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  1. Guys, I have advertised a vintage ES-175 with original PAF on the Trading Post. Please refer to that section Thanks, Vic
  2. Nothing tells me that it's not a real PAF. However the only way to establish authenticity beyond any doubt would be to remove the covers and check the insides.
  3. My '86 ES-175 has a nice late 50's neck profile.....a very decent jazz box http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/104500-gibson-es-175-with-mahogany-back-and-sides/
  4. Hi guys, Any users/owners of the Wes model around here ? I may be able to get hold of one later this year....any comments on this model.....eg. versus the two pick-up model ?
  5. Here are links to the S400 thin-line.... http://davesguitar.com/products/gibson-custom-shop/super-400-thinline/ http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-custom-super-400-thinline-hollowbody-electric-guitar
  6. Hi Hannu.....yes I remember that thread about your guitar very well. Any new news around some of those issues ? I currently have 12's D'Addarios on there which sounds very good to my ear. My CES plays effortlessly.....the neck is great for fast runs (not that I do that often); it has that deep warm carved archtop tone....very definitely richer than my ES-175's. It must be the nicest sounding Gibson jazz box that I've played so far. Best of all is that it's a very versatile instrument....sounds good for jazz and other genre....even rockabilly ! I'm VERY happy with this S400.
  7. Thanks Sleeko ! .....she's probably the best sounding guitar I've played so far.
  8. Looks the same indeed. Nice playing/sound clips !!
  9. Not quite vintage.....However I recently found this gem. It's a 1986 ES-175 with mahogany back and sides...maple top of course. Fairly rare in that most ES-175 bodies are all maple. One piece mahogany neck. The sound is warm and punchy...really nice tone and a great player. I need to check but I think the pickups could be Shaws.
  10. I just saw this....I recently got one very similar to this. Mine is a 1986. The interesting aspect of these models (circa '83-'90)is that they have mahogany back and sides....beautiful warm sounding instruments. And the built quality is outstanding. Will post some pics of mine later on.
  11. This is a Customshop Les Paul Custom.....not a RI but built by the Customshop. It is probably not weight relieved like the regular USA models. I would suggest that you contact Gibson with the serial number and get all the info from them.
  12. Thanks for the notification but unless we can detect old Gibson parts it won't serve any purpose in this section of the Gibson guitar board Can't think where this can actually fit in ?
  13. I'm pretty sure that the base plate, etc of mine are original and legit. What I'm not too sure of is what's under the cover as I think the solder joints were broken at some stage. Think I may have to open it up to get peace of mind. I got this pup as an extra with my single PAF ES-175. Where it originally came out of I can't say. It's a bridge pup. My ES-175's PAF has the narrower pole spacing and measures 7.5 k ohm.
  14. Re the concentric circles...that's why I asked if anyone has noticed it. I have now seen one other example, also from '59 with these circles on the some of the poles. Thanks....I know the provide.net site very well. Re. my bottom view pic....the tool marks on the legs are all there if that is what worries you...some of them are covered with a yellowish lacquer.
  15. Why do you think both these pups are not original ?
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