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  1. Could have been a nice guitar or Amp Head Cab but This is the casket I built for Sassy. I pimped out her ride... A beautiful Flame maple top with a layer of cherry. little over 3/4" thick. I gave her a recurve on the top and about a 1/2" dado around the edges so the top and bottom are inset. Sides are rock maple that I dovetailed ( first time) I had to give her a pearl "S" just for some class. I buried her on the hill behind the house just at the point she can watch over her kingdom through the windows. She did will liz and I the house. :-) She was a good cat and gave me 15 years of Joy. Least I could do...
  2. Fair enough reason You're not getting any added hum?
  3. Looks great! I was wondering why you chose to run the heater wires towards the inside near the board as opposed to outside by the rear panel? Not saying right or wrong I just like to understand reasoning. Regards, Andy
  4. Huh??? Uh...... Never had any trouble with chemical strippers removing any kind of finish especially nitro... Took me about 30 minutes or less to strip a studio down to bare wood without risk of it erupting into flames.... Regards, Andy To the OP LEAVE IT ALOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Looks great. 1 tip from ( cough ) experience. Plug your tubes in a few times before you power it up and double check that none of the wiring lead pins on the bottom of the socket short out against each other. When I built my JTM 45 I had gone through all of the pre-checks before installing tubes without issue. Plugged the tubes in and a few seconds later it looked like a 70's Foghat concert! Found that the pins shifted just enough when the tubes were inserted that the heater wire pin grounded out on one of the power tubes... After the smoke cleared I had luckily caught it in time and only had to replace a bit of heater wire... Another tip for keeping grounding clean is using ground lugs bolted to the chassis. I did this for my whole amp and it kept it clean and very quiet. Great Job!!! Andy
  6. It's still waiting to "Turn Out" Too many things happening to focus on it and do it right. The end of the year is wrapping up and I will be taking a few weeks of vacation in which I hope to finish that and the Rick bass I am building along with a few thousand other projects! Andy
  7. NIce DIY Projects everyone!!!!! Very cool stuff! Andy
  8. Hey Surfpup! Long Time no See! Andy
  9. Me Too! Guitars are more fun! Cool stuff you built too by the way! Andy
  10. Andre, First time I've seen your finished product! Nice stuff. How do you like the JB guitar you built? What work did you do on the LP? Andy
  11. I taught all my Amps to sit. Wasn't even that hard. He He Nice stuff dude.... Andy
  12. Nah! just turn your mirror the other way!
  13. Maybe some kind of removable plastic mirror could be attached to the back that sticks up a few inches past the top to help see????I got another idea but would want to do a POC before i proposed it.
  14. Yeah ya gotta be quick when I'm around I thought your comment was funny too!
  15. Andy R

    Hello RCT Your board was a bit bare so i thought I would muck it up.


  16. That's better! Don't want the CMan mad at me.
  17. C'mon man... not even a little chuckle???
  18. Not to start anything here.... :blink: I know you got ribbed about the Amp stand looking like a folding chair..... but I have to say it.... Your Guitar stand looks an awful lot like a wicker stool! Andy
  19. Love your taste in music and great job on your recordings...

  20. Then my girlfriend must be the saint of the world! Everything around me is an eye sore... Hell.... I'm an eye sore!! I better quit bustin' yer balls and give her some well deserved attention. You know I luv ya Cman! It is a nice stand!!! I still use milk crates....
  21. It does look a bit like a folding chair He He Not condoning the rest of the statement made...
  22. Just because I can't resist. Yes I beat Insomnia... but it took me all night to do it!!!!! Andy
  23. Try sleeping in a different location, coach, chair, bed, extra bed if you have one. Fans definitely help. If you can't sleep don't just lay in bed going crazy. Turn on a boring documentary at low volume so your brain stops chewing on whatever it is chewing on... I've taken all the sleep aides prescription and non. Melatonin can help and is natural just have to watch out how much you take as it can cause nightmares. Or just find one of my long blathering posts. That should knock you right out...
  24. Hello and welcome friend. I will Introduce you in the "Lounge" forum area

  25. Dude that crack on the failure thread made me laugh my butt off! Thanks!

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