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  1. Thankyou. What i want to do is send it to gibson itself to fix it. Anyone know how and if i can do that?
  2. I have a 2009 ES 345, i am looking for the warranty card (not in the case!) he guitar has a finish crack on the lower horn near the neck pickup and I wan to fix it. It could be a lacquer crack or possibly a crack in the laminate, about 1/2 an inch long. Some may think me silly but I want to fix it. How do I go about getting gibson to fix it at their repair shop or an affiliate? What would it cost?
  3. Is there any diffrence between the so called 2013 Historic 1959 ES 335 and say, the 2015 mode? Any changes for 2016/2017?
  4. Hi,sorry this must be asked alot but i am wondering when the last year historic 1959 es 335's were last built in Nashville or are they still built in Nashville?
  5. I own two lp customs, one from 2008 and one from 2010. Both have the black coa and I assume were both built in the custom shop at memphis. How about a guitar built from 2006 and has the old paper coa? What plant was that built at? Are the specs basicly the same as my newer ones? Does the older one have the 490/498 pickups? Any thoughts on quality from that period? How do they rate from that period with say, my 2010?
  6. hello gibsonites! I recently purchase a superb 2003 Es 1137 in heritage cherry burst with gold hardware. Plays and sounds wonderful. There is a slight amount of damage that occurred, probably from a wall hanger. The damage is more like a rough spot, where a bit of finish came. That includes the clearcoat and a touch of the color. The area is about the size of a quarter inch, right where the headstock meets the nut.Doesnt affect playability, but it is a rough spot. I'd like to fix it if i can, without breaking the bank. I'd consider just touching up the clear. Any ideas on product or procedures? Thanks.
  7. I have an oppurtunity to get an es 335 '60 vos, but i dont want to committ if its noticeably different in body dimensions and neck profile. I know the historics have a more accurate body than say a Memphis, non historic.
  8. Hi....any ideas if the body dimensions on memphis es 335 1960 vos, would be the same as a similar memphis 59 es 335?? Looking at 2009,2010 manufacture dates. Are the necks noticeably different from each other? i see they describe the 60 as a slim taper. Any differences with the nashville's dimensions?
  9. Thanks... Curious when they stopped using the minihumbuckers like those in the 60's and 70's.
  10. Does anyone know when gibson started putting ceramic pickups in firebirds?
  11. Thanks brother... I heard there were alot of inconsistencies with prehistorics in the 80's
  12. Does any body know if there were any 59 reissues ( I use the term loosely because i know they were not all made that way) that had 8 digit serial numbers in '85? I am looking at a beautiful 85 in heritage cherry sunburst...vivid flame,paf stickers on the pickup rings...however...it has a "standard" truss rod cover and the 8 digit serial number. The guy selling says its a reissue.
  13. Any body have a suggestion for a tuner upgrade? I have a custom shop sg special vos with the wraparound bridge and the vintage kluson button tuners that are on a plate. I would love to upgrade to a better tuner and use the existing holes. Historic accuracy is not a concern, but I would not like to alter the holes in case i sell the guitar.
  14. Hi everyone....Does anyone know if there will be any more es 330L's produced? It looks like all we are seeing are the historics, which I dont care for. I am looking for the L,particularly in faded red/cherry.
  15. Thanks for your thoughts. I think i will leave it the way it is. I may look to get an older 345 or 355 with varitone to satisfy my ear!
  16. Hello friends. I adore my 2009 es 345. The pickups are lively and though I do not use the stereo feature, I do like to play with the varitone. I mostly use the 1 position(bypass) and like 4,5 and 6. Positions 4 and 5 are so nasal sounding and cool and 6, though some find it to high pitched, I think sounds great to add color. This guitars varitone does not sound the same as my '71 es 355 in that the varitone positions were SOOOO choked sounding they actually sounded like a song played on an old transistor radio. Well I want to create that sound in my modern guitar. Does anyone think I can achieve this by installing an old vintage varitone chasis in this one?
  17. It sold already on ebay. thanks anyway but i am curious still
  18. It is on ebay. I will try to copy it and post, thanks.
  19. Hello everybody. I am looking at what is allegedly a 2007 les paul 68 reissue,black in vos with what looks like nickel or possibly chrome hardware. The serial number on the headstock reads 0710568. Is this for real? I am not familiar with 7 digit serial number in recent years. A paper coa has the same number on it. i contacted admin and havent heard back yet and wonder if anyone has any idea what this is.
  20. My mistake its starts with an 8 not an r..I have r on the brain! I just got it and it is sensational. Sounds amazing and sounds fantastic. I have 2 r8's and they sound better than my r9! Unbelievable. I played another r9 a few months ago and both these 58's blew that one away too. the pickups sound like they are wound differently on the 58's, actually a little hotter.
  21. hello,I am looking at buying what is supposed to be a 2007 gibson 68 reissue les paul vos with seven digit serial number. the headstock photo matches numbers on a certificate coa. it reads 0710568. What is this? Did gibson use 7digit serial numbers recently?

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