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  1. I don't own an L4-A but I've played one. Pretty nice guitar, it's got a nice rosewood tone. I haven't played one through an amp, how do you like the Fishman Prefix plus pickup?
  2. well, you have another convert, after hearing all the hoppla about this stuff I picked up the cleaner and polish at GC over the weekend. I used it on my SWD, J-45TV and my SG, and this is some pretty sweet stuff indeed. Thanks guys!
  3. The difference is mainly in the tone itself. The output of the pick up matters very little because your amp can make up for any difference in output. The '57 classic's have a different sound balance. ( lows, mids, and highs.) you'll notice it more if you play clean like jazz riffs or fingerpicking. In my opion the 490's have a more Rock oriented tone as to where the '57 Classic's are a more all around tone. Sutable for Jazz, Country, Rock, Blues, etc.. That may be why Gibson puts them in more of the hollowbodies over the other pickups.
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