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  2. +1 I have the same guitar and I'm extremely happy with the tone. Might be the guitar but surely the pickups do their part.
  3. To me it looks like Gibson puts the bridge on those archtops before the lacquer has fully dried. There are similar marks under the bridge of my new L5 CES. I even moved the bridge a bit for better intonation so some of the marks are fully visible even with the bridge in place. One has to explicitly look for them, though. Do I care? No. It's tiny and it's just cosmetic. The guitar is woderful otherwise.
  4. Baked maple may become desireable, not a layered rosewood board. In 30 years from now, all 2012 Gibsons with a rosewood board will be less valueable than 2011s or 2013s. My 2 cts. What beats it is the Gibson marketing babble about enhanced stability and that they were kind enough to not raise the prices although the production had become more expensive. Now it's the same with the 2-piece top and back. Gibson says that they did that because some of the more exclusive models in the 60ies had 2-piece tops and backs. The real reason is probably some kind of saving in the production process. They are really trying to take us on a ride - again! I'll pass up on this guitar, I just don't think that they deserve my money on this. The guitar may be great and all. I know it's my loss. Still, happy playing to all of yout that have bought it.
  5. So everyone who has actually played one is raving about this guitar. I am really tempted to buy one but apparently the 2012 models have a 2-piece layered fretboard and a 1-piece top and back while the 2013 models have a 1-piece fretboard but a 2-piece top and back. Can anyone confirm this or do they exist with a 1-piece fretboard *and* a 1-piece top and back without that nasty seam running from neck to tailpiece? Although I don't suppose I would see, feel or hear a difference, I don't want a layered fretboard because I am concerned about stability when it needs to be refretted and because I think it may have a negative impact on resale value in decades from now. I want a 1-piece top and back merely for cosmetic reasons. No need to discuss that further. Also, what part of the serial indicates the year of production? Those Memphis serials sure are difficult to decipher. Thanks for your comments.
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