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  1. Hi Haphzard, Yes in that photo I was very happy, good sound and good friends (and beer too) Yes with "Baseball Bat" I refer to earliest '50 necks.
  2. Hi, I've got an 2013 LPJ for about 6 months as a cheap sister for my Standard 2008. But she's not cheap, is a truly LesPaul. Light and nice (GodTop) with a great voice. I had the opportunity to try 4/5 different guitars in the shop, some had a neck like a baseball bat, but mine had a nice '59 style round neck very easy to play. As stated I've sell it because I've leaved my country (from Italy to Spain) and I've no room for a lot of guitars (I keep only my 2008 standard and my Blues King acoustic) but if I find a second-hand definitely will buy it.
  3. Hi Aymara, true words ! I own a Standard 2008 with asymmetrical neck and I love it as my Gibson Acoustic Blues King (the neck seem a '60 oval and I love it too). I must try some Les Paul and and then make a decision. Last minute G.A.S. (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) attack ... I'm falling in love for the Les Paul '56 Gold Top with P90 but I think the neck is too huge for my small hands ... Thanks, Rico
  4. Hi Aymara, very interesting model, with a good neck profile and pu. I 've a little doubt about the electronics ... I love the 2vol 2tone setup, but why not change ? A honey burst or a lemon burst will be amazing ... Thank you a lot for your advice. Rico
  5. Hi Jim Mac, I great appreciate this chart. I've seen other chart but this seem very interesting. I think my Blues King has a the 60s-style 'oval' shape. I feel it very comfortable for my small-fat hands ! I've played on a Slim Taper but is too 'slim' for me. Thanks, Rico
  6. Hi Spacealf, good infos, but noW I'm living in Canary Islands and buying in U.S. may be a problem. I must take a look ad European shops... Thank you. Rico
  7. Thank you Rabs, for your time to posting images and info.
  8. Hi Aymara, great advice to visit Cologne. I've think to "make a jump" in Germany because I'm a follower of Gregory Hilden and he got often wonderful Les Paul, but I must evaluate the flying costs for the family plus a guitar . I know Thomann very well. I'm a long date customer when in Italy, mainly for strings, pics and other accessories. Is a very professional shop whit Spain section. Thank you for your time. Rico
  9. Thank to all for your courtesy and advice. A lot of information and at the end the advice of "JazzGtr" seems to be the one to follow: take a trip inland and try. Ok I'll have to save a little more to offer a holiday to my wife with a tour in a shopping centre, you know . Fortunately, from the Canary Islands, where I live, to the Iberian Peninsula to go to Madrid or Granada there are great discounts on flights. Thank you again. Rico.
  10. Hi to everyone ... I've a question about LesPaul necks profile. I want to buy a new Les Paul but now I live on a small island and I can buy only via web. I own and love my Gibson Les Paaul Standard 2008 with the progressive neck profile and my Gibson Blues King. But I prefer the Blues King neck more than the Standard 2008 neck, so which neck profile you suggest ? I play blues and blues rock and I do a lot of bends 10-46 pure nickel on Les Paul, 11-52 on Blues King. Any suggestion will be appreciate. Thanks, Rico
  11. Great post ! On my Blues King I've change nut and bridge to bone & pins to ebony. The result is a better sound and a bit bright. As string now I'm using Martin SP Phosphor Bronze 0.11 / 0.52, they are cheap, good and easy to play (I suffer a problem in my left arm due to a car crash and I do a lot of bending playing Blues). I've tried pure nickel strings with round core and they was very nice and easy to play too. Is hard to find them with the wound G, only on a german web store in Europe I've found the Pyramid Classic .011 / .050 but cost a lot of money. The pick is another
  12. I've got an LPJ 2013 in Gold Top finish for about 3/4 month (now I'm sell it just because I have to travel and I preferred to keep my Les Paul Standard 2008, and my Blues King only). I've tried a couple in the shop and one has very bad finish and setup, the Gold Top was near perfect. At home a string change and a fast setup and in the evening a very nice blues concert, I've played it for more than 3 hours without fatigue and having a great time. For the price is a nice LP, the sound is good more on the blues side than rock or metal.
  13. I prefer a good place where to put my fingers A good guitar let you have a great choice of sounds and playability. Past three months I've played with a band and the guitar amps where offered by the p.a. guys. Every evening a different amp and only one stomp for emergency (zoom ms-50G) and my dear Les Paul Ebony always works great ! Hope this helps. Have a nice day, Riccardo.
  14. Magari sono fuori tempo massimo per un'opinione ... La scorsa settimana con un amico siamo andati in un noto negozio in BO a guardare cosa c'era di nuovo nel mondo Gibson e siamo usciti con 2 LesPaul. Io ho preso una LPJ 2013 Goldtop , ma il succo è che ci hanno regalato delle mute di Brite Wires. Scettico le montate prima sulla nuova e poi sulla Standard 2008. Ho scoperto delle corde veramente interessanti. Sono morbide e ben equilibrate con un range tonale notevole e non certo più brillanti di tante altre, anzi. Ultimamente oscillavo tra le Pyramid in puro nickel e le DR Tite Fit (s
  15. I've tried it, good strings. But I prefer, for my Blues King, the Pyramid Nickel Classic for electric guitar in the .011 set (.011 .014 .020w .030w .042w. 050w) I need a light gauge due to a problem of tendinitis. The volume is not huge, compared to bronze, but is very nice and warm. Perfect for my playing style (mostly fingerpicking). There is also the .012 set (.012 .016 . 022w . 032w. 044w. 054w). You can found it on an on-line german shop for about 7,90€ (10,26 Usd).
  16. Ciao jannusguy2, l'ho acquistata da un privato. Una inizio 2011 per 1200€ in ottime condizioni. Ciao e grazie. Riccardo.
  17. Thank you all for welcoming. Have a nice weekend.
  18. Thanks a lot! I am really happy to have this guitar
  19. @JuanCarlosVejar : thank you ! I've found a lot of nice person on Gibson forums. @E-minor7 : thank you ! I've got today it used with bad string on it (0.012). Today here in Italy is an holiday so I've put on it a set of Ghs Infinity Bronze 0.011 I've in home, they are light but nice to play. Playing it for few song after the setup and I've no feel any kind of compression.
  20. Hi to all, I'm Riccardo from Italy, old guitar player and now I'm a proud owner of a J45 standard I love this guitar ! Here is my baby, I've got it today.
  21. Hi Farnsbarns, again thank you. I think I must work on her in a different way, we live to learn and improve
  22. What I suppose (and I need) is a true progression from o to 100% :-)
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