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  1. Thanks Rocketman... Not sure how savvy I am but I have a couple of cents rattling around if anyone wants it.. :-)
  2. Hey good to see you too. Ya AX84 has been around quite a while. Still a good resource especially for the SE 1 watt firefly type amp... That's what made me think of it...
  3. Greetings to you as well. If you mean my location is "sitting on my *** in front of the computer" then you are correct :-) I have been to Germany a few times though...
  4. Awesome dude... AX84.com is a good source of info... Hit me up anytime.
  5. Ironically I have a DIY tube Screamer innards laying on the end table right next to me. I built it a few years ago and dug it up while looking for some FET's. I also just went through my JTM 45 and completely re-voiced it. Still my favorite amp! ( and I have a ton more now too! ) Getting ready to sell A Bunch of stuff!!!!!
  6. Hey Pippy ... Doing well and staying busy! Hope you are well.
  7. Building pretty much everything lately except for what I intended... :-) Ironically I have Been tied up with Tube Amp repairs and mods for the last few months... Finally finishing the second part of my shop. ETC... In the middle of doing some Tube and Fet buffered effects loops... What have you been up to? Andy
  8. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone that may still remember me. Hope all is well. Hopefully I can provide an update with what I've been up to soon. Until then... Peace Y'all
  9. Looks Like i'm way lat e on this thread but it did conclude as I would have surmised it. Dee is a nice but fairly simple classical piece. I love Randy Rhoads. I have had a polka dot V tattooed on my arm for almost 30 years although it looks like some kind of deranged chicken now. Anyway, Tommy Emmanuel is a brilliant and truly natural guitarist but it is an apples and oranges comparison. Randy was a student of classical not a master of it. I believe if he would have lived he probably would have eventually become a "master". I would also say that I doubt Segovia or Tommy Emmanuel could pul
  10. Not exactly on topic but I have noticed that most of the "Music the stands the test of time" and that has a unique and defined style/feel was made by bands when most all the members were in their early 20's . Not that they didn't go on to continue to make great music over the years but the definitive and groundbreaking stuff IMHO was done in their early to mid 20's... I'm talking Zep, Stones, Floyd, Van Halen, AC/DC, The Who, Beatles, Metallica etc.. and yada yada. Andy
  11. Hmmm, Well it is a "Supreme" ... You can only rehash a LP so many ways..
  12. I'm pretty partial to thunderbolt...
  13. Thanks for the nice "Welcome Home" from everybody. I really appreciate it and all the support you guys have given me in the past and present. As far as the Diabetes goes I'm doing very well. The Doc was amazed at how much weight I had lost and said that next reading will show if it is "cured" so to speak. Wasn't too hard to do at all and I feel much better. I do watch what I eat closer now but giving up the vat of Dr. Pepper i drank everyday did the most good. As far as builds go they are on hold until my shop is in order ( getting close ). Once the partial builds are finished I am going
  14. Milod! Good to see your Icon as you are an Icon! Hope you are well. Peace, Andy
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