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  1. OK y'all. I pulled the trigger and got my baby - a Vintage Natural 330 from Sweetwater. I just couldn't resist the price Wayne gave me. Anyway, I'll post pix later (I know, or it didn't happen). First of all, I went to Sam Ash in Orlando and played both the 330 AND the 390. Too bad, the 390 was gorgeous - deep cherry with block inlays, and a pretty nice sound (more humbucker than P90 soundwise). But, the 390 was sooooo neck-heavy I couldn't stand it. I tried and tried, but it was really distracting trying to hold it up while trying to play. I just never could get used to it. Now, the 330. Wow, what a fat neck. Night and day compared to my 345. But I have no problem with various neck dimensions, so I'll get used to it quickly. But I gotta tell ya, I'm not a big fan of pre-rusted, aged guitars. I always want to buy them "looking" brand new, and wear them out myself. The hardware is annoying, as all the screws are rusted, and the nickel is all tarnished - trapeze, bridge, tuners, pickgaurd bracket and screws, P90 polepieces, etc. That too is annoying - but the sound and build quality makes up for it a bit. Please don't shoot me, but I'm probably going to swap out all the screws for nice shiny ones, including those dreadful pole pieces. And then there's that nylon nut. Really? Come on Gibson - I know you wanted to stick with VOS, but that's one cheap piece of crap nut. And remember, this 330 costs almost as much as my 345 - gimme a friggin bone nut for cryin' out loud. And the frets - yes, they might have been pleked, but the edges weren't as finished as they should've been. A little sharp running my hand up and down. But then there's the balance, and the feel. She's perfect, like my other Gibsons. No complaints in that department I'm not allowed to play it until Christmas as it's my combined Xmas/60th present. And last, a price I couldn't resist. I got it substantially lower than the advertised prices. So much so, that I almost laughed when SA said they'd take a couple hundred off. And I didn't feel guilty at all that I tried their guitars and then bought on-line. If they were even close, I would've supported my local store. But not even in the same state! Email me and I'll share what I think is a great price. Wayne Davis at Sweetwater said he didn't mind if I shared with you. Not sure of forum rules, but I'd post them here for all to see if the moderator says it's OK. Bob Pembroke Pines, FL cooper561764@bellsouth.net
  2. Thanks for the update Freddairy :-)
  3. I didn't mean it was too narrow for everybody, just me. In fact, I personally like them even wider, say 1 and 3/4". I do a lot of finger picking and jazz chording. For me, some of the intricate jazz voicings need more left hand finger space. I'm only guessing, but I think 11/16" became the standard as many felt 5/8 was too narrow, and 3/4 too wide. :-)
  4. Sorry, but the Elitist Casino has a narrow 1 and 5/8" nut, not 11/16". It's listed as 1.625, which is 5/8". That's way too narrow for my tastes. So I'm probably going with the 330. Heaven knows why they would've made it that narrow. I believe both the regular Casino and John Lennon ones are both 11/16" or 1.68". Go figure... Here's the IBJL link: http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Inspired-by-John-Lennon-Casino.aspx Here's the Regular link: http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Casino.aspx Here's the Elitist link: http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Elitist-Casino.aspx
  5. Getting gas for the holidays. I can spend half the money and get a Casino Elitist, or go all the way for a real 330. Come on guys/girls - side by side, assuming I can afford the 330, would I be sorry if I ran into a friend with a 330 and compared it with my Casino? I can't help remembering a saying I saw on another forum: "no one ever bought a Gibson and afterwards wished they had an Epiphone." So, Epi lovers - what say ye? Thanks, Bob in South Florida
  6. OK, I have a few great Gibsons already (L5ces, 345, and LP Supreme). Just starting to get gas with the holidays coming, so I'm thinking about a 330 for Christmas. I don't see too many discussions on this forum where you all are excited beyond belief about getting one. It's mostly about archtops and the 335 line, which I have covered. I guess I'm asking if I really need to spend $3K+ just to get another "tone" or preset if you will. I'm not wealthy by any means (we're teachers), so if I'm not gonna think I died and went to heaven... BTW, I've been following this forum for a couple of years now. Sorry I haven't contributed much. But I so enjoy reading your posts. Thanks all, Bob in South Florida
  7. I bought a new ES-345 back in 2011. Is there any way to tell if it was pleked before it left Memphis? Thanks
  8. Boca Bob


    OK, I can't find one in South Florida. But something tells me I want one. I already have a beautiful 345, LP Supreme Plus, and L5-ces. So, let's say I want to order one sight unseen: 1) assuming I couldn't give a rat's A## about upper fret access, 330L or vintage? 2) are they neck heavy (especially the 330L)? 3) I've watched YouTube videos where all the different guitars sound similar, so, will it sound that much different than my 345? 4) I don't care about tremolos, but will the Bigsby help balance it if without it would be neck heavy? I'd prefer no Bigsby. Major gas - your thoughts appreciated :-)
  9. Stein, glad you cleared that up and we're all friends on this forum. Can't wait to hear the response from Wolfe Guitars and hopefully Gibson (someone emailed them both). Bob :-)
  10. Just to be clear - I was told to my face while visiting their shop here in South Florida. I'm not bashing them or calling them liars. I actually like them and their store. They even have a Plek machine that I'm salivating over, and would love to use their services. I was just asking if anyone else could verify their statement. I have no intention of bashing anyone, including Wolfe Guitars. And that includes calling them liars. And one more thing. It is a sort of personal attack on me when you qualify your response with "anyone who knows anything about guitars would know this is wrong, or a lie, or whatever." You're implying that my even asking this question indicates I'm dumb or stupid. How about we all stay friends :-)
  11. Again, I'm the poster. And no, I didn't take his word at face value. That's why I asked in the forum if anyone's heard that rumor about the Chinese made bodies. In fact, if you read my whole post, you'll see that I went on for a while listing reasons why I couldn't/wouldn't believe that Gibson would try to save money that way. I was only asking if anyone else had heard that. Did you read my entire post? If so, then I'm not sure why you're attacking me just for asking a question. I'm really a friendly guy, and a total lover of Gibsons :-)
  12. I'm one of the "posters" on the Jazz Guitar Forum, and I'm the one who made the most recent post. It wasn't the owner of Wolfe Guitars that made the statement. It was an employee who's been with them for quite some time. I'm not trying to make anyone look bad. I was/am really looking for confirmation one way or the other. I already own a L5-CES, LP Premium Plus, and a new ES-345. I love Gibby's, and was looking to pick up another one of their beautiful instruments, possibly a ES-137. I was talking to that employee about all the wonderful guitars I love from Gibson, and he offered up the "bodies of the high-end guitars are now made in China and sent here for assembly" statement all on his own. I'm totally clueless as to whether this is true or not. Yes, he's not a Gibson dealer, but a Heritage dealer. And even though he's a competitor, not sure why he would make such a statement unless he heard it somewhere himself.
  13. I just got back (May 5, 2012) from Wolfe guitars in Jupiter, Florida. Yes, it's true. They told me that Gibson bodies are made in China and shipped over here and assembled so the Gibson factory can claim "Made In USA." I can't believe it - I'm a huge Gibby fan. But that's what he said, black and white. I'd hate to think that my new ES345 that I paid all that friggin money for was half made in China. Wow, that would be worse than the Norlin years. If that's true, and word gets out, Gibson will lose a billion customers. I don't believe it 'cause nobody could be that stupid!
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