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  1. As long as the SigT e.g. can be found in shops, some people come late to the party ;) A quick research showed, that a last German shop still has a white one in stock. The Signature T owners club at MyLesPaul is also still growing. But that discussion is more about it's quality, why it was a one year model only, and which modding options are recommendable.
  2. The Panther is only available with a Bigsby, but Gretsch also has several Non-Bigsby models. Les Paul fans might be interested in the semi hollow models like the Penguin, that look a bit like a LP, but have a closed hollow body. If you're interested in a Panther like sound, make sure to choose a model with Filtertron pickups.It's also worth mentioning, that there are not only the very expensive Pro Line models, but also e.g. the Korean made Electromatic series and even China made entry level models like the Jet Club. No matter of the origin, even on the China models, you usually find a quality being better than most competitors in the same price range.Maybe start with their website for a first overview and drop me a PN, if you have further questions:http://www.gretschguitars.com PS: The Blacktop Filtertron pickup of the Electromatic series sounds very different, than the original Filtertron of the Pro Line guitars.
  3. Yeees, and it was this video, that made me want to play it myself ;) So I drove to Cologne to one of Germany's largest instrument shops, tested it in their "Custom Shop" and told the shop guy: "I need to feed this Panther at home" :D And I fed it by oiling the fretboard, that got pretty dark by that, and I strung it with Thomastik Jazz Swing flatwounds in .10-.44, which allow an action even lower than on my Les Paul. And again ... the rosewood is part of the sound of this extremely versatile guitar, that allows anything from Jazz up to Hard Rock ... for sure, it's not a Metal axe ;) For my taste the Gretsch Panther is a real ES-335 killer ... btw, someone tested and bought one at the same time, when I was in that shop. You see, I really love this guitar.
  4. I did and I can tell you why: I wanted a Gretsch hollow body and found out, that the Panther sounded much better than the double cut Falcon. The specs of both guitars were identical, except rosewood versus ebony fretboard. So rosewood can (!) be the better choice over ebony ;) PS: Here's a video, that might explain, why I love this Gretsch so much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5SR8egVgc8
  5. Ok, we already often talked about the different colors Granadillo can have, but I think there's one thing, we forgot: Especially the lighter colored pieces often have a unique wood texture in it, which remind me a bit of tiger stripe ebony, just lighter in color. Depending on how nicely fretboard and body colors match, these textures can be a real eye catcher.
  6. That is a very good point and I can give an example ... and yes, it's the Signature T again. In the video I posted above we see the wine red one, which looks great with a brown or more reddish fretboard, but ugly with a more orange fretboard. Not so on the white one, where all look equally good ... ok, depending on personal taste. But all sound and feel the same.
  7. Does that mean, that you played a Granadillo fretboard yourself? The one on my LP Signature T looks, feels and sounds like any other rosewood fretboard, though mine is darker like most others I saw or held in my hands. Mine looks similar to the one in the following video, a bit darker after oiling it:
  8. No further comment required.
  9. LOL Maybe our friend is just very young? That might explain, why he often feels personally attacked, just because someone has a different point of view. No offence intended ... peace !!!
  10. Well, the marketing departments of all vendors cheat their customers every day, right? And in case of Gibson or any other guitar company ... as long as it looks good, feels good and sounds good, everything should be fine, shouldn't it. Whoever isn't fine with these facts, should consult a local luthier and order a custom build ;)
  11. And who says, that the 2016 Traditionals have Granadillo fretboards? Any proof available? Again ... these fretboards are too dark to be easily identified as being Granadillo.
  12. Even if it's really Granadillo, it's not cheaper, but less endangered !!! But lets have a closer look: Well, the Gibson website calls it a "thicker rosewood fretboard" and the German top sellers call it just "Palisander", which means Rosewood in German. I had a look at several dealer photos and noticed, that the fretboards are very dark on this model, even darker than Rosewood usually is. So it's for sure a reaction to customer demand, because most customers were complaining, that Granadillo is too light in color and often too orange. So the question is, if it really is Granadillo, because I never saw such a dark Granadillo on any Signature T model and I saw many myself and many photos in the SigT thread of MyLesPaul. So whatever Rosewood it might be, it is not unlikely, that they dyed it to become darker. On most photos it looks nearly as dark as ebony. And even if they did that, they wouldn't be the first company, doing that to satisfy customers, who usually want a black fretboard. Is that a shame? In my opinion they are just doing, what they can, to satisfy the customer demand ... customers get nearly black fretboards without the need to oil or dye themselves. PS: But this is all speculation by just judging fretboard wood only by photos. PPS: One last word: Your posting sounds like "I pay a high price, so I expect my guitar to be made out of endangered species" ... so please think about it. I can understand though, that you are sceptic regarding Gibson's marketing strategy, but endangered species must be protected and Gibson is forced to accept international law regarding this topic.
  13. Sounds like it would be an interesting Jazz guitar, though I use Thomastik Jazz Swing on my Panther too and don't play Jazz, but more 'The Cult' inspired stuff ;) Why? Isn't there an alternative, you would like?
  14. Think about how many guitars are built and sold every year, by many, many different manufacturers. I wouldn't call that a "small fraction". But you're absolutely right, that it is only part of the whole problem, that mankind has become some kind of parasite for this planet. I absolutely understand your point, but we all need to learn, that the time will come, where there won't be ebony fretboards or even wood instruments at all ... in case mankind should learn. If mankind doesn't learn ... well, watch this film to understand, what's the status quo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU
  15. Yeah, I remember his report about his Signature T with many photos here in the forum. He wanted the fretboard to look like ebony and he really made it. Btw, because you find the Aristides interesting ... they gain a raising popularity in the Metal community. I found them by chance, when I was in search for a 7-string. A further example is Ovation for their "semi-plastic" approach on acoustics.
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