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  1. I've never really understood the idea that a serial number alone can tell you whether a guitar is a fake or not. If you can fake the logo on the headstock you can fake the serial number as well. All you need to know is what a correct number would be. There are times that a serial number can come in useful though, if the guitar is a genuine one, but listed as the wrong age or factory, or as a warning bell if the age suggested by the serial number doesn't match up with some feature of the guitar (1988 serial number with a headstock variant introduced in 1997? Two-ply guard with a serial three years too old to have one? ), which would suggest it was either fake or 'upgraded'/repaired at some point. So, yeah, I can see a serial number being useful to a buyer, but it's no guarantee of authenticity by itself.
  2. You can still get them quite easily. The newest one I've got is Green Day's Holiday. Pretty much every independent record store I go in has new picture discs in stock still. There are some albums these days that really do sound like a load of crap on CD these days when compared to the LPs. If you listen to the CD version of Green Day's Insomniac and American Idiot or Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel and then compare the LP copies the difference is astounding and not just as a result of the differences in format but because the CDs have been mastered so utterly terribly that they wipe out half the arrangements. On the flipside of that (no pun intended) some vinyl is that's released essentially as collectors' pieces is so badly pressed that songs cut off before the end, the speed of the record is variable or, the worst case we've had, are made of such bad plastic that it can break the arm mechanism on an auto-tracking vinyl deck. I was not popular over that. It was my record, but not my deck.
  3. I saw the Villanizer and Nautilus quite a while back and really liked the look of them. I always love seeing a good steampunk guitar. :) Edit: Oh, and much love for the steampunk amp too.
  4. It would certainly give the secondhand market a kick. :P
  5. You could say the same thing with Epi and Gibson about the Les Paul, SG, Firebird, Thunderbird, Flying V and ES series, Ibanez with the Jem, or with Fender and Squire and the Strat, Tele and Precision Bass. Having multiple variants of a guitar that sells well makes sense, because people almost always want another guitar and releasing something that's almost like their favourite guitar, but in a new finish, with a new pickup at the neck and the bridge they like from another guitar is one of those things that convince people to buy your brand again.
  6. That is a beautiful looking guitar. Congrats.
  7. Check out the John Hornby Skewes website, which is home to a few guitar brands. We own a couple of Encores between us which are nicer guitars than you'd expect for the price. Also have a look at Westfield, which are made up in Scotland. The Westfield ones are all Fender/Gibson inspired (that's the polite way to put it right?), but the JHS site has a mix of originals and not so originals. Also, I still want a Nighthawk, but my finances are looking even worse now. : / My birthday's in March, so maybe then, but probably not. Edit: About £300 going price in the UK, so unless something miraculous happens to our bank account it's not looking likely.
  8. I can't wait to see the finished result and to be honest at the rate you're going I don't think I'll have to wait long anyway. I bet she'll look and sound great by the time you're done.
  9. Ooh, that's actually pretty neat.
  10. The £ is on the 3 and the $ is on the 4 on a standard British layout keyboard. As far as exchange rates, no idea. The last time I checked it was something like 60p to the dollar (with there being 100p in a pound of course). Currently, not a clue. A quid is a pound. It's slang, but I have no idea how it came to be. I've never been able to keep track of how many pounds/quid equal how many euros. To be honest I've never needed to know. I only usually have to convert between pounds and dollars. Why do you ask?
  11. I definately wouldn't say no to one of them in black. Very nice. Hmm, must try and remember that I don't need another guitar and my current ones don't get enough playing as it is. Still... That is a very nice guitar.
  12. That's not a half bad version. I quite liked that. :)
  13. Do they have ADHD? To me it just comes across as really silly. The wrong song in the wrong style. I do like Type O Negative's take on The Beatles though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa6WZUsT8Ng
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