts for my Epiphone So, just because the corporate telephone end won't help doesn't mean an Authorized Gibson Center won't come off as amazing. Ari proved that.
  12. Sounds Incredibly Nice! Great Discount too! Wow. Wish I could come up with some instant $$ saver That's just sweet!!
  13. Alnico Classic Pro is right. I had to go back and check can't seem to find any info on it but if it's in the same league as the ProBucker maybe it can stay stock. I would like to pull the cover off the bridge pickup and tweak it for maximum kill. As far as the tuners go this one has the vintage look Here is a shot of the headstock these are Wilkinson branded...the top two are crooked.lol and the icon in the center is a bit off don'tcha think? I'm going to push for a $50 discount due to the headstock
  14. Things I do know ..or have recently learned.. Alnico Classic Pro Pickups Push-Pull pots Wilkinson Vintage style tuners (on at least some including mine)
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