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  1. When I bought my j45, I think in 2009 or 10 there was a Hummingbird TV and an AJ on the wall. The Hummingbird was the loudest of the three and sounded great. The j45 was quieter but also sound great. Being a man of little means the J45 went home with me, with no regrets! Charlie
  2. Sad indeed, I'm sure it's a great sorrow for the family. I remember when my kids started leaving the home and spreading out, we decided that everyone should make it a priority to attend the weddings (we have 11 kids). Sofar it has worked. OWF has been missed here and will be remembered here for along time. Prayers to the family.
  3. Wow, that was fast! Nice catch, I’m sure you will put it togood use.
  4. I'm going to be in Cincinnati the beginning of next month. Does he have an open show room for guys with no money? Charlie
  5. I have the doughnut look. I was backpacking with a bunch of boy scouts a couple years ago. Sitting around the camp fire one of the kids said he thought I ought to get a tattoo. I said really. He said yea, get one of a guy pushing a lawnmower on the top of head. I guess there is no respect now-a-days!!
  6. The DR Sunbeams 12s are round cord and have less tension and a loser feels than the typical 12s. I have no idea how they sound on a 35.
  7. Merry Christmas to all, most of the kids and the in laws are in. Therefore we have had some great music in church. May you have a good and godly Christmas! chasAK
  8. A friend of mine's Dove spent two weeks in Kodiak. It came back a mess! After six months back home and heading into winter it settled backin. I strung it with DRs. It plays and sounds great now. I don't think the differencein string tension had much to do with anything. I just want to see how PB stings sounded on it. Glad to hear it worked out for you! My post overlapped yours
  9. You might want to using a higher (thicker) gage for the 1st string.If you are using 12s try 13s.
  10. I agree with Nick. 1, 3 & 5 has the brighter edge. I preferredrounder sounding 2,4, & 6 except on the second cut. BTW nice playing.
  11. There is an open invitation for getting one's world fixed. Logic supports faith. We are beyond the scope of this discussion board, if you have an inquiry you can send me a personal message. I'm not here to fight there's too much of that already.
  12. The devastation to families and the infrastructure in Texas is great. May the relief efforts go well. I deal with broken lives and families all the time and from my side of the desk, most of the time God does gets blamed for the bad things as well as ignored when things are going well. God is not obligated to fix our broken world, but he has chosen to do so in many people's lives. Be Cool shalom alechem
  13. In my opinion don't get one with a shallow body. There is a huge difference in tone. My Rainsong has a 3.5 to 4 inch depth and it sounds alot better than the shallow bodies.
  14. I had a Fender Jazz. It was a beautiful sounding and playing instrument. It more than filled all my needs, though I always considered a Jazz, a fretless Precision, and a Rickenbacker to be the perfect arsenal. To the best of my knowledge, back then all Fenders were AmericanFenders. Rct, nice looking basses! chasAK
  15. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is one of my favorite Christmas Hymns. My daughter and I started to work on an arrangement of this song a couple ofyears ago. We never finished it :mellow: She plays a full size harp. Now gentleman concerning the moth, not to sound too cold or harsh, if you brushed your teeth today you purposely and premeditatedly killed thousands of living bacteria. If you would not have done so you would end up with holes in your teeth. So EM7 don't feel too bad! chasAK
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