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  1. Just arrived today, set up nicely, did not expect the quality to be so GREAT. Fun pic had to share!
  2. OY.

    Les Paul 1960

    Daves is a great place to even just visit, such a great collection to view!
  3. OY.

    Les Paul 1960

    I just noticed there's a vintage forum, my apologies this should probably be moved... In any case there's also an original K+F lap steel from the 40's on the site right now, interesting history to it too!
  4. OY.

    Les Paul 1960

    I just had to post a link to this, very cool guitar. I don't know about $190,000 cool, but very cool nevertheless. http://davesguitar.com/gibson/les-paul-60-13176.asp
  5. Very cool guitar, too bad I missed one! I will have to keep my eyes open for the next little gem that Gibson sneaks out!
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