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  1. Nice Guitar- and congrats: Out of curiousity, is there additional blocking for the Bigsby? I used to own this 1994 Peerless, found the neck to be too smallish for me. Gotta agree with the pups being underwhelming. The owner before me had completely stuffed the guitar with quilting material to prevent feedback, while pulling that stuffing out, found the the block was pretty unsubstantial.. and loose..
  2. There are always choices. Problem is, is the guitar, and what you've invested into it worthy of some of those upgrades/mods. For very serious Jazz tone, and clarity, of individual notes, and so on... With the construction of an ES-175 RE, electronics are the only thing that will bring that jazzy tone out. Seymour Duncan makes a replica of the old style Jazz pups, with individual magnets that can individually be adjusted to a players preference. In other words, the magnet itself is lowered or raised, not the screw threaded into the magnet. Makes for a much cleaner tone... Those sets of screws in between the "Staple" poles, (exposed magnet) are the adjustment screws. You get the idea... Comes in P-90 or Humbucker configurations. But at almost $450 for a pair, it's a very serious investment.
  3. Yeah, I've seen one, and own one. The coils are not USA made. Open market value: $500-$600
  4. Fringe- I think Tweed recognized the issue right from the start, the idea was can both be had, with some sacrifice. Of course an archtop won't stand up to an acoustic flat-top on it's own, but (at least the way I read the question) can some version of an archtop cover both bases. In the end it's up to him how much sacrifice or compromise is acceptable. Tweed: This is an Epiphone Zephyr unplugged, not the greatest playing, this video was for something else originally. This is taken with a simple Kodak easyshare digital camera with a tiny onboard mic. I'm about 6 feet away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbEI0vxQoP0 This is the Zephyr plugged in. Same camera, same setup. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOQ4rbPOhNU
  5. Nice score. HNGD to you!!! Beautiful wood grain on that beauty.
  6. Coming in after the door has been shut again.... Brian, the Zephyr Regent has a body attached humbucker, and being that it is a mahogany back and sides, it does project much more acoustically than the Emperor Regent with it's floating pup. I agree with the general consensus that a flattop acoustic is going to have more punch sound-wise, but if compromise is something your looking for, acoustic qualities with a humbucker, then check out used Zephyr Regents.
  7. Yes, they are that good. I can't get enough of them for the 7 guitars that I own, but stepping down to D'Addario Chrome Flats gets me by. And I don't play any strings that aren't 12-54 to begin with, much prefer 13-56, but that's me.
  8. Oh Yes, that logo, my bad. Well nail polish remover may still do the trick. Naptha does evaporate pretty fast. Just wash the PG after the name is removed.
  9. Driver- I'm just guessing here, but the general consensus is those "e" logos simply fall off in time, and then clean the glue residue off with something simple like nail polish remover. Should work ok. If yours is tight, or only loose on one side, you could accelerate the process a little by soaking the pickguard in hot water, then freezing it, several times to break up the glue joint. The formation of ice under the logo should do the trick.
  10. Nope- 550-600 is right on target for cost when new.
  11. I use D'Addario Chrome flats 13-56 on mine, It nevers sounds flat to me, maybe you need to raise the pup a little, bring it up closer to the strings... Just a thought. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOQ4rbPOhNU
  12. Nice Guitar, but why are the pups reversed?
  13. Very hard to guess what the corporate heads will and will not issue... Alternatives... Epiphone Swingster----Joe Pass Thickness Epiphone Riviera Custom P93-----ES 335 Thickness Epiphone Wildkat-----ES 335 Thickness Gretsch 5120-----Joe Pass Thickness Epiphone ES-175 Reissue, with mods: Swap out the Humbuckers for P-90's, and add a Bigsby. -same guitar without the gold finish. Dean Palomino with an added Bigsby, already has 3 P-90's -almost the same guitar without the gold finish, but an extra pup and a five way switch... There are others as well, not sure exactly what your after, the shape, size, features, or finish...
  14. That price is too high, try offering less if the git doesn't sell, in a week or two... http://cgi.ebay.com/EPIPHONE-ES-295-HOLLOWBODY-GUITAR-W-OHSC-/280606625351?pt=Guitar&hash=item4155754e47 http://cgi.ebay.com/TOKAI-ES-295-ALL-GOLD-BARGAIN-/390274492510?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item5ade2c285e
  15. HNGD! Sometimes that buzzing is the strings inside the tailpiece aren't completely settled. Could be that since that foam was never removed, nor played very much, the strings may be original as well, and they are loose when shipped, you see where I'm going here... As a fellow owner of a Zephyr Regent, I would say hang onto it. If Epiphone never starts making them again, these will go up in value over time. They really aren't just a simple ES-175 copy with one pup as so many think.
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