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  1. +1 I have the same guitar and I'm extremely happy with the tone. Might be the guitar but surely the pickups do their part.
  2. Sofaplayer

    tone knob

    Sounds like a loose connection. Or maybe a genie with a twisted sense of humor lives in your guitar...
  3. To me it looks like Gibson puts the bridge on those archtops before the lacquer has fully dried. There are similar marks under the bridge of my new L5 CES. I even moved the bridge a bit for better intonation so some of the marks are fully visible even with the bridge in place. One has to explicitly look for them, though. Do I care? No. It's tiny and it's just cosmetic. The guitar is woderful otherwise.
  4. I guess all those 345s are a little bit different, in weight and especially in neck thickness and profile. The latest '59 RI in historic burst or limited blond seems to be exceptionally lightweight and good sounding. Yet there's not much love for this guitar here. Any comments from owners or those who have played one?
  5. +1 If anything you'll get closer to the sound of a standard Casino / ES-330 than a ES-335. For the semi-hollow sound in a smaller guitar you need to get the ES-339. Same size as your Coupe but with the center block. I haven't played one but I'm sure it's as wonderful als the full hollow Casino Coupe. I have one always on pedal that does some kind of magic trick to the mids. A Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas, a Tremolo / Clean Boost pedal. It offers different kinds of tremolo that can be dialed in so subtly you hardly notice a Tremolo effect. But adding a little clean boost somehow boosts the mids or rather the mid presence. As a result, the guitar sounds remarkably fuller, warmer and more present.
  6. Not many threads about this guitar here. Does anybody know if it's discontinued?
  7. Absolutely! Anybody knows if they have a 25.5" or 24.75" scale?
  8. I am very curious how the Century Archtop and the Johnny A Signature will turn out. Any information out there yet?
  9. Thanks! I agree that the cheap parts are totally out of place on this guitar. For only a few dollars more it could be a perfect instrument out of the box. Thanks! Actually it find it harder to modify an expensive guitar. I planned to put the tailpiece on a Heritage Golden Eagle but just couldn't justify drilling new holes in a perfect and expensive guitar. So it ended up on the Casino Coupe. But I like the result. Indeed I don't intend to sell it ever.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Once you have changed the hardware and tuners it is a really awesome guitar. Plays great and sounds great. The original P90s are usable but a little muddy. Switch, jack and pots definitely need to be replaced and the tuners lack tuning stability. I've pimped mine a little exessively but I like the result. Grover Sta-tite tuners (not a drop in replacement, new holes were needed), Vintage Vibe blade style dogears and just for cosmetics the finger tailpiece and pickguard from Quick Guards.
  11. If you clean it up and the stuff keeps coming back it could be the residues of a woodworm...
  12. Spruce? That's interesting. Please confirm once you have checked.
  13. Can somebody please tell me what kind of wood the centerblock is made of on this model? Mahogany? Maple? Something else? Thanks!
  14. I've been watching that red WesMo for years. It just doesn't sell because the price is too high. Every time the prices for new Gibson L5s are raised, the seller raises the price for this red WesMo. A few years ago I could have bought it for 6000. I didn't. Just sayin'.
  15. Wow, just wow! Congrats!
  16. Interesting point of view. I don't even know that new binding so I can't comment on it. Thanks for comparing the neck profiles.
  17. I wouldn't be afraid of that, at least if you're not Superman or some kind of body builder.
  18. I have the same guitar, .011 strings and no probs at all, stays in tune perfectly. However I really tightend the tuners until my fingers hurt badly, then wrapped a cloth around the tuners and tightened them even further. This sure isn't for ladies, kids or arthritis patients.
  19. I wonder how the neck profile differs (2010 vs 2014). So if anybody has played them both, please share your knowledge. Thanks!
  20. Baked maple may become desireable, not a layered rosewood board. In 30 years from now, all 2012 Gibsons with a rosewood board will be less valueable than 2011s or 2013s. My 2 cts. What beats it is the Gibson marketing babble about enhanced stability and that they were kind enough to not raise the prices although the production had become more expensive. Now it's the same with the 2-piece top and back. Gibson says that they did that because some of the more exclusive models in the 60ies had 2-piece tops and backs. The real reason is probably some kind of saving in the production process. They are really trying to take us on a ride - again! I'll pass up on this guitar, I just don't think that they deserve my money on this. The guitar may be great and all. I know it's my loss. Still, happy playing to all of yout that have bought it.
  21. Thanks, good to know. Good luck you'll get yours soon.
  22. Does anybody know when it will be available?
  23. Can't find any information about this SG being a limited edition. Where do you guys get this from? Why on earth would Gibson USA release a signature guitar in limited numbers? Makes no sense to me.
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