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  1. I’m glad to here he is still around and kicking! I have not seen him on the forum for a long time and was afraid to ask. He was a great asset to the forum! He had knowledge that is missed. Is there a workable path of restoration? Anyway let him know he is missed. As to the 95 J45, I agree with the others. It is not anything unusually special, though a nice instrument! I think Gibson returned back to their nitro finished by 95. chasAK
  2. It could also be a drop in humidity. My j45 sounds better in low humidity. It sounds woodier and dryer - no pun intended. chasAK
  3. The J45/50 can be one sweet sounding guitar! You just gotta love it. Charlie
  4. You could add the Woody Guthrie. Petty soon we will have a list as long as Onewilyfool's list of j45s.
  5. Jinder I have always appreciated your presence and music. I’ll be praying for you and don’t forget to look up! Charlie
  6. I like that description. The attitude it has is sober verses obnoxious. It blended well. I assume it would do well with vocals. I think it would also work well with solo pieces. It is a very nice instrument. My wife like it but the price tag was daunting. Good instruments are expensive but well worth the price.
  7. Gibson’s have been back in Anchorage for a while. Guitar Center came in. I don’t go in much as I want to support our local B&M shop and I am not in a market for a new guitar. Long story short, I went in the other to just to see what Gibson acoustics they had. I want to play a baked top j45 sometime. Well, they still did not have one but they did have a Firebird! That is another guitar I have long wanted to play. It was beautiful! Compared to the Dove my son’s former viola teacher had it was definitely bolder. That was my first thought, this thing is bold f
  8. Thanks, never heard of such things. Sent back to be welded, that's crazy! 😮 chasAK
  9. I agree that there does come a point when deed strings have intonation problems. I like the sound of broken in new strings. As they start going dead I kind of like the punchy sound. I change them when I get tired of the dead sound and want to liven things up a bit, or when they start having intonation problems. I would be interested in hearing some of the bass stories. I am not familiar with them. When I was a bass player I would clean my strings with alcohol (not Jack Daniels). It would get me a couple more weeks. I would typically do it twice before I got new strings. I played a lot b
  10. Dead strings have a unique sound: quick decay and punchy! chasAK
  11. A locked and loaded HB, I like that! Not far from my bed is my 1943 GI 45. Unfortunately it's not a Gibson :( chasAK
  12. I'm not familiar with the j29 but the Songwriter Deluxe is a sweet guitar! chasAK
  13. Mine was a Kay electric with an amp built into the case.
  14. tov meod, I'm sure it was a real honor for you to appear on his show. chasAK
  15. The first thing that comes to my mind in the top picture is a reaction to the material on the stand.
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