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  1. Wouldn't matter to me if it was a factory defect or damage during shipping. That one goes back!
  2. Like stein said, you can find a lot of nice condition SG Standards made in the 1990's and 2000's (with original case) for between $800.00 and $900.00. Considering there is nothing that I'm aware of that makes an '87 SG Standard special as a collector's piece, $850.00 is just too high. If it sounds and plays really great, I would offer $500.00 but that's as high as I would go.
  3. For the most part, only SG Standards will have the "SG" trc. I have seen a few SG Studios with them too. If you bought your guitar new it was probably a mistake at the factory. Someone maybe hungover or texting while working? :lol: I have a 2006 SG '61 RI and it came with a "Les Paul Custom" trc...go figure.
  4. Congrats' Gald you finally got a good SG, enjoy!!
  5. I'd check that your pickups are not too close to the strings. If they are, the magnets in the pickups can pull on the strings causing them to go out of tune. If that doesn't work then I'd look into changing the bridge and (or) nut.
  6. Your call, but I would not have even taken that one home.
  7. Unless you waited for about three months, my guess is that the guitar was sent over from another GC store. Unfortunetly some guitars can get pretty abused hanging in GC. I would send it back and tell them to try again.
  8. I played one a few years ago and they are nice guitars but like most people I did not like the tailpiece. They are not realy rare, they just didn't sell well and were short lived on the market. My advise is - If you are looking at this guitar as an investment, I'd move on. If you like the way it plays and sounds, buy it.
  9. Guich, I also have a 2006 Saphire Blue '61 SG. (see pics in the "Post pics of your baby" thread) I bought mine new and it came with the ABR-1 bridge. Aside from the bridge everything else about her looks correct.
  10. A soft case (gig bag) has been the standard. They are ok but since I'm not a big fan of gig bags I went ahead and bought a hard case for mine. Gig bags are ok for electric instruments but they let in and out moisture unevenly and when it comes to acoustic instrumensts it is too difficult to keep the humidity of the instrument at a decent level. Hard cases create an easier to control internal enviroment. Hope this helps!
  11. Bingo to what BigKahune says! I use to have a white V and it would sit on a stand all the time. After about four months the places where the finish was in contact with the ruber padding turned an ugly yellowish brown and would not come out. I now keep all my instruments in their case when not being played.
  12. I agree with the advice in the above posts. Even if you are going to store the guitar, you should still check on it at least once a month.
  13. Thanks for the kind words! I had to take a break because my fingers are getting sore. Animalfarm, The LP has the slim '60's neck so she fits right in and makes a grerat companion with my Gibson '61 Reissue SG. Suprisingly the Mandobird-IV sounds pretty cool with some distorion and a bit of flanger.
  14. Hi all, just thought I'd take a minute and show off my two new Epi's! 1960 Tribute, Les Paul. Mandobird-IV, electric 4 string Mandolin. Now back to playing!
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