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  1. I own a 1977 black SG like yours (but with a three piece headstock. I will post pics to this thread tonight of the body, headstock, etc.

    I have never been able to find much info about the guitar.

    In 1997 I bought it for $300 and was offered $1100 later that day at a store for it.

  2. Plays like a charm, the best guitar I've ever played period. I didn't think I could have so much sustain and a perfect low action on a guitar like this. >BUT< the price isn't right; I bought this for 1.7k at GC vintage room. The salesman said that this is a SG STD, it even says on the GC price tag, but I'm 100% sure that this isn't an orignal SG STD so therefore the price shouldn't be this high. I put together a collection of photos of SGs STD from 1977 and SG special, and the one main different is that 1, the dotts on the neck, and 2, there is only one line behind the headstock with the serial number, where SG STD have 3 lines, 1 with the SN#, 2 Made in USA, 3, Gibson SG Standard, and also the case is different for the standard. I hate to go back and return since they wont give me a discount for ripping me off on this fake advs SG Standard, and in reality it is really a Special. I love the guitar to death but I'm just not willing to pay 50% more of the original price. I'm actually thinking of placing a law suit against them this week, since I have every proof that I needed to prove that this is not a Special when the salesman tells me i'm wrong. I have never thought that GC would be this cheap, the salesman is about to get the phone call of his life this next Thursday. Sucks to be this way.
  3. Hey guys, I need help IDn this Gibson SG from 1977, the SN# dates back to Dec 21st 1977 production# 144. The information that I've received from the seller is that, this is a rare Gibson SG standard due to the black color since they did not produce any blacks SG in 1977 and also because of the dots and not the standard inlays on the neck, but I have my doubts and this is why I'm here. Here is a picture: Thank you so very much.
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