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  1. P-90s are not the same size as the humbuckers on the Dot. However, many companies make humbucker size P-90s. These get good reviews and are cost effective: GFS Mean 90 Here's a pretty good review of a variety of 'bucker sized P-90s Humbucker Sized P-90 Review Roundup As for painting the guitar - others will have to weigh in.
  2. I should have been a little more clear. I'm a big P90 fan and have had a few of these before. I was just wondering what kind of P90 came on this model. I'll pull it out at some point - it's probably the stock pickup. Sounds good. I may have the date wrong. This is definitely made for a P90, not a humbucker rout with a P90.
  3. Thanks for the link. I got the vintage sunburstP90 model. I'm not sure what the P90 is but it sounds good. I'm happy with it.
  4. I picked up a used LP Jr. from 2006 with a stock P90. It has a bolt-on neck. I got the guitar and the hard-shell case for $75. Does anyone know anything about this model?
  5. I came across a 70's Excellente. It sounds very good. The body has some dings and a small hole where someone tried to misplace a strap button. Certainly not a deal breaker for me. At any rate - they're asking $199 for it. Is this an ok price?
  6. I picked up an Epiphone 6730 model (blue label) a while back. It was an impulse buy because I had one like it back in the 70s and wish I hadn't parted with it. The sound isn't great but I'm looking to swap the plastic nut and saddle for bone and see if this helps. Is this worth doing on this guitar or should I just leave it as is?
  7. Never-mind; I just found my answers in this thread: post # 7 was very informative
  8. I just picked up a used Epiphone acoustic. It looks like one of the old FT-145 models. The label inside says "Epiphone Kalamazoo, Michigan". Anybody know when Epiphone stopped identifying itself as being in Kalamazoo?
  9. Don't be concerned. We've all heard/said things like this. For instance - I was trying to find some black replacement covers for dog-ear P90s. I called a guitar store and asked the kid at the accessories counter if they had black dog-eared pickup covers. He replied - "I don't think so - I've never heard of black-dog pickups!"
  10. Believe it or not, I was going to post today on how I installed a dogear P90 on an Epiphone LP jr which came with a humbucker. I had to do very little routing away of some of the cavity wood before I could get the P90 to fit. There's a slight amount of opening at the front of the pickup but, since the cavity is dark and the pickup cover is black, you don't even notice it. By the way - this guitar is now a beast.
  11. I have 3 G400. After a short while I didn't even notice the neck heaviness anymore. BTW - if you're liking the stock pickups, good deal! Keep rockin' out. I put a set of GFS Mean 90s in the worn brown, a set of SDs in the worn cherry, and a Mean 90 in the neck and 'bucker in the bridge of the '66. I play these much more than my Gibson SG.
  12. Congratulations on the addition of the P90s. I have three G400s and put GFS Mean 90s in two. They really make these guitars some serious blues machines. Lately I've been getting in to slide. Am I the only one who thinks P90s are great for slide?
  13. I put a set of Mean 90s in one of my G400s and love the sound. I put 11's on for strings and couldn't be happier with the sound. As for humbuckers, my favorite GFS at this point in the Alnico II.
  14. I've had the Triggerman 60 for a few weeks. Here's my review: This amp has one of the best sounding clean channels I've heard on a solid state amp. The tube sound circuitry helps to provide a fairly warm sound for both my humbucker and P90 equipped guitars. The reverb is also good. Sometimes the reverb on SS amps can be nearly unusable. This one is nice. The DSPs are a mixed bag. You can't adjust the depth or intensity of the effects so your only option is the pre-set levels. I'll use my delay pedal instead of the delay DSP. I can use the least intense settings for the flange and chorus but the others add too much of the effect for my tastes. I don't use the overdrive channel. I much prefer my overdrive pedals. Which leads me back to the clean channel. I used to think my pedals (Boss Super-overdrive, Vox Valvetronix, Boss '65 Twin Reverb) didn't provide the sounds I wanted. On this amp they sound great. In fact, I had considered getting rid of the '65 Twin pedal. Glad I didn't because on this amp it provides exactly what I've been looking for. Final conclusion - I'm very happy with this amp. The clean channel sounds great on it's own and handles my pedals very well.
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