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  1. Hmmmmm...tasty. BTW-if anyone removes thier pots for resoldering/modding etc, a good tip is to attach a string or fishline prior so that the pots can be pulled back up into place. Hollowbodies can be a real pain to deal with as far as the electronics are concerned. Here's my last modding project on a hollowbody...
  2. Thanks man. I started in on the resto and this poor little feller needs alot of TLC. The PAFs that the gentleman I got it from ended up being Dimarzios which is fine and I'll probably leave them in there for now. The neck was glued together with what he said was a carpenter's glue but because there's a black residue around the whole joint, I'm thinking some kind of epoxy maybe. The Grover tuners are pretty beat up and missing 2 back cap covers and all the washers and I'm on the fence about maybe placing some Gibson Vintage ones or not. I love the look of them but probably not the best choice.
  3. Well, I did get the guitar for a trade which cost me $130 so I feel that I'm not at risk putting another $100 or so into it. It plays OK but needs some serious attention. Neck adjustment, new nut cut, a headstock wing needs to be glued up because when someone installed the Grovers they didn't pre-drill, adding a Bigsby, addressing the intonation issues etc. Needless to say that I'll have some time into it but I don't care...this guitar really does have some mojo. It turns out that it's a EA250 and not a 5102TE.
  4. Thanks guys. I did see what they bring on the "bay" and now knowing that I'm just wondering what people think of them. I believe the fellow is bringing it by later on today for me to consider. If I like the way it play and feels, I'll probably still add a B-30 and get it to intonate etc. without much expense. I'll repost on it later. Again, thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks RTH. I read and looked at the pics closer. I appreciate it. I'll probably get this guitar tomorrow and start thinking about where to get original parts and what to do with it. The original pups would be really hard to track down I'm sure as well as the tuners and vibrato. Looks like pickguards are copied and readily available though. I do wish that it wasn't a bolt-on but it was made in Japan and shipped here for assembly which made it more affordable I'm sure. I'll probably just try to get it to intonate and add a B-30 Bigsby and leave it at that. Anyone else have one of these guitars
  6. That looks like it's the one and probably a '75 since it says Epiphone on the label(I gather). Thanks man! Unfortunately someone dowelled in the bridge, drilled out for the phase switch, glued the neck in place, AND welded the Bigsby bar so that it's unmovable. Still, what would you value it at in it's current condition? I plan to restore it somewhat to it's original as possible without too much ado.
  7. Hey guys. I can't seem to get much info on this possible new aquisition. The gentleman says that the only #'s he can read is 02545 and he thinks he bought it new around '79. Any info would be great. He said that he placed PAFs in it many years ago and added a phase switch. Please respond ASAP. Thanks!
  8. I found the schematic and I attached it. Anyone know how to tweak the reverb section to make it sound better? Sounds like dookie now. Thanks Valve_Jr Hot_Rod schematic.pdf
  9. I've scoured and begged and can't seem to find a schematic for the VJ Hot Rod head. Anyone have one of know of a link for mods? Also, why aren't these amps even listed under the products page for Epi? I can't find squat on them. Thanks guys.
  10. Brundaddy...yes it's scratch built and the entire build progress pics will answer most of your questions. It's at... My Junior and 18W builds I had invaluable help from the guys from the Hoffman amp forum and AX84. These are great places to hang and learn about amps. The logo I got from a 15W lead practice amp I gave to my Stepson that never gets used. You can buy them for $20 if you do a web search. The speaker is a Celestion Vintage 30 but if your planning to build one, it's highly recommended to use a Celestion G12H. My shop is a modest garage shop with quite a bit of tools, but the are
  11. Just thot I'd update this thread for anyone interested. I recently completed a 18W build and I'm thrilled with the results. Let me know if anyone has any questions. http://www.flickr.com/photos/10000602@N04/
  12. Great job Stiffhand! BTW..as I write I'm watching Pink floyd's Dark Side of the Moon 1994 concert on PBS. I'm comfortably numb.
  13. Hey stiffhand...if you take a circular saw and set the angle plate for 45 degrees and carefully trim off an equal amount from each corner riding against a clamped board guide you can then take a rasp or better yet a orbital sanger with some 60 or 80 grit sandpaper and finish the round over. You'll have a decent round over ready to cover with tolex. I hope this helps-Lowatter
  14. Yes Stiffhand, I did scratch-build my 12" combo tube amp. It's based on the High Octane circuit over at www.ax84.com I spent probably 6 months in my spare time building it, and I still have some mods and fixes to do on it when I get time. A very rewarding, satisfying and educational journey to build one. I'm glad I did, and I'm also glad it's mostly over too. It's alot of work, and alot of research. If you can buy a Deluxe or a Blues Junior or even a Deville for a decent price...go for it and save alot of headache. But if your up for a challange... Thanks for your interest. BTW...I jus
  15. DynaDude...this is a first-time(and probably last) effort. I'm 48 and I had quite few "half-way-decent" guitars in my day, but never had the desire to spend a bundle on a true Gibby(except my $300 Melody Maker). I'm not a professional player or aspire to be one. I'm a part-time rocker who grew up outside of Detroit during the 70's who just likes to play my own orignal rthymn lines and hope to put some home recording stuff down and refine it before gout sets in. I'm a happily married old fart that really can't justify buying a quality high-end Gibby so I decided to build one to the best of my a
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