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  1. I think Electric was a great album, especially for the time. No two Cult albums are alike which, I thought was pretty cool until they released Ceremony. Lil' Devil, Peace Dog, Aphrodisiac Jacket, Outlaw... Electric is pretty damn rockin'!
  2. I completely understand the purist desire for a single piece bridge or fretboard but, structurally or tonally, in what way is this construction "inferior"? People shouldn't automatically associate "laminate" with being inferior. Plywood is superior to single ply wood sheets, carbon fiber airplane wings are laminated, fiberglass surfboards and boat hulls are laminated... all for additional strength (and with additional construction costs). So, other than it being nice to know that your fretboard is one piece because that's how they always have been (I like that too), and you can't tell the difference tonally, again, in what way is this inferior?
  3. Man, what a ridiculous comment. That's like someone saying "I'm glad a bunch of vintage LPs got smashed." What do you have against Ferraris? Not all the owners are d-bags.
  4. That's where he parks his sled, with the twice pipes. And then he takes his magic dust...
  5. I get to ride in and drive a Ferrari F430 once in a while. That thing at start up, idle, low, middle, or high RPM is a glorious symphony of angels (or is it demons?!) singing!
  6. I like that site/tool, but they don't have EHX either. They just need to work on expanding their database and it would be killer.
  7. Man, it's too bad they don't make some sort of device that could have prevented this mishap. You know, a tool that could be used to grasp the corn and help to turn it? Some sort of mechanical apparatus that you could manipulate and rotate said BBQ items... One day, my friend, one day. Heal up quickly! :)
  8. Interesting thread. I wish I had more info to respond to the OP question about how cross lateralization impacts playing guitar. I'm pretty well cross-lateralized, but I have one question about that quiz (which I liked - thank you!) - why would handwriting be not be the same as handedness? Is that not one of the key determinants of handedness to begin with?! I get that there are tasks other than handwriting used to determine it, but it's one of the biggies!
  9. Yeah, I caught the last half of that documentary as well - really, really cool (especially the scene with his daughter!). I can't wait to see the whole thing.
  10. My playing probably sounds original, but it's almost exclusively intended to be covers.
  11. That was awesome and uplifting - thanks!
  12. Social Distortion, "White Light, White Heat, White Trash". Can't get enough Social D right now!
  13. I was wondering where it went as well... or if I had just lost my mind. This will make my 10th post, so I hope it magically reappears for me. Addendum: It did just magically reappear - stoked!
  14. How has it taken this far in the thread for this fine female rocker to be posted?!
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