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  1. The wild the willing and the innocent-UFO
  2. Killer on the loose-thin lizzy
  3. I bought my last les paul studio because i was looking for one with an ebony fretboard,as an added bonus the fretboard had no inlays on it.
  4. Hi,yes it’s been a while since i posted on here. I haven’t been able to move forward with a new acoustic what with covid overtaking our lives,but hopefully i can start to think about it now things are starting to ease off a bit,i bought a new Gibson electric guitar that included a couple of amps in the deal so I’m thinking i can maybe trade one of my other electrics and the amps towards a new acoustic guitar. Thanks to everyone that replied to my query,having read through them ,if i can i hope that i can try out some guitars that have been suggested,particularly the j45s,as I’ve said I’m looking for something a bit brighter than the Martin i bought,maybe the Martin can be traded in with the other gear i have,i just don’t know yet which way to go about it. I love my Gibson’s and a Gibson acoustic would certainly be nice,when i started on this journey of playing guitar as a hobby Gibson’s just seemed to be the guitars that spoke to me,so to complete my collection as such a nice Gibson acoustic is something that I’ve thought about,whether that’s just wishful thinking or as someone said it’s sellers remorse (although i didn’t actually sell my Simon and Patrick acoustic),I’m looking for something that’s brighter than my Martin,a spruce top acoustic is what I’m thinking i should be looking at. Again thanks to everyone for their input derek R
  5. 1963 ,and happy birthday to those born this day .
  6. (I don’t want to go to)Chelsea -Elvis Costello and the attractions
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