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  1. Gorgeous collection, Chris. Please send me the one on the right. Doug
  2. Okay, guys & gals, I want back in this thread to 2012 and found this photo I'd posted via Photobucket. If anyone has a line on this recently stolen guitar, let me know please. For now, if you know someone who wants to sell a used TV with P90s, I'd appreciate the referral. Thanks.
  3. IMHO...Let's let anyone join in. Suppose someone has an interest in LPSecials but doesn't own one? Why turn anyone away? Mine just got stolen; I hope I can still participate with y'all while I'm finding a replacement. Vestapol
  4. Thanks for starting this LPSpecials Club. I tried to attach and then tried to copy-paste a photo of my Special. A '98 TV with P90s and custom tort pickguard cut from a LPJunior template. No success. Question: I have to replace my LPSpecial (recently stolen) and am finding many "LP Jr. Specials" w 2 P90s...a bit confusing. How can I get the technical differences, specifications comparisons?
  5. I'm on the lookout for a Gibson Les Paul TV Special with P90s. I'm finding a lot of Gibson Les Paul Jr. Specials with two P90s. What's the difference between these two? Thanks,
  6. My icon and name appear at the upper-right of my screen. But my icon is not on my posts. Who can help me get my icon back to full functioning? Thanks, Doug (Vestapol)
  7. Just found your review and want to thank you, mihcmac. It's very helpful, specific, and reassuring to know the Epiphone BluesHawk is so good. Cheers, Doug in Atlanta
  8. Hey, twintwelve, you have one of the nicest LPSpecials I've seen, TV yellow with creme pups! Gotta go change my pants
  9. My 1963 Epiphone Casino: All-original, it has the best range of tones (growley with some gain) of all my guitars, including my beloved Les Paul Special, also with P90s. Here's what keeps the Casino from being my number one player: The body is so big, it's hard to wear comfortably. My right arm has to reach a bit too much. With the wide lower bouts (and of course no ergonomic carve on the back like a Les Paul) the body hangs angled slightly downward and I can't see even a hint of the fretboard when I need a visual check. Maybe I need to cultivate a beer belly to tilt the Casino up a
  10. Just noticed your logo at the bottom of your posts, Dave. Good one...and a helpful reminder for me. Cheers,
  11. Wow, thanks, MusicFox! This is a truly informative post...exactly why we have the BluesHawk thread. Cheers,
  12. Congratulations, JAC. As an advanced member, you're not new to Gibsons so it's especially good to hear your pleasure with LPSpecials. These days, make & model don't necessarily guarantee the quality you might expect. Some LPSpecials will be better than others and you found one with a bright, alive tone you really dig. In general I think we're onto one of the best Gibson models, in this sense: if there was an objective quality-to-price ratio, the LPSpecial might be at the top of the list. The bonus with this axe is the understated, old-school aesthetics are so beautiful. So enjoy
  13. Thanks for this knowledgeable, helpful info, John. BTW, I saw Mick Abrahams play his SG in Manchester a few times, 1968 and 69. Cheers, Doug
  14. Here's a link to an interesting review. They say the former head of Gibson's Custom Shop is now building guitars, The Giffin Vitka, comparable to the LPSpecial: http://www.vintageguitar.com/14624/giffin-vikta/?utm_source=Vintage+Guitar%2C+Inc.+List&utm_campaign=c614587d47-VGOD028_09_5_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2310eb0f86-c614587d47-234976453
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