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  1. Im sorry mate, ive tried but I just don't have an accurate way to measure it!
  2. I wouldn't get tied down about where guitars are made, just make sure you play it before buying it and you will know if its a good one or not! I wouldn't recommend the lennon acoustic for your first guitar, everyone raves about the Texan so id be looking there if I was you (plus it has a big beatles tie in!)
  3. I don't think I own a rule to measure it for you, I did it by eye and ear to be honest. I can try and measure it for you if you like tomorrow?
  4. Im not too sure what that means mate? I filed the slots lower and slightly wider to accomodate the strings and set the hight correct if thats what you mean?
  5. Im glad you like them, they are the best strings on the market in my opinion, not cheap granted, but you get what you have paid for Happy stumming mate
  6. 11 gauge, its up to you what size you use but I use 11's, best compromise for size/volume IMO
  7. Sorry about the delay, I got called into work and ive been too busy but ive got you some photos now Action at the top of the fret board Action at the nut I had to adust it so much the binding cracked where the neck meets the body Dispite the adjustments etc it is a beautiful guitar to play with a fast low action fretboard so its deffo worth sorting yours out. More pics to whore while im here To the OP, worth going and playing one to see if you like it but rememeber it is an entry level guitar and isn't going to set the world on fire - although they do make great living room adornments :-D
  8. Yea thats well too high mate, whats the action like down at the nut? Do the strings buzz down there? If not and the neck is straight then you need to file the bridge saddle down to lower the action. If your not confident then get a guitar tech to do it for you mate! Im not at home until later but I will take some pics of mine for you and post them so you can see how low mine is, it is really low and plays nice Mine too came with a large bow in it, infact it needed so much adjustment I have cracked the neck binding where the neck meets the body on both sides! Ill show you later tonight
  9. That sounds like it needs setting up, there is no reason it should be breaking strings, prehaps the nut is pinching them? Mine needed setting up badly from factory, truss rod was way out, I had to file the nut slots wider and a bit deeper to get the action right down at the lower frets. Once I set it up it was great and has been since, like I say it sounds like a £200 guitar but it is nice to play, lovely smooth low action.
  10. I would really recomend Elixr 11's mate (acoustic) honestly they are silky smooth and have bags of tone and volume - just give them a go and see what you think
  11. The best thing to do would be to go and play one and find out yourself. I own a Hummingbird and I would say the spiel about its tone complimenting the sound of the human voice is just marketing, the Gibson version maybe but not the epiphone - it just sounds like a £200 guitar. It is a nice guitar and I play it everyday but I would say its not going to sound a million miles away from what you have now.
  12. Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer are both Casino owners/users Infact Gem has 2, a sunburst and a cherry red
  13. I want one of these in VS soooooooo bad!!!! I was going to get one next year but I really don't think I can wait that long...
  14. 2 things for me, A £120 20W orange practice amp and an Epiphone Masterbilt DR500 for me Then im modding my casino :-)
  15. Well I was down my local Dawson's today and played a lovely DR500 exactly the same as the one pictured and it was lovely! I love the material on the back of the neck, so smooth and lovely, I gotta have one once I have enough pennies...
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