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  1. Hi,Good Day;

    My name is Miss.Mary Dickson, I saw your profile to day at (forum.gibson.com) and was moved and become interested in you, I will like you to send me an email to my address (marydickson100@yahoo.in) so that i can give you my pictures for you to know whom i am.

    I believed we can move from here? Remember colour or distance does not matter but LOVE matters a...

  2. =] great to hear that, it's really a nice guitar. I've found another one here in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) and phoned a friend of my, who prontly bought it (I was pretty sure it had the 57classic/plus too). what great guitars they're. btw, I'm brazilian, but I do really like Argentina. Buenos Aires is such a beautiful city, went there last year and I do plan to come back soon =] best regards =] also, I was pretty sure that only a few would knew Vital e sua moto, glad you liked =] ---------------- one more video fellows, this one after some upgrades: - a new bridge, this really changed the tone a lot, for better, the sustain improved a lot, and there's no more saddle buzz. like I read here, in another topic, the epi bridge is really the worst part of the guitar. It just don't justice the whole instrument. I went for a gotoh ge103b-t. - a new nut. also, helped a lot with intonation. I went for a graptech tusq xl, pre-slotted, but it needed some adjustment (particulary in the G). also, I do really like this solo, one of the greatest guitar solos I've ever heard. Thank you Luke! =] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79Letn3vd64
  3. thanks for all the reply =] so maybe it's not all that common.. I do lots of bends, and I kind of play hard.. so maybe I'm more prone to this bridge issues. I will post my impressions on the gotoh and the tusq xl when they arrive. (the tonepros looks to be good alternatives too..) (besides that, does gibson make their own bridges? or do they use bridges like the tonepros?)
  4. Hi mates, just willing to know.. I didn't found any topic that looks exclusively on this matter. So I've started this one. I just bought a Gotoh GE103B-T Nickel, for my epi goldtop 57.. I've had many problems with the original bridge... and I found many people complaining about it in other foruns.. - saddle wooble (that freaking buzz.. in my case it ocurred in the the G and the B ) - because of the wooble, it wouldn't intonate properly.. the guitar looses tunning with bends and when I stroke it with more power... - problems with octave setting, but I've heard that it is easily resolved flipping the saddle.. People even says that the bridge is the weakest part of epi guitars.. Other says that a better bridge even sounds better, that epi ones are made of low quality brass.. lacks a good structural integrity.. but I can't say anything about it. So.. what experience do you have with your epis? and what about replacements? I've really liked the gotoh, because it makes bridges with the large mouting holes that epi uses.. so, it's a drop in replacement. Besides that, gotoh are japanese made, and of good quality, and I have great experience with gotoh hardware so far. it costed about 30USD. (ordered a graphtech tuqs xl nut too, waiting for everything to arrive =] )
  5. this is just my opinion but... I used to like my compressor a lot when I started to play.. it compressed the dynamics and masked my sloops, making everything sounds right. I used it at all time with clean sound, but I've never liked it for overdrive sounds. (I didn't have a good tube amp at that time.. neither a good sounding/well balanced guitar). Then I've started to have problems with this.. I used it for about 3 years.. Every time I've picked a guitar, without the compressor, my play sounded like ****, and infact, it was ****. The compressor masks too much of the tone.. You can't extract everything that a good amp can deliver with a compressor.. When I started to play with a good tube amp, and with better guitars, I started to dislike the compressor.. Mainly when I played loud. I tried to abandon my compressor addiction, it was not easy.. I've had to re-learn to play with clean sound, everything! But it was very necessary, and now I consider myself a much better player, even my acoustic guitar playing improved a lot! and my compressor (a boss cs-3) is in total disuse.. I think that the compressor improve your clean sound in a good way to play quietly, making the sound have all the body, and don't sound to weak. But it isn't necessary playing loud, infact, it takes out all the dynamics.. and, I would recommend anyone to not deppend to much on it, it could be a future problem. (sorry for the engrish )
  6. http://www.sonicftp.com/news/images/epiphone_probucker_top.jpg http://www.sonicftp.com/news/images/epiphone_probucker_bottom.jpg these are pics of the probucker.. they don't seen the pickups in my guitar. to tell you the truth, after these months of playing and comparing with another epi guitars, i'm pretty sure that my pickups are, indeed, gibson 57 classic/classic plus pickups. if you look back in the thread you will find pics of the pickups in detail. but thanks for the interest =]
  7. wow. really nice guitar =] those tuner heads look really great in this guitar =] I've just made another video with my guitar, will post here for more tone samples, hope you all like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VZM8NoJl-Y
  8. what a loss... sad.. :( he was my favorite blues player, and one of the players that most influenced me.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2tEzsT3Kyg&feature=related RIP.
  9. Hey guys, I've recently bought a Fender Blues Junior, what a nice amp =] I recorded some licks and riffs to demo it's tone with the guitar. They make a great duo =] hope you like :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k73_4fsj4i4
  10. Adib: Eu sou de Porto Alegre também, mas morando na Europa. Estou para encomendar uma Epiphone igual à tua, mas tenho medo que as daqui não tenham os captadores Gibson como a tua.

    Veio algum manual junto à guitarra com as especificações? Poderias me dizer o número de série da tua? (pelo menos os primeiros números que identificam ano, fábrica, etc) para eu checar com a loja é a mesm...

  11. wow, great to hear that. very nice guitar man! the tulips are my next goal the guitar really plays very nice, and the finish is amazing too. glad to know that this thread is providing information about this model. I would have made an even more confident buy if this thread was up at that time
  12. well, I'm afraid I cannot answer that with confidence. but, I think it's the slim taper neck profile. I don't think it's different from epi standard les pauls. it's slimmer than the neck of a gibson gold top I've played on the day I bought this one, but I don't know wich model that one was.
  13. tnkz dudes. I'm really happy with the guitar. In the begining it felt a little strange on some things, but that was because I've been playing strats for nearly 10 years, and never had any H-H guitar.. But since I got used to it, and, adjusted some things (like pickup height, it plays a big role here) it just feels wonderful. The finish is beautiful, and the playability is really great too. This one would probably stay with me forever. thnkz for all the help mates
  14. just putted some new gibson speed knobs. I know that many people preffer top hats, but I really like goldtops with speed knobs, and, for me, they're easier to use. I really liked the change
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