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  1. Well, here's my six month review as the "honeymoon" is now well over. This is still my favorite guitar out of my small collection. I liked it so much better than my Gibson LP Studio Deluxe that I sold the Gibby on EBay. I just never played the Gibson except to A/B it against my Epi. The Epi always won based on both playability and tone, not to mention looks and "feel". If I were blindfolded and asked to tell the expensive from the inexpensive guitar I would have guessed wrong every time as I expect a lot of "guitar snobs" would too. GO EPIPHONE!
  2. I've got the ES339 Pro with the humbuckers and think I might like to add one with the P90's to my ever growing collection. Everything I've heard about them has been excellent. Good luck with yours I hope you enjoy it.
  3. I got mine at Sweetwater and was very pleased with their service. All the big box stores sell them for around the same price. Maybe go to GC and try out a few.
  4. I have the 1960 Tribute Plus in Black Cherry and it's easily the best sounding easiest to play Les Paul I've ever owned. The quality of the build is fantastic and it's tone is top notch. I still can't believe the quality to price factor. I can't say enough good things about it.
  5. TAAAAA DAAAAAAAA! [thumbup] [thumbup] Thank you very much. Somehow I stuck the image in ksdaddy's post too. Whoops PS: I LOVE this guitar!
  6. I tried it but I must have done something wrong. It puts the url in the post and if you click on it the pic comes up, but it doesn't put the actual picture in the post. Any idea what I'm not doing right? http://i821.photobucket.com/albums/zz137/satv46/F327474-front-large.jpg
  7. Well, you started out with a very good one. Best of luck with it.
  8. Thanks guys, I'll try it. I have a photobucket account so away I go. Thanks again.
  9. I see a lot of members post beautiful full size pics. Mine always go in as thumbnails. What am I doing wrong? HELP! http://i821.photobucket.com/albums/zz137/satv46/F327474-front-large.jpg
  10. Here's my LP 1960 Tribute Plus. Shot is of the actual guitar from Sweetwater. (They take better shots than me)
  11. I have both on various guitars. I like the looks of the hat knobs, but prefer the feel of the speed knobs especially with the push/pull function.. Go figure.
  12. I've had my Black Cherry LP 1960 Tribute Plus for about a month now and even thought the honeymoon is over, I still love it. It's my new "go to" guitar. Anyone else own one of these tone monsters and what do you think of it?
  13. LOVE the headstock logo. Very cool guitar!
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