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  1. Good point, Bill. I'm assuming they were installed correctly, since I just got it back from repair (the high-E tuning peg wasn't working properly after the first time I changed strings). I'll try lubing the nut, too. I haven't done that on this guitar yet.
  2. Hi, Folks. I purchased a 50s Tribute late last year, and it came with a Min-E-Tune tuner. Overall, it works well. However, I don't get the tuning stability I'm accustomed to on my other Les Paul and LP copy. I have to re-tune every 2 or three songs. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions for correcting it? Thanks, Brad
  3. I think the key element here was Guitar Center. Every LP I've played at my local store was crappy. I don't know if they get substandard stuff or just can't set them up properly. (One exception was a nice LP Standard from last year. A nice guitar, but still not as woody as the R8.) I found my R8 at a homegrown dealer, and it's a nice one. I bought before the price went up 3 years ago, though.
  4. I've done more damage to my own R8 than the audience has. :-) My lead guitarist has scraped it a bit with his Jackson a few times on tight stages, too. With that said, I did get an Edwards Les Paul to play in the clubs downtown after a friend had his LP Standard stolen at a gig. I bring my R8 to the more suburban gigs where I can keep a good eye on her. -Brad
  5. Not sure about the best year. It's usually guitar-to-guitar, so you have to try a few. R9s should be lighter than R8s, in general.....
  6. Because a flame top is not worth the $1500 extra Gibson charges for it!!
  7. How can it be a reissue if it is chambered?!?! Mine isn't, and I love it. Nice thing about reissues is they get the best wood, which is lighter. The R9's get the lightest. Probably still not as light as a chambered, but still a nice weight.
  8. I've tried both, and don't really like either, so I went with the solid wood on a 58 REissue. However, I did try a recent Standard that was chambered and had an asymmertric neck. It sounded and played great. It was the exception to the rule for me, though.
  9. Buy in person. Every guitar is different, even Gibsons that are several thousand dollars in price. I tried several custom shop guitars before I found the one I liked. Every one from Guitar Center was crap. The other dealers had better guitars. I still haven't played a custom at Guitar Center I liked. I did find a Standard that was nice, though.... Brad
  10. I'm surprised Gibson doesn't have a big banner on the website with the news.....
  11. Love at first sight? I didn't love the Les Paul until I played one! :-) Couldn't keep myself from buying one after that. These guitars just feel perfect!
  12. Mangodog, My suggestion is to get a 2X12 enclosed cabinet. If possible, pick up a used Mesa Boogie Rectifier cabinet. They are oversized, made from seriously good wood, and put out a massive sound. I have a Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce head (100W), and it sounds AWESOME!!!! I liked the Stiletto better than Marshall's in a similar price range (I bought the head used, too....), but that was before the MA came out. Since that's based on a JCM800, it's probably a great sounding amp. Marshall's have always been substandard on the clean channel, though, and my Stiletto excels there. :-) You
  13. The metal jackplate wasn't a perfect fit, but worked okay with the original screws. Now I have a little noise when I touch the strings. Any suggestions? -Brad
  14. Hi, Folks, My plastic R8 jack plate is busted, and I'm looking at an All Parts metal replacement. However, the screw holes on it look a little large for the LP's screws. It does come with replacement screws, but I remember the strange things that had to be done to get a straplock on the R8. So, anyone have experience with these? Are the replacement screws okay, or should I use the original ones if I can? Thanks, Brad
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