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  1. Yeah - other SGs I've seen from that period have the block inlays but most don't have the binding and none have ever had the flat frets. The pots check out to '73 so it's a weird guitar but and insane player. Great tone and light has hell.
  2. Yep - exactly like that only in Wine. Impossible to really photograph well with my camera - especially this color. I was an extremely limited run back in 05 based on what Gibson/Epiphone told me. Some sort of weird special dealer only production - who knows? It's definately cooler looking than the traditional quilted top. Never saw one like yours though - cool.
  3. I lucked out. I found a guy whose brother runs the Gibson Shop in Nashville - he happened to have a set of Early Model Classic 57's in Gold laying around. I had posted a WTB ad in Craigslist and he thought "what the hell" and offered them to me. Amazing improvement over the stock Gibson stuff. There are many boutique pickup makers out there too (Manlius, Heywood, Lindy, Lollar, etc...) You might give them a try to for something different. I've got a set of Manlius Vintage 59' pups in a LP and they are incredible.
  4. I've got a Sheraton II in 3-TSB. Differences are Bindings, Head Stock In-Lays, & Block Inlays. Everything else I believe is the same. One thing to note - the Sheratons stop their fretboard inlays at the 12th fret. Not a big thing but it trips some people up who are used to the inlays going farther up. I was gonna get a Dot but found a Sheraton II on Craigslist. I replaced all the electronics and put Classic 57's in her. New Bone Nut and she plays and sounds every bit as great as a $3K Gibson 335. All told, mine cost me $650 Good luck.
  5. Here are a couple pics of the frets as I mentioned. Any help or info would be appreciated.
  6. FYI - LUXE Caps are Russian PIOs painted to look like the originals. They are K40y-9s - normally they use the 1000V series due to their size. I bought a bunch of NOS K40y-9s (200/400V) from Russia a few months back and have replaced all my caps in all my guitars and all my 'friends' guitars. I pickup up .022, .047 and .1s They really do make a difference if you know how to set your amp and use the tone knobs correctly. I also have a bunch of vintage Orange Drops from the 60's and 70's along with a few Chocolate Drops from the early 70's. They're good too - just not as woody. My SG has 'Blue Drops' from ITW Paktron in the .022 flavor. Nice sounding caps but like an earlier post said - if you don't move your tone knob from 10 - the cap isn't gonna make any difference. 50's wiring versus Modern Wiring does make a difference too and despite what other people say, I believe cloth wiring does add a little 'omph' to the sound. I recently rewired a guys Epi LP and left the Poly wire in it initially and he asked me to swap it out cause mine sounded much better and when I put the cloth stuff it - there was a little something more there. Just my 2 cents.
  7. New to the forums and thought I'd share of pic of my favorite Guitar - an all original 1973 Gibson SG. I'm hoping someone can help me out though as mine has neck binding and completely flat frets (not worn down). The frets were like this when I got it 25 years ago. Never found another SG like it. Like I said they're not worn down from playing - all frets are flat almost like one of the Fret-less wonders but I've never heard of an SG like that. Anyone out there have any knowledge of something like this. Thanks...
  8. Sorry - guess I didn't attach the photos correctly. Here she is...
  9. I've uploaded another photo that hopefully shows the Birdseye Maple better... (If you saw it in person, you'd know it's a different cap) I had been looking for a Wine-Colored quilted classic for over a year and nobody had one. I lost out on a few on eBay too but I found this one and boy - once I got her cleaned up and rewired, she's quite a player. Ironically, after I got her - a couple of true-quilted ones became available and to me, they just don't look at cool. Anyways - If you're looking for something different in your LP, try out some HB-sized P-90s. A whole new tonal range becomes available to you. Funny, I ordered new Top Hat knobs and then accidentally send me ones that "go to 11" - it just adds to the charm. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum group(s).
  10. If anyone is looking for an incredible set of custom hand-wound pickups for your LP, check out Manlius Pickups. I've got a Honeyburst here that I completely redid all of the electronics with cloth wiring, CTS Pots, Switchcraft Switch and a matched set of Malius Vintage 59 PAF pickups with aged nickel covers. I have a collection of vintage capacitors for so this baby's got a matched set of 1959 Black Beauties in her and when this thing is fired up - you'd swear she was from 1959. I used the 50's style wiring scheme and she's insane. I threw a set of nickel grover keystone tuners and a new Gotoh bridge and tailpiece on her and she just rocks.
  11. I'm new to the forum and so I'd like to introduce you to an extremely rare Les Paul. She's a Birdseye-Maple in a nice Red Wine. Notice she's not a Quilted top - but rather a straight-up Birdseye Maple. Picked her up off of Craigslist and did some normal modifications from my shop. 1st off I had to fix a gouge - matching the color was a b!tch but finally was able to do it. 2nd - stripped out all the electronics and completely redid everything - cloth wiring, CTS pots, Switchcraft Switch and 2 new SD Phat-Cat P-90s. Lowered the action, set the intonation and she just sings. I have a collection of vintage capacitors and I outfitted this one with an original set of Black Beauties from 1959 - Incredible tone.
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