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  1. Congratz on getting married.

  2. Congratz on getting married.

  3. Happy New years

  4. Huh??? Uh...... Never had any trouble with chemical strippers removing any kind of finish especially nitro... Took me about 30 minutes or less to strip a studio down to bare wood without risk of it erupting into flames.... Regards, Andy To the OP LEAVE IT ALOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!
  5. rct

    Nice job with the maj/min. That isn't easy to explain, prolly take a few more posts to get it across. Suggest Black Sabbath as part of the next answer!

  6. Andy R

    Hello RCT Your board was a bit bare so i thought I would muck it up.


  7. Love your taste in music and great job on your recordings...

  8. Just because I can't resist. Yes I beat Insomnia... but it took me all night to do it!!!!! Andy
  9. Try sleeping in a different location, coach, chair, bed, extra bed if you have one. Fans definitely help. If you can't sleep don't just lay in bed going crazy. Turn on a boring documentary at low volume so your brain stops chewing on whatever it is chewing on... I've taken all the sleep aides prescription and non. Melatonin can help and is natural just have to watch out how much you take as it can cause nightmares. Or just find one of my long blathering posts. That should knock you right out...
  10. Hello and welcome friend. I will Introduce you in the "Lounge" forum area

  11. Dude that crack on the failure thread made me laugh my butt off! Thanks!

  12. And it was also supposed to be check it out not cheek it out :-)

  13. Oops ran out of room. That was supposed to end with "But never really got into his tone" Except on Diary of a Madman - song and Revelation Mother Earth

  14. I will definitely cheek it out. I have been a Randy fan since Junior High Circu 1982. I'm not as obsessed with him as I use to be. I got a very bad home made tattoo on my arm of a somewhat polka dot V with angle wings on it on my arm when I was 14. ( As you can imagine my Mom was proud ) It kinda looks like an ugly green chicken now :)

    It's funny I love his playing but never...

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