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    Guitarmaking. Pearl Inlay, hand cut. Semi-pro.
  1. Sweetwater has a 30+ ( or whatever) check point system to send you a guitar, that is the best it can be...., surprised none of this was noticed by them before shipping to you.
  2. Nice design TR cover. Looks like CNC cut. I'm guessing.....45 smackers or so.
  3. These look good to me, vintage tuner housing, double ring, 15:1 ratio. http://visionguitar.com/shop/kluson-33-double-line-double-ring-locking-tuners-nickel-set-of-6/
  4. Go Gibson...sure. No contest...maybe, maybe not.
  5. Thanks mcgruff ! Wind my own pick-ups, why didn't i think of that ! Great advice / info.....thanks a bunch. !
  6. Well, I've decide to go for the Gibson 2015 ES-335 Memphis Studio. Looks good. But , while i'm waiting to sell off a few guitars, I bought a Epi ES- 335 Pro Limited Edition....to mess with for now. It's a beautiful guitar, but as a builder (acoustic), some of the fun will be in upgrading some of the hardware. Thinking of changing pick-ups to the Seth Lover / Seymour Duncan PAF units , and that idiotic plastic nut has to go. My question now is....can you recommend (I have no experience sourcing / knowing) : a better saddle unit (lightly aged), stop tailpiece (is aluminum better?). Does on
  7. Thank you all for your experienced perspectives, helps a lot. When I see a heavy hitter like G.E. Smith on Saturday Nite live, playing one, gotta factor that in, he can , and does afford any guitar he could possibly want. So, maybe it'll just have to be one of each. Still.....would like to try them first, maybe. michael
  8. I'm out in the Boonies, and can't really try either one in person, but I'm looking to get some sort of ES-335 type unit. I'm considering the Epiphone Sheraton 2, and the new Gibson ES-335 Studio looks real fine too. Obviously, the Gibsons' just over twice as much , as you know. But,I can swing either one , money wise. Any thoughts about these two models would help......is the gibson worth the extra stretch...i see it has no binding. Tell me .....what do ya'll think. Experience? I'd have to order one on the web, and hope to get a good one. Also,i should mention, I did have one of those
  9. Thanks guys.....335 search continues. M.
  10. Very nice. It's so hard to record without mistakes. I like it. Michael
  11. I'm thinkin of getting a 335 type unit. I like the Midtown Custom price. Is the Midtown Custom a 335? The body seems a little different (cutaways). And I'm wondering where these are made. Thank you! Michael
  12. Ummm...Maple J-45. Would love to try one of those.
  13. I was looking for the same thing...last week. I bought a 1930's vintage sunburst Advanced Jumbo (2011), ....I absolutely love it. Would have gone for the L-00 Luthiers choice unit....but 5 grand...I'll have to just make one of those. But it's real important that you have a Gibson...firm believer in that. Michael
  14. Take an inspection mirror, and a small flashlight. Look at the bridge plate. Had one where the string holes misssed the plate...oops. Look around while your in there. Check neck angle, take a shop scale...see where it falls, cross the top of the frets.... relitive to the bridge deck. These two things look at where big money might be spent. Good luck
  15. Thanks. ........I'm sure all will be revealed in time.
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