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  1. I bought my last les paul studio because i was looking for one with an ebony fretboard,as an added bonus the fretboard had no inlays on it.
  2. Hi,yes it’s been a while since i posted on here. I haven’t been able to move forward with a new acoustic what with covid overtaking our lives,but hopefully i can start to think about it now things are starting to ease off a bit,i bought a new Gibson electric guitar that included a couple of amps in the deal so I’m thinking i can maybe trade one of my other electrics and the amps towards a new acoustic guitar. Thanks to everyone that replied to my query,having read through them ,if i can i hope that i can try out some guitars that have been suggested,particularly the j45s,as I’ve said I’m looking for something a bit brighter than the Martin i bought,maybe the Martin can be traded in with the other gear i have,i just don’t know yet which way to go about it. I love my Gibson’s and a Gibson acoustic would certainly be nice,when i started on this journey of playing guitar as a hobby Gibson’s just seemed to be the guitars that spoke to me,so to complete my collection as such a nice Gibson acoustic is something that I’ve thought about,whether that’s just wishful thinking or as someone said it’s sellers remorse (although i didn’t actually sell my Simon and Patrick acoustic),I’m looking for something that’s brighter than my Martin,a spruce top acoustic is what I’m thinking i should be looking at. Again thanks to everyone for their input derek R
  3. 1963 ,and happy birthday to those born this day .
  4. (I don’t want to go to)Chelsea -Elvis Costello and the attractions
  5. derek R


    Seller of this guitar said there was a problem with one of the pickups volume pot,spent some time with the guitar and the two amps that came with it,cannot find any issues with the guitar at all. Everything is checking out,both pickups and volume pots and tone pots seem to work like they are meant to,will compare it to my other studio. Looks like I’ve got a great deal with this guitar ,no issues, setup is good ,new strings are settling in well and staying in tune and doesn’t seem to be any issues with pickups or pots ,well pleased. Another Gibson to add to my collection,the only thing i need now is a Gibson acoustic,how i convince my better half i need another acoustic guitar is going to be a challenge.
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