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  1. Sorry i haven’t been on,and thanks for all the replies and suggestions,so much to take on and think about. The Martin guitar in question is a 000-15M Streetmaster, i bought this guitar new,i had played it in the store for about an hour along with a few others,i know i said I’m not confident about playing in front of other people as i don’t think my playing is where it should be after the amount of years and lessons ive taken but the store was quiet that day and i had a chance to strum a few guitars and i thought it was the best of what i tried and i was looking to replace the guitar i had given my son. Thats been about a year now I’ve had the guitar at home and it’s not inspiring me to pick it up and play it the way i thought it would,the sound just isn’t what I want,i just thought Gibson acoustics sounded brighter on videos i watch and music i listen to so as i asked originally where do i start regarding a Gibson acoustic as all my other guitars are Gibson’s. Looks like i’ll just have to bite the bullet and brave the stores and try a load of guitars to find what I’m looking for,preferably a Gibson cheers Derek r
  2. Nowhere did i say my Martin was a beginner acoustic guitar,as i said I’ve had acoustic guitars about for years,my Simon and Patrick was a really nice guitar which I gave to my son who plays a whole lot better than me,the Martin is an expensive guitar which i thought might involve me more in the acoustic side of playing,it’s not doing it for me so I’m thinking a Gibson acoustic might give me more of a sound closer to the sound i have in my head as to what an acoustic should sound like,more like the one i gave to my son,also more playable as in the width of the fretboard and space between frets,the Martin just seems to be tight,if that’s a thing. Im just asking for some guidance as to the type of Gibson acoustic guitar i should be looking at to help me along the path of acoustic playing,as far as i can tell Gibson acoustics are quite bright in their sound which is what i think I’m looking for,maybe the Martin was a mistake and i can trade it in against a Gibson,maybe I’ll keep the Martin and buy a Gibson,I’m just on here asking for some advice as to what accomplished acoustic players think would be the best fit for what I’m looking for and trying to achieve with my playing. Again thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice Derek r
  3. I mainly play electric guitars,I’m not even that good considering I’ve been playing for a few years now and had lessons. I have always had acoustic guitars about,i had a really nice Simon and Patrick acoustic which I gave to my son and bought a Martin acoustic thinking it was an upgrade,which it is,but it doesn’t have the same sound as the Simon and Patrick. So now i think i may want to move on to a Gibson acoustic,so where do i start,i was thinking along the lines of a j45 or a hummingbird. I’m open to suggestions,i feel that the Martin acoustics fretboard is too narrow and the sound is too dark,I’m looking for something easier playing with a more open sound and going by reviews and reading these forums and other forums i think a Gibson acoustic might be the way to go and hopefully inspire me to practice more than i do now and put in the effort to really enhance my years of lessons and general knowledge of guitar playing,i do get that the best way is to play as many guitars as i can and being in a big city that is not really a problem as there are many guitar shops about,but i feel really inferior going into these shops and playing these guitars in front of other people because as i said earlier I’m not the best of player. The cost of a Gibson acoustic is not cheap and would be a big outlay for me but i feel the cost could be offset if it encouraged me to actually put in the time to pick up the guitar and practice,don’t get me wrong,I’ve spent the same sort of money on my Gibson electric guitars so at the end of the day I can cover the cost. The main type of music I’m interested in playing is mainly rock/blues/rock blues,just really what most of us listen to,play,so as i asked where do i start. Any feedback/suggestions/help would be really helpful as i really don’t know what type of Gibson acoustic i would be best looking at,considering my skill level and musical talent,i mainly play chords/rhythm type guitar just now and that is mainly what I’d be doing with the acoustic. thanks again in advance. derek r
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