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    2007 J-45

    I'm not sure when they changed from historic to modern classic, but they change from mc to the standard mid 2008. My mid-August 2008 is a mc. The standards came with a mop Gibson inlay. The saddle on the mc and standard is tusq. I don't know what they used on the historic. Supposedly the bracing changed a bit on the standard. EM7 did an interesting comparison of the historicand standard a while back. I've never played a historic but the standards I've played have been a bit louder and perhaps a little harsher than the mc. My mc seems to have a milder and sweeter tone, yet it can be harsh when you dig into it. chasAK
  2. Thanks jt, we appreciate it! Charlie
  3. Look at the neck to see if it needs adjustment. If you have the patients, go through the string selection thing and then get it setup by a luthier for those strings. DR Sunbeam & Pyramid Wester Folk are round core and have less tension than most string in the same gage. I use DR Sunbeams – 12s.
  4. I would have some intonation problems with some of the chords and chord changes. But I guess I would get use to it. Fender use to make a fretless bass.
  5. I like DR Sumbeam 12s on my j45 standard. They are very warm sounding. Many go with 80/20s on rosewood. chasAK
  6. Wilson1911 welcome to the forum and you are obviously a man of good taste. chasAK
  7. Years ago one of our local shops had this happen when their humidifiers went down. The neck block may be a real issue. Keep it in a good environment for several weeks or longer and see what happens. Hopefully you will just have to get the cracks repaired. ps. been gone a while and had a computer crash and die
  8. We don't know what they make per hour. Concerning hourly wage cost you need to add benefits, lead men, supervisors, office workers and other necessary support personnel. Sorry, the above post was posted as I was writing.
  9. I agree with EuroAussie. These sound good right out of the box and they are similar to the DRs but have a bit richer tone and clarity.
  10. I put mine on a j45. My only regret is the tan line, but I am a sucker for the batwing pick guard. The tan line is not too noticeable unless in bright light.
  11. Jesse, I bought mine from them and it fit fine. When it comes don't be alarmed at the yellow color as it is from the yellow backing paper. Hope this one works for you. chasAK
  12. Congratulations!! I like the non-banner head stock. I'm a sucker for the batwing pickguards and it would not go with a banner headstock. Beautiful guitar I'm sure it sounds as good as it looks!! chasAK
  13. From what I understand they do not react to moister in thesame way. This is partly demonstrated in the gluing problems they had.
  14. I thought they were both suspended for a year. I was surprised when neither came back in May. I found both of them interesting. Btw, I totally forgot about the gang of four. All of this brings back memories! I too missed the nose thread and please don't send me the link. We can all get bent out of shape from time to time, but persistence in that mode needs to be stopped. I do miss both of them as well as ol fred, Del, Jinder, JT, of course rar and others, but forums change and evolve. There is still a lot of Guitar and Gibson knowledge on this forum. Btw I did not have vote. chasAK
  15. Duluthdan, I think you should have brought that j45 home with you!!
  16. I changed the pick guard on my 08 j45 to a batwing pick guard. I got it from Terrapin. It is celluloid and measure .028. To my ears it did not change the tone. I used a naphtha based lighter fluid and it work fine. There was no film residue at all. My only suggestion to anyone who decides to change the pick guard to a different pattern is to do it soon. I do have a ghost ring mark were the new guard did not cover the area of the original guard. I assume it will eventually fade into the same hue. Even now it is not that noticeable. The operation was very easy. chasAK
  17. If I remember correctly the RS stands for round shoulder.
  18. Does varying frequency resonance need to be able to be seen under a microscope? Or to put it another can varying frequency resonance or sensitivity be determined by viewing a piece of woodunder under a microscope? Can a microscope define all physical properties? You may be asking for something that does not exist. (Maybeit does exist but that is out of my expertise)
  19. Has anyone played a j45tv and southern jumbo tv close together, or better yet a Sheryl Crow SJ and NewVintage SJ together? I have often wondered how different the two tone woods really are? I have heard lots of theories and ideas but it would be good to have an evaluation taken from a comparison. I know Reed has done it with 45tv and SJ tv but they have some different bracings.
  20. Good move! I noticed the crack is on both sides. I saw this once before in a guitar shop whose humidify unit went out during the winter. They were willing to mark the guitar down. It was an old new stock 08 j45TV, this was a few years ago. Though the action was good, what damage was going on with the neck block and how long will it stay true? Someone else bought it at near full street price. I just hope they are happy with it and it works out OK for them. I have no regrets passing it up.
  21. My “68/69” j160 had them. I like them.
  22. I haven't been able to play one but have heard good things about the FireBird Custom. They are harder to find for sure.
  23. Good to see your name pop up! Hope the sale goes well. chasAK
  24. The j45 measurements essentially match those of my 08 Gibson j45.
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